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A Witch's Mouse

Billy met Katelyn at a magic convention and he has a huge crush on her. She likes him too but since she's a witch she can't exactly be with him as love with humans is against her people's rules, and she doesn't want her powers revoked. However, they can be together... in a way.

She asks Billy to become her apprentice and when he agrees she transforms him into a mouse. She's very loving and reassuring and describes what she sees as Billy transforms into a mouse under her spell.

After the transformation is complete she picks him up and gently kisses him. She loves having pets and tells him what great hands he's in. And since he's so tiny, he'll be great for spy jobs and getting into small spaces for her. She then gently wraps her palms around him so that they can go get to work on her secret project!

This witch themed video features mouse transformation, shrinking, gentle, handheld, and kisses! There are also mouse sound effects that start when we see Billy in mouse form!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:18 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
mouse transformation, gentle, handheld, shrinking, ring fetish, hands, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. s. pollack's Avatar
    s. pollack
    Katelyn may be largest creature on earth--how many people has she squashed to death . Her orgasm must be as large as a river.
  2. Piet S's Avatar
    Piet S
    I wish to be shrunked and placed deep in your pussy when you cum all over my body. I also wish to be shrunked and spend a day inside your sexy high heels to lick your feet, when you crush flowers and insects. While I am shrunked I would love to be inside your pantyhose in your office to lick your clit while you are working. Please can I be shrunked by you???

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