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Box of Shrunken Sex Slaves

Daphne's having a party and setting up for it has been crazy! She totally needs some stress relief but when she goes to her best buddy she realizes that he's out of batteries. Oh no! What is she going to do?!

She then remember how her roomy has been bragging like mad about how she's got the best sex toys on the planet. She never told Daphne anything else... she just likes to brag and talk. Since her roomy is out at the beach all weekend, Daphne goes up to her room and finds her secret. A box of shrunken people!

Daphne excitedly goes back downstairs and lays comfortably on the chase with her discovery. She can't believe her roommate was hiding this in the house- it's a felony to have shrunken people! But oh well, she needs some release! She opens the box of exotic sexual treasures and carefully places oodles of them in her shirt and panties. For a second she wonders how it works but the shrunken people start fighting against each other and BOY does it feel good!

Before she knows it, she's screaming in orgasm. Now she's completely satisfied and relaxed for the party! While she's placing them back into the box she realizes that one didn't survive... so she simply swallows his remains to get rid of the evidence. They did live up to her roommates hype after all. But instead of putting them back in her roommates bedroom without a trace, she steals them all for herself!

This video features Daphne having a hot orgasm by the squirming dozens of shrunken sex slaves in her shirt and panties!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
7:17 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sex slaves, shrunken people, orgasm, panties, boobs, Daphne Rosen, shrunken man, shrunken women, white panties, skirt


3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Patrick's Avatar
    I didn't really enjoy it. The girl is amazingly beautiful, but the lack of nudity, and story didn't sell me. If you like really believing in her story then i wouldn't buy this.
  2. anonimo 2's Avatar
    anonimo 2
    xfa necesitos todos los videos da daphne rosen
  3. salman363's Avatar
    i love rosen

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