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The End of Brandon

Katelyn goes into her workout room to grab her Kindle for a cardio session and sees that her shrunken slave, Brandon, has completely drained the battery. He must suffer the repercussions of his actions! Instead of doing cardio, she places Brandon in her clothes to suffocate during her ab workouts.

First she places him on her nipple to struggle in her top, but she feels he must really pay, so she places him inside her pants instead where he will suffocate and be repeatedly squished. Near the end of her workout she can feel that this is in fact no torture for Brandon. It is pleasure- she feels him HUMPING her ass!!

Pissed off, she removes him from her pants and traps him under an upside down pencil holder. No special attention for him tonight as she intends to keep him there until the next morning. She even leaves to go finish her workout in the living room.

Moments later, Katelyn comes back to her workout room furious at Brandon. What nerve he has! That fucker took a bite out of every single cookie that was left out overnight. Katelyn's having a girly get together tonight and baked FIVE different kinds of cookies. Now, nearly all of them are ruined. That fucker must pay!

She used to love his fun and games. Brandon is mischievous, spontaneous, and keeps life interesting. However... he's gone way beyond all that into the deep end. As funny as it might be that he took a bite out of every single cookie, Katelyn spent a whole lot of time preparing those cookies for her girlfriend and they're going to be arriving in only three hours. Not only does she have to make them again but she's not going to have time to remake them all. So instead of doing other things to prepare, now she has to go slave away in the kitchen in a rush. She is NOT happy about this!

Since Brandon was such as ass having the nerve to do such a thing, Katelyn decides his fate will be exactly just that- her ASS! She peels her sweaty workout pants down and lectures him by rocking her huge round ass on top his body crushing his tiny size over and over. She ends it by shoving him deep up into her asshole and tells him what's to come.

He will be spending not only the entire night up her ass, but he will stay up there to suffer until the next time she has to take a shit. She laughs. When he comes out, the suffering won't end there.

The next morning Katelyn wakes up in bed and talks to him about all of the gas he suffered last night. She slaps and bounces her ass to wake him up- she doesn't feel him moving. Once he wakes up and starts moving around she realizes how bad she needs to take a shit. So many cookies last night!

Katelyn then goes to the bathroom and sits on the toilet. She pisses and shits and flushes the toilet. She doesn't save Brandon from the toilet. She flushes him down into the sewers to suffer with all of the neighbors shit too!

This video features tons of hot action focusing mostly on ass, ass crush, ass torture, gas, and shit/toilet talk tease. The lesser features are: bare feet, under foot crush tease, ab workouts, and suffocation tease. You do not see Katelyn's anus at any point in this video. During the toilet scene all you see is Katelyn on the toilet. You do not see into the toilet, but you can hear Katelyn piss and let out a small fart (to simulate the shitting).


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:43 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
ass crush, toilet tease, shrunken man, booty shaking, hot athletic girl, butt crush, anal tease, nipples, bare feet, abs, exercise, in bed, piss, fart, bad slave, Katelyn Brooks


3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. limpdik's Avatar
    =====>--- ALL for u kitty-kate! i luv u my goddess! gonna by this video soon!
  2. Ian's Avatar
    This a great Birthday gift Katelyn! The day you posted this was my birthday! Thanks Katelyn!
  3. william's Avatar
    i think you need more ass stuff were someone shrunk is going into your butt but you need to make them were you show your butt and butthole.

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