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Succubus Daphne Ass Job

It's your lucky day buster! Not only did you just go on a date with the super hot and curvy Daphne Rosen, but she totally wants to explore your fetish! Since you like dominant women and have always dreamed of shrinking, Daphne reveals her secret to you. She's actually a succubus! She feeds off the power of shrinking men down to size and making them cum!

As you look up at her towering above you she tells you how she likes to shrink men like you down. With only the flick of a finger it could happen to you. She wants complete power over you and promises not to eat you if you let her shrink you. You agree and shrink down to the size of a doll.

While completely under her control you crawl to her feet, begging for her attention. She picks you up teases you first with her big wet tongue. She sucks your tiny hard cock and she can feel the sexual energy, she moans! After a few more juicy licks right along the length of your full hard on, she lays you down for a HUGE boob tease. She brings them so close to you. You know that within a moment they could crush you and your fear fills her! She strips off her dress and brings her boobs even closer to your tiny size.

She needs more! She wants to make you cum while completely in fear. So, she turns around and now rubs her ass all over your legs. Her big bouncy ass grows closer to your cock, bounces all around you filling your world, she moans in pleasure, and within moments of her supple ass bouncing on your erection your cock explodes in full orgasm. You squirt your big load all over her big ass! She loves it so much that she bounces her ass cheeks together, playing with your sexy dripping cum and moaning.

So much energy for her to feed off of! She flips around and licks you all up. She licks every little drop of cum off your shrunken naked body, consuming every drop of power possible.

This video includes extras which start at 11:13 in the video. The extra shots are of Daphne bouncing her ass with cum on it with hot dialogue and moaning and an extra shot of her licking the doll's body.

This video features a hot succubus scenario with a doll sized man squirting his load all over Daphne's perfect round ass. She shrinks you, licks your cock, gives you some boob tease, bounces her ass on your full erection until you squirt your load all over her ass, and then she licks you clean. Your fear and cum FEEDS her succubi needs!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
12:17 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
hot succubus, ass job, cum doll, boob tease, cock licking, doll sized, shrinking, ass bouncing, licking, mouth, tongue


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  1. mehdi's Avatar
    wooooooooooooooooooooow giantess
  2. Frado's Avatar
    woooooooow she s awesome.this is my favorite video, but i dont have money for by them. ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/sad.png
  3. Aborigen's Avatar
    One of my favorites. The way Daphne wields her big round butt on the tiny man is absolutely compelling. All the size interaction, sucking him off, showing him around, crushing him with her breasts, that is all fantastic. But what I'm here for is the thrill of watching her huge, throbbing ass engulf the little man relentlessly. Iconic.

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