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My Friend Olivia

Olivia has a huge crush on one of her close guy friends and after reading his journal she finds out the feeling is mutual and that he has a wicked fantasy he wants to live out with her! Included was a shrinking potion so she spiked some cookies with it and then went back the next day to pick him up!

(Video begins) She sneaks with joy into her back yard where she tells him what's up and makes his Giantess fantasy with her come true! Olivia comes clean and tells her crush about how she stole his journal, how she likes him, and how she wants to make his fantasy come true. First she plays with him in her hands (SM and POV), then her feet (SM and POV), and then she plays with him in her mouth and eats him alive (prop).

This video features a close friends theme, handheld (SM and POV, begin - 5:11), foot play (SM and POV, 5:11 - 13:13), and vore (SM, 13:13 - end). When the vore begins, Olivia lifts her foot up to her mouth and takes a few times to lick her shrunken friend into her mouth from between her toes. Katelyn plays a girl named Olivia in this video.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:41 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
handheld, foot pov, vore, shrunken man, outdoors, bare feet, pink toe nails, french finger nails

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