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Crushed for Groping

Fx Scenes:
1) Shrunken guy realizes he's not dreaming and pleads for forgiveness in Rachel's palm
2) In her palm, slightly different angle and closer
3) Giantess Rachel releases her palm onto the floor and traps the shrunken guy under a plastic cup
4) Shrunken guy is scared and wants out of the cup he's trapped under
5) Shrunken guy begs to be let out of the cup he's trapped under (close up)
6) Shrunken guy grovels at her feet, tells her how beautiful she is- he's fucked no matter what he says!
7) Shrunken guy lays on the floor- how much pressure can he take?
8) Crushed body- he lost his cool and tried to make a run for it. Oops!

1) In this video, the shrunken man talks! He wakes up in her purse, acts scared, talks in her palm, puts up a fit when Rachel traps him under a cup, worships / grovels at her feet, panics when he's about to get crushed, and tries to make a run for it.
2) Squish sound effect

Additional Notes:
1) This is a "Quick FX" video
2) No names were referenced in this video
3) This video has a bare foot crush ending with gore
4) This video is $1 more than my usual Quick FX due to the amount of work involved to make it possible- it has triple the usual amount of Quick Fx scenes and two new actors were hired for its making!

Giantess Rachel wakes up from a long night clubbing and remembers that she shrunk some dude last night. She finds and lifts him out of her purse and with him in her palm she asks if he remembers her from last night. She remembers him- he was that guy who thought he could get away with slapping her ass. He pleads that it was just fun and games but she doesn't take kindly to it. He groped her and he must pay.

He begs to be let down and returned to his normal size. Little does he know that he'll never be returned to normal size, in fact by the end of this he won't even make it out of her twisted game alive. Since he wanted to be let down so bad she places him on the floor and traps him under a cup. He didn't see this coming and is scared out of his mind!

She asks why he's so scared. Is it because of how much bigger she is to him now? Last night he grabbed her ass and now she could crush him if she wanted too. She reassures him she wouldn't do that... just yet. She wants to have some fun with him first. She tells him that he'll have to do whatever she says. But there's just one thing he needs to know. If he tries to run when she lifts the cup, he will be crushed. She tells him to be very still.

Next she lifts the cup up and begins to tell him a short story, all while taking her high heels off high above him. Once upon a time there was another piece of shit man who grabbed her ass in a club. She goes on to tell the story and by the end of it she graces her finger over the spot on her foot where he was crushed. His body exploded all over the back of her foot and she describes the juicy details. And she tells him if he doesn't want that to happen to him then he better do what she says.

She next commands him to worship her and tell her how beautiful she is, so he does exactly that. She laughs at him because no matter what he says he's fucked! He's just completely fucked! She talks about how she crushes perverts like him and makes fun that he probably likes her feet too. She then demonstrates how easy it would be to crush him and gets VERY close to crushing him a few times. (POV) He begs and whimpers when he thinks he's going to get crushed and she loves it. But she's not done playing her games just yet!

She's tired of hearing his worshiping and begging so she starts the next game with him. She wonders how much pressure he can take and reminds him to be completely still- he knows what happened to the guy who ran. What if she got closer? She inches closer and closer, just a touch more, and... HEY! He looses he cool and tries to make a run for it. BIG. MISTAKE. He didn't even make it out of her foot shadow. Her reaction was immediate. She quickly lowered her foot down on top his body and he squished into a mess of guts and remains. Owwww, she told him not to run! whops- game over!

This video features a revenge / twisted game theme, 8 Quick Fx scenes, a 3 inch shrunken man (with shrunken man dialogue), a short crush story, bare foot POV tease, and a bare foot crush ending with the shrunken man's gory remains.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
8:07 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
special effects, hand held, under cup, bare foot crush, gore, 3 inches, shrunken man, giantess fx, quick fx, Giantess Rachel


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  1. emilio's Avatar
    Hi Katelyn This was the best tiny man crush clip I have seen.Your fx work is the beast. Please make more slow tiny man fx barefoot crush clips. Maybe in the future you can do a clip where you or one of your models are sunbathing outdoors . You spot a tiny man spying on you . You stand up over him and slowly crush him under your barefoot
  2. James's Avatar
    AWESOME crush clip! I love the size of the victum...not ant size but larger and more what I have wanted to see from you as well as some even larger victums. The model has beautiful feet and really seem to get into it. The begging and taunting was the best yet! ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png
  3. Cesar's Avatar
  4. James's Avatar
    I have watched this at least 30 times and love it more every time. Rachel is absolutely the type of goddess that helps us all create fantasies. BEAUTIFUL woman and BEAUTIFUL feet. My only other feedback would be for her to have placed her foot on a slightly larger guy...ball of her foot and big toe...have him beg for his life some more and then slow a tube of toothpaste! ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png
  5. Rob's Avatar
    wow, the woman is very beautiful, her voice is very sexy, the video was great!, please make another video with her!, make something similar, but this time a micro story!, she's gorgeous! Rachel is excelent for a giantess and she's a very good actress, maybe was too fast the crushing, I also believe that she should make an slow crush thanks KB Rob

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