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The Sweet Taste of Revenge

One of My little men has betrayed Me! I found out that he has been secretly sending love letters, chocolates and notes professing his undying love to Evil Manda! I am FURIOUS!!!! My pets belong to Me and only Me- they are loyal or else! Clearly this little man is a masochist if he wants to belong to Evil Manda- you want evil? I can be evil!

As he lays there helpless, paralyzed with fear, I slowly devour him, first breaking off one arm and eating it, then the other. I lick his little body teasingly and even suffocate him with My tongue! But I have only just begun....I break off one leg at the knee, bite off the foot of the other leg and crush his thighs beneath My bare hand.

When only his little torso is left and the pain is unbearable, I bite his little head off!


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
7:30 minutes
960x540 H.264
vore, shrunken man, eaten alive, doll sized, Isabelle Shy


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  1. Pete's Avatar
    Isabelle is a true 10!!

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