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Katelyn's Bottom Row

Katelyn brings you out of her panties and up to her mouth. While you were sleeping in her panties she just couldn't stop thinking of how great it is to have a slave completely devoted to her magnificent teeth. And so she thought she'd make you worship the bottom row of her teeth today!

She holds your tiny size in her hand and describes the things she wants you to do when you're in her mouth. She wants you on your hands and knees deep below her bottom teeth, with them towering high above you. She has you tightly held between her fingers and don't worry because if you fall the only place you will drop to is inside her wide open mouth.

She rubs her tongue all along the bottom row of her teeth and tells you how she'd like you to clean and worship her magnificent pearly white teeth. She uses her finger for a moment to rub her big bottom lip all around to show you her tooth and then brings your tiny size closer, close, and inside her cavernous mouth.

It's hard to talk to you while you're in there without biting you! But she loves it. She take just a few bites at you with her sharpest teeth and licks your fear-- the sweat dripping from your body. You're just lucky that she loves having you around so much as her completely devoted tooth slave or else she'd just end it right now! You have her mouth salivating for more!

She brings you super close to her teeth one more time and gives you big luscious kisses with her lips filling up your entire size. She soon then places you back inside her panties as she needs to cool down so she doesn't eat you! And if you feel a little pressure in her panties don't worry, just enjoy the pressure and hump her swollen clit as you cum together.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:48 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pussy, insertion, cum, panties, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, vore, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, handheld, hands, nails, Katelyn Brooks


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