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Hot Summer Orgasm

Katelyn lives in Washington, it's summer, and she has no AC. It's about 80-85 and she's coated in sweat. She shows and tells you that there's nothing that gets her horny faster than being all hot in a tank top and mini skirt. She loves how her body expands to release the heat and shows you her swollen boobs and pussy. She just can't get enough of pleasuring herself! So she figured if she's going to play with herself that it would be fun to let you in so you can enjoy it too!

What she wants you to do is unzip your pants, pull down your underwear, wrap your hand around your cock and rub at the same speed she's rubbing. That way you can get yourselves all worked up and climax together. She starts rubbing herself high above you from a looking up at her pov, so you get this awesome view of her pleasuring her pussy through her thong up skirt. She peels her panties to the side revealing her massive pussy and rubs her clit round and round. It feels amazing!

She can't take it- she needs to lie down and rub this one out! With her skirt pulled up and her panties still pulled to the side she rubs her clit faster in little circles, dips her fingers into her silky cum, and then fucks a black dildo. It's so wet! She loves her juicy cum! Oh, she can't last, she fucks her dildo faster and deeper and explodes in orgasm! And after her big O she licks and sucks the cum off her dildo for desert!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:06 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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