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Gummybear Massacre

Isabelle has been turning little men into living gummy bears and collecting them for quite some time. They make such yummy snacks! Every man She comes across eventually ends up as part of Her collection, which She keeps in a glass jar. Among Her gummy men is joseph, who was Her boyfriend and Her favorite man with whom she had lots of fun in real life. But, as with all little men, joseph soon bored Isabelle and She turned him into a little living gummy bear as well. She joked with him as she turned him, The way to My heart is through My stomach! Once Joseph was transformed, Isabelle through him into the jar with the other gummy bear men and decided to save him for a special occasion. After all, to be able to be inside a woman's stomach, to be part of Her inside, is a beautiful, albeit painful experience. And so joseph and the other gummies were left in the jar to await their fate.

As the clip begins, one lovely day, Evil Manda came over to visit Isabelle for some girl talk. They put their feet up and talked about some of their favorite ways to torture their pets. During the conversation, Evil Manda asked Isabelle whatever happened to Her ex boyfriend, joseph, from Germany. Evil Manda expresses how She liked Joseph- he was sweet. (A comment that elicits wicked laughter from both girls and they joke about how sweet he could be- yummm!) When Isabelle tells Evil Manda of Joseph's fate, Manda snickers and says how nice it would be to torment him and make him cry before eating him up and letting him be destroyed by Her stomach acids. There is ALWAYS room for little gummy bear men! And the sound of him screaming, begging and crying out in fear would be music to Her ears.

Isabelle smiles and tells Manda What a coincidence! Today is Joseph's birthday! What a perfect reason to break out the jar of living gummy bear men! Evil Manda gets excited at the prospect of getting to share all those yummy, helpless little men with Isabelle. It will be such fun to flex their power over those little gummies meaningless little lives and send lots of tinies to their inside the Girls' beautiful stomachs! Manda asks Isabelle to get the jar so they can have some fun together.

The jar is filled with gummy bear men, more than Isabelle had realized! Somewhere in there was Joseph, and the Girls planned on eating all the gummies until they found him. One by one, the girls eat the gummies, recalling each by name, knowing how excruciating it will be to be chewed alive, to be digested by their stomach acids. They squish them, pull them, bite them into little bits. They are still looking for joseph and at long last they find him hiding at the bottom of the jar.

The girls tease him that he is about to have the best birthday ever- he will get to to please his Mistresses. The girls pull him, squish him, berate him, lick him and finally Isabelle bites his legs off so that he cannot run away and gives him over to Evil Manda to finish off. He is alive and will feel everything that Evil Manda does to him! Manda takes her time with it, making sure that Joseph is terrified, that he knows he is nothing more than a snack to them now, that he cannot get away and is doomed to in her stomach on his birthday. After several minutes of torture, the girls wish him a happy birthday and Manda eats Joseph, chewing him slowly, knowing how agonizing it is- and loving it! Now bits of Joseph are in both Isabelle and Evil Manda- what better gift could a little pet ask for?


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
34:54 minutes
1280x720 H.264
gummy bears, vore, two girls, eating, Isabelle Shy

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