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Starved Sacrifices

Katelyn wakes up from a long day tanning in the sun and remembers that she has some slaves in her bikini top. She's had such a fabulous day out in the sun and she hasn't eaten since breakfast- she's simply starved. Having to cook herself supper and clean is the last way she'd ever want to end her day.

So, instead of cooking or ordering out, she eats her three slaves one by one. She lowers the first one down to her belly to show him where he's going to go. Before eating him she tells him what an honor it is to become a part of her, to be eaten by her, to be that close to her, and inside of her. She takes control and eats him immediately.

She's so hungry that there's no fucking around! No teasing, no savoring his taste, no getting a kick out of him fighting for the last moments of his life... she then pops the second slave into her mouth and shows him where his friend went. She gulps and just like that, another slave is gone.

She asks the last slave if he can hear the other two screaming inside her and laughs because now he's going to be screaming in there with them! She licks him a few times. Now that she has a little bit of satisfaction in her belly it wont hurt just to enjoy his struggles for a few moments before swallowing him! She momentarily rolls her tongue around and then gulp! When she said a few moments that's really all she meant!

Katelyn rubs her belly. Her body's already hard at work on them. She doesn't even feel them struggling any more and usually that part lasts at least a few minutes! However, she's next heading inside to eat more slaves as the three she just ate simply did not cure her hunger pains.

This video features an after tan hunger theme, three shrunken men, and fast vore!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:14 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken men, vore, outdoors, bikini, black hair, belly, mouth, french manicure, outside


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  1. Jerico's Avatar
    your stomach looks so sexy in your pink bikini, and also love the way how you rub & tease your victim here to satisfy your hunger. also, nice scenery where you filmed it, the flowers are nice
  2. MarkM's Avatar
    Oh My Gosh Katelyn I never thought it was even possible but your body is totally looking better than it ever has here in this video with the dark pink sun bathing bikinis!!! I think your workouts at the gym must really be paying off! Your body would make willing victims out of any of your shrunken slaves! Be so lucky for them! I also envy your back yard! I just LOVE how green everything is and those dark blue flowers! So nice! Very Beautiful! Mark

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