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A Demolished Wish

When Daphne was at the beach this weekend she found a really cool looking bottle. While relaxing on the couch she opens it and a mysterious light purple smoke puffs out and she hears a voice- it's a genie! And since Daphne opened her bottle, she gets ANY wish in return for the genie's freedom. Daphne wishes to be taller! She wants to tower over people! However, the genie twisted Daphne's wish and actually used her powers to make a city appear on Daphne's livingroom carpet.

Daphne tells the genie to come back! This is NOT what she wished for! However, since her one wish has been granted, the genie has happily left. The city is just a joke to Daphne. What good is a shrunken city? To take out her dissappointment at the genie, she begins to crush the city beneath her feet.

It feels so good to devastate the tiny city so she keeps going! Buildings, cars, and people get crushed under Daphne's bare feet, bare ass, between her mountainous tits, people get licked - blown on - and swallowed whole, cars get crushed under the spike of her heel, she cums to people fighting to get out of her bra and panties, she demonstrates to the genie how she wishes she could shrink her down and eat her for revenge, she really goes all out until there are NO survivors!

Since tiny people don't make a good meal, once the city is completely demolished she yells down warning any possible survivors that she'll be back to hunt them down after she gets some good food in her tummy. Stupid genie!!

This video features a genie theme, shrunken city, skyscraper barefoot crush, skyscraper and cars ass crush, skyscraper and people boob crush, people vore, high heel shoes car crush under spike of heel, shrunken people in bra and panties orgasm, skyscrapers and cars crushed with hands, a special smoke effect when Daphne opens the bottle, and an added special genie voice effect when Daphne makes her wish. Daphne's acting is superb in this video, as with all videos starring Giantess Daphne Rosen!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
23:55 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken city, skyscraper crush, vore, orgasm, car crush, huge tits, big lips, Daphne Rosen, panties, shrunken people, genie, huge round ass crush


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  1. shirwan's Avatar
    waw nice body
  2. Jimmy's Avatar
    Good looking feet
  3. saleh's Avatar
    i wish i can fuck that pussy daphne also to suck those boobs to cum in mouth

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