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Peep Show

Fx by Isabelle Shy

So... I promised My little pets a peep show and guess what? Today is peep show day- are you ready?

I crank up the music, flip on the lights and start to dance on stage to the music. I wriggle and rub, throw the boa over the 3 little men's heads- they are excited for the show. Unfortunately for them, giving them a glimpse of Me stripping is not the plan. They may think they are getting a peep show- but they ARE the peep show!

Using My magic, I turn My pervy little pets into marshmallow peeps, so sweet and yummy. As I settle down at the table, I know that they can still hear, feel and see everything, but are paralyzed in their current marshmallow state. I pull and squeeze at the first one, tearing him apart and eating him up. The second I suck on, running My tongue along his sugar coated body. The third I bite and pull until his little head is looking at his chewed up body in My mouth.


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
10:28 minutes
1280x720 H.264
exotic dancing, transformation, peeps, eating, vore, mouth, tongue, Isabelle Shy, quick fx

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