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Toe Job Session with Daphne

Daphne calls her client to see where he is and to let him know she got the wire transfer. He's almost at her place for his foot job session, so she gets off the phone to get her feet all silky smooth with lotion. He's one of her XXX fans and has always dreamed of being shrunken and getting a foot job with her so she makes that wish of his come true!

When he arrives she lets him in and brings him to the living room. She laughs- how does he expect to shrink?! But when he hands Daphne a shrinking device it works so good that she decides to keep it for herself! She lays him comfortably on a pink satin pillow and gives him an awesome foot tease with her sexy bare feet lifted above his body, close but not touching him just yet.

Daphne wants to feel his little body beneath her sexy soles so she gives in and starts to touch him with her feet. She can feel his tiny hard on rubbing against the arch of her feet, she playfully suffocates him beneath her toes, and then brings her sexy red painted toes down to his cock. After a few moments of stroking his cock between her toes, he explodes into orgasm all over her sexy bare feet and legs!

She plays with his sticky cum on her feet for a few moments and then lifts him up to tell him how good that was. She takes him closer to her and lets him sleep of his post orgasm high in the valley between her big puffy tits. What a session!

This video features Daphne giving a doll sized man a toe job- he squirts his sticky load all over her bare feet and legs. She shrinks you, gives you a very sexy foot tease with no touching, then she rubs your cock on the arch of her foot while suffocating you under her toes, and tops it off with a toe job. You then get to sleep off your cum high between her huge tits!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
11:34 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
cum doll, toe job, sole tease, huge tits, foot job, red nails, private session, Daphne Rosen, shrinking


3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. anomino's Avatar
    xfa envie a mi correo los todos los videos de daphne rosen
  2. Toby's Avatar
    Hello! I really find the whole cumdoll things sooooo hot. If you could have a section that has videos featuring them, that'd be great.
  3. lolo's Avatar
    you really do need more videos like this i been up and down this site trying to find some of katelyn but nothing.

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