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Student City Crush

Rachel spent an entire week on her shrunken city project just to receive a C on it. She comes home very upset because she wanted an A. She sets her project up on the table and thinks about how much she'd like to crush her teacher in the city for giving her a C, and ends up getting carried away with the crushing!

She crushes the skyscrapers, cars, and people all in various ways under her hands, feet, ass, boobs, and she even eats and spits out some people. She compares her size to the shrunken city, mocks it, and crushes it all until there is nothing left. Throughout her crushing she also strips down to only her thong!

This video features a schoolgirl theme with mocking! The majority of crushes are under hands and bare feet, there's a little vore and spitting people out (no saliva), an under finger crush, two ass crush scenes, a boob crush scene, all with Rachel in nothing but pigtails and a thong! There are also some under glass shots. For about the first four minutes Rachel is setting her project up on the table and then it goes into the crushing and stripping!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
11:25 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken city, barefoot crush, hand crush, schoolgirl, pigtails, buildings, skyscraper, Rachel


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  1. gtsquisit's Avatar
    This was an incredible video. I love her attitude. The vote and butt crush scenes were incredible. I hope there will be more videos like this and katlyns car crushing and ass crushing videos.

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