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Fx by Isabelle Shy

After a long day, I come home to find that My house is infested with little mouse women! They have trashed My kitchen and eaten all of My food! I am furious and ravenous! Little do these little mice know, I have the ability to eat and eat... like a human trash compactor- and I am going to not only eat the trash in My kitchen, but all the little mice as well!

Some I turn into tiny trash bags and stuff into My mouth, one I pick up by the waist and suck up like a noodle, another I drop into My gaping mouth. I throw some away, then suck down the garbage bags in which they are trapped- others end up in the trashcan and I transform the trashcan into a small aluminum can and dump their tiny bodies into My mouth. I find several on My stove and suck them up into the vortex of My mouth!

I go through the kitchen, eating bags of trash, sucking them up, stuffing them into My mouth until My belly grows and grows. When I begin to get very full, I shrink some of the bags down and drop them into My mouth one by one. I eat trash right off the counter I am so hungry.

After all this vore, I am stuffed, bloated and need to take a little nap. As I nap, My belly deflates and I begin to magically grow a few feet taller!


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
1280x720 H.264
vore, shrunken women, throw away fetish, trash, Isabelle Shy


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  1. george's Avatar
    IF may miss shy ask what is stomach made out of scrap iron, how in world do manage eat all that and keep it down, then digest it without losing your lunch, it rather cool, funny but weird concept. Also if must say you are most hottest garbage disposal i ever seen, not mention sexy at that to, hope see some more funny vids i curious have ever tried do video where absorb mass out things, objects and people they shrink and shrink and get bigger and bigger till they evaporate with puff of smoke having absorbed all mass like with magic or ray or something.

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