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Rachel's Shrunken Bus

When Rachel was on the bus she just couldn't believe how everyone kept staring and whispering. A few guys even tried to ask her if she'd like to pick up a hotel room. They were treating her like a cheap whore. By the time she got to her stop she was just about mad with the whole situation and felt like everyone should be put in their place. So, she took matters into her own hands and shrunk the entire bus to bring home with her. Now that she's home with the bus, she explains to the people how it's rude to stare and whisper and that she can't help it- she's a full time model with an insanely busy schedule. Sometimes there's no time for clothing changes between shoots. She's always on the go. But since they apparently just couldn't get enough of her looks she turns the tables on them by forcing them to watch her every move.

She frightens them with her new size, licks and sucks on the bus asking how the view is. In a shorts while of terrifying them she realizes how she's steamed up the windows so she sets it down to cool off while she strips. She'll give them something to look at alight.

Now that her saliva has cooled off from the bus, she terrifies them with her hot body by smooshing the buss between her boobs, in her hands, sucks on it, presses it under her bare foot, and drives down her belly and all over her massive naked body. She's never going to return them to their original size. She sarcastically teases... awww isn't that what they all wanted?! She's had a busy day so she takes a nap with the buss trapped between her boobs so no one gets away.

This video features sound effects of the terrified people inside the bus, female screams at the hottest spots in the video (licking, crushing, squeezing), Rachel licks and sucks on the buss, strips nude, squeezes it in her hands, pushes her boobs together with the bus trapped in between, presses it under her bare foot, shows them how she'll crush anyone who dares try to escape (under finger crush), drives it all around her sexy curves, and falls asleep with it trapped between her boobs!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
12:52 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
handheld, bus, licking, boobs, panties, screaming, sound fx, boob crush, bare feet, high heels, manicure, long toes, abs


2 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Taran's Avatar
    Hi. I got this clip Friday. OH MY GOD! Only things that would make this clip more awesome would be her using the bus as a dildo or having The Katelyn herself join in on the fun. Both together of course would make this my wet dream cum true. But the oral abuse of the bus is already pretty awesome.
  2. Megagiant5280's Avatar
    I think this was a great clip. I love Rachel and wish you could have used her feet more. That being said her body is amazing. I would love to give her a tongue bath!

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