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Emi ☆ Eri 2

How did it come to this? One by one you watched your friends explode under the curvy bodies of the two towering girls. Will your life now end between the mountainous beauty of Eri's ass cheeks? Or are you doomed to die under the divine hands of Emi? Or are you to be savored and swallowed alive, a mere play thing for Eri's taste buds? Perhaps you are to be violently fucked whole, crawling to your doom deep within a wet and throbbing pussy... No matter your fate, it will be both the most terrifying and heavenly thing that could end your pathetically fragile human life!

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Product Details:
Producer: Pogojo
49 HQ Photos
1275x1650 PDF
Pogojo Comic, Vore, Pussy, Ass


4 Reviews and Counting...

  1. lelouch's Avatar
    Aww. There is no paypal pay method...
  2. Jose's Avatar
    WOW, this comic is legit. Really nice painting, and detailed characters. The line-work's a little iffy though and there isn't much dialogue. Something to point out is that I think the vore scene was dragged out too long, and was kept focused only on her mouth instead of maybe showing us some in-stomach shots. Because of this the insertion scence was a little short and meh. These are just minor quirks with me, overall this comic is very sexy, sloppy, and slimy just how I like it. Blown Loads ahead!
  3. OGITH's Avatar
    i wish i was the Guy in This Story' i Wouldnt Mind Being Slurped in Like Spaghetti so i can Feel her Swallow :-)
  4. John's Avatar
    I gotta say, I really enjoy this comic. I mean, I was skeptical of purchasing porn, since I typically just look at free stuff, but this is worth the money.

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