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Fx by Isabelle Shy

Preya and Evil Manda have been working for a top secret organization manufacturing a growth serum. The scientists saw the great potential in being able to make living things grow, from vegetables to "super models". After many tests in the lab, it is time to try it out on a human guinea pig....Isabelle Shy. They knew Her passion for feeling sexy would convince Her to try the experimental serum- and She did.

Only a few moments after drinking the sparkling liquid, a strange sensation overtakes Isabelle and She doubles over. Seconds later She recovers and stands up- finding she has grown a few feet taller! The scientists are excited and see dollar signs at the success of their experiment- they are going to be rich!

But then things start to go wrong, another orgasmic wave takes over Isabelle as She grows yet again. While Preya and Evil Manda are not overly concerned at this unexpected second growth spurt, they realize that the serum may not work exactly as planned.

Another wave, another growth spurt and Isabelle's dress is shredded as She grows once again.....and after yet another growth spurt, the destroyed tatters of Her dress fall to the floor. It is at this point that Isabelle has decided She has had enough- She is now too big to fit out the door and is now trapped inside the small containment room. She demands the antidote, only to find out that there IS NO ANTIDOTE! Furious, Isabelle sends Manda off to gather supplies and another scientist to help shrink Her back down to normal size.

Alone with Preya, Isabelle's now significantly larger stomach is growling- She is famished and sends Preya to find Her something to hour later Preya is exhausted and Isabelle has eaten everything in the entire lab. Frustrated at Isabelle's constant demand for more food, Preya leaves to call Evil Manda to find out what on earth is taking so long.

Stomach growling angrily, Isabelle eyes the bags of trash that Preya left behind. They are filled with all the garbage made while Isabelle ate all the food available. Disgusted at first, She eventually caves in to Her hunger and eats the 3 garbage bags! When Preya returns, she makes the mistake of calling Isabelle a pig for eating the trash- it seals her fate! Isabelle picks up Preya and after a few licks, slides Preya's struggling body down Her throat and into her stomach! Preya's cries can still be heard even after she is in Isabelle's stomach.

Time passes and Isabelle is starving! When Evil Manda and a coworker return with supplies, they quickly learn that Isabelle has consumed Preya and that She is insatiable! Knocking Manda to the floor, Isabelle grabs the coworker and swallows her headfirst before waking Evil Manda. With a flick of Her giant finger, Isabelle smacks Evil Manda awake and tells her a secret- the serum did more than just make Her gave Her special powers too! Isabelle leans down toward Manda and inhales with a gale-force wind, sucking her across the room and into Her mouth!

Now that everyone and everything is eaten, Isabelle has had enough of this little room; she breaks down the wall and escapes. She's on the loose!!!!

This video's themes are growth, hunger, and vore. Isabelle has multiple growth spurts, there are a few stomach growling sound effects, she eats three bags of trash, burps, and to top of the hotness she eats three full sized women at her mini Giantess size!


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
19:59 minutes
960x540 H.264
special effects, growth, women vore, hunger, mini giantess, trash bag eating, scientist


5 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Alto's Avatar
    Great video. She is my favorite type of giantess, the hungry kind. I especially liked the part where they talk about how she has eaten everything and is still hungry. She burps 3 different times after eating and it was adorable. I also liked how the ending leaves so much to the imagination (in a good way), but I would still love to see a sequel. If there were more videos like this I would buy them in a heartbeat. My only complaint is the fact that most of the time the people are not looking directly at Isabelle, they are looking way above her. I think they planned to have her much bigger when they shot it, but something changed while doing the special effects. Not a huge problem, but it did take me out of the moment a few times. I give this video a 8/10. Good special effects, not alot of wasted filler shots, giantess is cute and does bad things but is not "EVIL". I highly recommend it.
  2. Isabelle's Avatar
    Glad you enjoyed the clip- and yes, there will be a sequel! ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png
  3. joe's Avatar
    Wow! excellent video miss shy i must say this and recent trashy women video have had both had my favorite type vore ever suction type vore, with sucking things up you don't know how rare it is, and hope do more of it in future videos. As for insatiable it was great video, the whole found footage thing was different, but i like it, and growth sequecees and vore parts were well done along with sound effects, i must say one most entertaining things found in your vids, is clever way you use sound effects in them. My only complaint was, some scales of characters and the bags garbage radically change sized especially when they were consumed in some places and made seem bit awkard other than that it was excellent video i figure its just first try at these themes so future attempts be better. I will ask mention a sequel i take you eat more, and will have more suction type vore in it? Also hope get bigger to.
  4. Isabelle's Avatar
    I am in the process of editing a custom clip that will have lots of vore and suction, with more in the queue- glad you like that aspect of the clip! Cool growth clips in the queue as well- so much fun stuff going on right now! ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png Thanks for your feedback!
  5. McKay's Avatar
    Really enjoyed this video. The Giantess was gorgeous. I really enjoyed the parts where you could hear the muffled screams after she'd eaten them. I have only one complaint, in the swallowing scenes where she's slowly eating people with her mouth open, you can see the inside of the cheek quite clearly at times, making it seem more like she's lowering the person down behind her head. Looking forward to more videos.

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