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Ava's Doll Sized Boyfriend

Ava's boyfriend had an accident at work with the shrink ray and now he is stuck at a doll size until their scientist can come in and fix the machine. His boss was kind enough to return them and explain the situation to Ava. Ava unwraps him from his work shirt and reassures him that things will be ok. She thinks it's great how the shrinking process had a sexual side effect on him too- he's rock hard and his boner won't be going away!

Ava hates to see a boner go to waste so she takes charge of the situation by giving him a sexy strip tease. After she's nude she has a great idea! She gets him all riled up with her sexy bare feet, indulging him into his foot fetish by showing them off and rubbing them on his frame.

Next she brings him up between her legs to her beautiful pussy. She has him please her momentarily before letting him slip his little hard cock deep inside her. She just can't get enough of him so she fucks him in multiple positions. After she cums it's his turn and she finishes him off with a hot blow job. After he squirts his load she walks off to go clean up, completely satisfied.

This video features striptease, bare foot tease, doll fucking in multiple positions with soles showing, and a blowjob with doll cumming to end!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
21:35 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
striptease, insertion, blowjob, cum doll, bare foot tease, pussy, boobs, ass, foot fetish, soles


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  1. Maxx Calin's Avatar
    Maxx Calin
    Ava is so beautiful, she has a really nice body but the 2 things I love about her most is her sexy voice and her beautiful mesmorizing eyes. Just hearing her talk dirty gets me turned on. I'd love to be her doll size boyfriend cause having sex with a girl like her at doll size or normal size would be very pleasurable I'm sure. Can honestly say watching this video after I got it, Ava really got me so turned on. Next to Katelyn, she's my 2nd favorite giantess on this site.

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