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Micro Magazine: Issue 1

I-Raf-You comics are finally here! Translated and adapted to English from Japanese, this black and white issue contains three sexy stories by various artists. "Maid Changing Clothes" features a shrunken master walking in on his Maid while she changes- and having to orgasm over and over as punishment! "Falling in Love" details a shrunken student who finds himself the sexual plaything of a horny female classmate. "Lap Around the School" stars a group of gigantic female classmates abusing a tiny fellow classmate with their feet pussies out on the school's running track. All three comics feature dripping wet interaction with hot young pussies!

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Product Details:
Producer: I-Raf-You
22 HQ Photos
2470x3508 PDF
I-Raf-You Comic, Pussy, Feet, Boobs


16 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Name's Avatar
    I noticed that the manga is flipped from left to right. In the later comics, please don't flip the comics but instead have a disclaimer on how to read the comics from right to left. How do I know this? Because I owned the original of this comic and 2 the Japanese symbols (katakana, hiragana, Kanji) are flipped. This may be one person's opinion, but I suggest you keep them flipped and read Japanese right to left format to keep the style and art in it's original format. Other than that, I enjoyed reading it. Just that one problem.
  2. Giantess Katelyn's Avatar
    Giantess K...
    *EDIT* Please check my blog about this issue.
  3. Name's Avatar
    Understandable. Still will be looking forward to the others being translated. Any decision on what what game will be translated first?
  4. jonathon's Avatar
    I was a little disappointed when there was no actual insertion but I am still very happy with my purchase. The stories were rather amusing though I enjoyed maid changing clothes and falling in love far more then lap around the school. Falling in love really hit a sweet spot for me between sexually aggressive while not being too abusive. The little bit of teasing she gave the guy's penis in the final panels really sold me on the scenario. Though I sure wish she'd tucked the guy inside her panties so that he could wrest up. Lap around the school was just too abusive for my taste. The artwork was extremely nice but that's painfully obvious from the panels that are being shared. One thing that I can't help but find a little funny though is actually from the chapter description in which the guy's size is said to be penis size. That's an awfully small penis given that he doesn't even cover the maid's palm. Once again I'm very happy with my purchase. I hope this turns out to be an economical venture for Katelyn and I-raf-you so we can see more of such works. Though some strait on gentle to playfully dominant micro man insertion would be awesome.
  5. Nate's Avatar
    Thanks Miss Katelyn, this is so much better than the hyper-paranoid impossible to open file format versions from dlsite, you really carry the integrity of the giantess community upon your gorgeous, towering shoulders ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png
  6. Loser's Avatar
    I hope there will be unaware in the future. Also I am very interested in the video games as I have been looking for some that contain this type stuff. Thank you.
  7. InkonitoMan's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for your work! I think translating I-raf-you comics is a good idea because they do have a lot of great stuff (even if their issues are often very short). Please keep going in this activity. :-)
  8. Redcrow's Avatar
    Like i have said before, thank you so much for all of this. No body out there has been able to do what you are doing, and i don't care in what way it is being presented. I only care that i am getting it, not only translated but in an accessible format. The fact that it is at a reasonable price is a fabulous bonus. i know you don't need me telling you this, but don't ever allow yourself to be frustrated by ungrateful people with a delusional sense of entitlement. Thank you again
  9. lelouch's Avatar
    i would had loved to buy this if there was only a way to pay by paypal...
  10. Sins's Avatar
    Katelyn, I don`t know if you`re reading this considering how old this is now but I RaF You have just unveiled Microne Magazine 5 and it looks amazing. naturally I will wait to purchase the english version here but considering how we`re essentially behind by 4 issues can you consider releasing 2 and 3 at the same time as well as 4 and 5? Or at the very least release 2 issues at the same time in the near future so that we can make a leap closer to the latest release. That is of course if everyone else here is ok with that. If we get 1 issue at a time then we`ll feel frustrated that we`re behind by so much. Hope this message reaches you. Once again thank you so very much for you and Irafyou for making this possible. I am in high anticipation for the future MMs and Irafyou's games.
  11. Kuja's Avatar
    I agree with Sins, Micro Magazine 4 (( In my own Oppinion )) was far superior to the others as well, more focus on translating these would help alot. I already bought the japanese version of 4 on the DLsite but due to its quality I would happily pay another 30 somthing dollars to be able to read its dialogue.
  12. Kuja's Avatar
    6 was just released! 8D any news on 2? (( will probably wait for 4 ))
  13. Sins's Avatar
    I noticed a few days ago and It LoOKS incredible but yeah, Katelynn we`re now behind by 5 issues!!!!!! Clearly Irafyou are very fast with their releases and I`m sure everyone want to at least catch up. Could you release 2 issues a month at different dates or at least have the MM series released at schedule. Speaking of which you said the next MM release would be in your september schedule? I know you had other stuff to do but still seeing these new issues released by Irafyou while we have to stand and watch them pass by is well frustrating. Could you at least make some announcement saying that you`re aware of this and what your intentions of MM`s release are. I and others hope to hear your announcement soon!
  14. Kuja's Avatar
    ;O; Cant we start a petition or somthing to get these things rolling!? its not that hard to translate this stuff.
  15. Sins's Avatar
    Well! IRAFYOU have just released MM8 so we are now behind by 7 whole issues. According to the September Schedule the next MM english release will be after the new CG17 comic which is apparently going to be released soon. Given how we are now 7 issues behind its a fact, something has to be done. Either releasing multiple issues in a small period of time and having them undergo a decent discount for a period of time or another scenario would be an issue released every 3-4 weeks at least until we get to at least the issue thats next to the latest one. Whatever is decided its clear that we are way WAY too behind!!
  16. Koto's Avatar
    I-raf-you is the absolute bomb. I don't know why this partnership seems to have ended with Microone 1, but hopefully appearances are deceiving. In fact, there are a lot of talented Eastern artists that are largely inaccessible to Western audiences who are unable to navigate and probably don't trust the shady websites where the material is hawked in Japanese. I know, because I have to delete a lot of it when it comes through the Booru. The task would be much less painful if I could tell users to come pay for the stuff here!

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