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The Ultimate Sandwich Vore

Due to a new job, Katelyn's friend Joe wasn't in town for quite a while. Now he's back to visit family and old friends. They had bad news for him- six of his friends disappeared. First everyone thought they were on vacation but once they never came back police investigations began. Now Joe is asking around himself and went to Katelyn's.

Katelyn is the neighbor of one of his friends. She invites him in for a refreshing drink of cold water as it's a warm day and talks about his missing friends. Once Joe takes a sip of the water he starts to fade in and out of consciousness, his word turns black and fuzzy and then looks normal again and the process repeats. Katelyn tells him a confession... she played innocent with the police but she knows exactly what happened to his friends.

She explains how it started off exactly how she's handling Joe. She invited them in for a nice cool refreshing drink. And then before they knew it they were transformed into big juicy steaks and thrown on her grill for her and all of her girlfriends to eat. They were delicious! But not to worry...

Katelyn has something different in mind for Joe. This time she's in the mood for a sandwich loaded with a variety of cheeses. While Joe is immobilized she tastes him with three different types of cheeses- Havarti, Jarlsberg, and Swiss. He tastes too good with them so she shrinks him and inserts him between the cheese in a sandwich containing all three cheeses! And also lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and yummy bread!

She eats him from bottom up. First his legs, then she gives him pleasure before biting his crotch and mid section, then his upper body, shoulders and head last. With each bite he feels both pain and pleasure. And when she's done she thinks out loud how she will cover up the evidence. She'll have to get rid of his car... and probably the neighbor... and after all that is complete she will then come home to clean up the mess her sandwich made!

This video contains sandwich vore, immobilization drink with in and out fading effects, shrinking, extreme pov looking up, some pov from inside the sandwich as Katelyn eats, and much much more!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
21:47 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sandwich vore, immobilization, shrinking, POV, cheese, eating, licking, consumption


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  1. Garrick's Avatar
    I would love to take joe place!
  2. Jo's Avatar
    Hard to believe that Katelyn can be so cruel. When she eats it is like you feel every bite. Love it!

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