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Katelyn's Devious Roommate

While Katelyn is out shopping, her devious roommate Rachel attempts to seduce Katelyn's doll sized boyfriend (Greg). At first she nearly sit crushes him. She apologizes and then talks about how Katelyn's not home. She asks if her ass is hotter than Katelyn's and tells him what Katelyn doesn't know won't hurt her. Katelyn's boyfriend is loyal and asks to be let down, to stop, and tells her Katelyn's going to be pissed.

Rachel then threatens to shrink him smaller and crush him if he says even a word to Katelyn about this. She tells him that he's going to take it and like it. Whatever he does to Katelyn she wants him to do to her. And if he won't, she'll just do to her using him.

Greg still hesitates and wants out of this. Rachel picks him up and rubs him all over her nude body under her clothes. She rubs his body against her long tummy, between her boobs, and puts him in her panties. She strips all of her clothes off and continues using his little size to rub against her long body. She gives him a few kisses and licks the lipstick off his face, then rubs his face dry with her nipples.

When Rachel's' done enjoying him for herself she threatens him again, telling him not to say word to Katelyn. She then walks away and he's left on the chair in shock about what just happened. He would never cheat on Katelyn but because of the size difference, he was completely helpless.

This video features Rachel sexually dominating Katelyn's doll sized boyfriend, doll audio (grunts, asking to be put down, resisting, obeying Rachel), ass, stripping, boob and nipple play, and full nude doll play (doll's pants stay on throughout).


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
10:05 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
handheld, doll sized, schoolgirl, nipples, ass, boobs, roommate

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