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Girlfriend's Giantess Fantasy

Katelyn can't believe you were afraid of her thinking your fetish would be weird- she LOVES it and she looks forward to indulging you in all of the juicy details you told her about! Now it's her turn and she tells you she thinks her fetish is going to have yours beat. She starts talking about it, starting off with telling you her fetish and biggest fantasy is to grown into a massive towering giantess.

She'd want it to start out slow so that her growth rate would be a few feet a minute. It'd stay at that rate and it would never stop. And she tells you not to worry- since you're dating she wouldn't want to harm you or anything! She tells you that she'd keep you in her top until it pops off and then she'd keep you in her pussy hole. And after she gets so big you'd get to explore all of the areas deep inside her that you usually feel wrapped around your cock.

She then goes into the details of her Giantess fetish. She talks about how she'd torment a skyscraper, a lone hiker, what she'd do if she got hungry, how she'd crush fleeing people and cars, and more. And all while giving you a view of what the terrified civilians would see- he massive bare sole coming down on them! Her mouth opening wide to eat! Her ass coming down to crush them!

After having so much fun standing high above you raising and lowering her bare sole while explaining the hot details of her giantess fantasy, she sits back down with you. She tells you, there you have it. There's just a little peek into the fantasy that go through her mind. And if you'd like to indulge her fantasy some time she'd love to feel you under the ball of her foot, under her toes, under her heel. She'd love to feel your breath pushing again her bare soles. She'd promise not to suffocate you... on purpose anyway! It could get quite intense but it'd be well worth it for her and she knows you'd like to please her as much as she loves to please you. And she talks you into going inside to play right now! She gets up and tells you to come get her, and runs off!

This cutesy girlfriend theme Giantess fantasy telling video features nearly entirely bare foot pov! Its smaller themes include vore, ass crush, and suffocation tease!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:52 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sole pov, outdoors, giantess fantasy, bare feet, vore, ass, foot fetish, bare soles


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  1. Bobbob's Avatar
    This video is *extremely* flirtatious, and Katelyn is wearing one of the cutest bikinis humankind has ever produced! It's only pretend, but it's so incredibly hot seeing Katelyn from the view of tiny people in a doomed city. Watch as Katelyn mocks your last words "No Katelyn, please don't crush me!" before she presses her foot down and your minuscule body pops. This POV video is really fantastic - and with the large depth of field and a nice blue sky, it actually almost looks like she might be a few hundred feet tall! Or if mega's not your thing, it's not hard to imagine being a bug in the grass looking up at a bikini clad goddess - ready to do away with a pest.

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