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Worm Swallow Dare

So this douche from school, Mark, bet Ava some cash that she couldn't eat a worm. To proove him wrong she brings some worms outside and goes over to Katelyn to tell her the story. Katelyn is a bit squirmy herself as she becomes squeamish in the sight of bugs and she can't believe her ears, but she saw it coming.

Ava's one tough chick and she's determined to prove that asshole Mark WRONG! With her determination to drive her, she tells Katelyn that she's going to do it now -even with Mark not there- so that there's no chance what so ever of her chickening out in school tomorrow.

At this point Katelyn is highly amused and comes up with a great idea- to get it on video for PROOF! Fuck yeah! Katelyn turns on her phone and films Ava eating a worm. They both have fun rubbing the worm eating in Mark's face and after that she stops the video. If he wants to see more worms he'll have to pay more. And hell, Katelyn even says she'll eat some worms too for a cash bet! Then Katelyn and Ava could go to the mall together as it's far more than their allowances!

Katelyn warms up really quick to the worms, especially with seeing how Ava just charges right through them. She even shares a worm with Ava! They share the worm like a spaghetti noodle, Ava bites it in half, and they each gulp their half down!

Ava eats a few more worms WHOLE too! Katelyn loves watching Ava eat the worms and joins in on the fun by licking the ends that dangle out from Ava's mouth, they kiss with worms in between, and much more! Ava loves to eat worms and gulps them down like it's nothing!

One of the worms was determined to escape the girls. It not only got away once, but twice... or maybe even three times! By the time it was its turn to get eaten the girls rejected it because of how much dirt and filth it was covered in. After throwing it to the ground they thought about crushing it but didn't- instead they left to go inside completely satisfied about how the worm eating went!

This video features a school girl theme, night crawler vore (Katelyn eats two halves and Ava eats about FIVE!), Katelyn uses her cell phone to film Ava eating a worm as proof for Mark, they share a worm in between their mouths, cheer each other on, Katelyn watches Ava eat worms, and all around they have a blast as Ava devours worm after worm!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
25:09 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
worm eating, live vore, school girls, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, bug vore, bug eating


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  1. takashi's Avatar
    It is very good! Next, please eat a lot of earthworms at once.
  2. Pete's Avatar
    wow this looks great! please do more of these earth worms lov when you suck there tiny bodys

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