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Becoming one with Katelyn

Katelyn enters her room, comes to you (Mark) shrunken and on the bed, and asks if you're ready to get your vore fantasy fulfilled and become a part of her perfect body. You know that fantasy where she shows you every part of her magnificent body, strips you down and sucks your on legs looking you into the eyes until you pass out, and the swallows you whole? Finishing with you waking up inside of her and the both of you cumming one last time before every part of your being becomes a part of her? Well, she is ready to make all that come true! You have been dying for this day to happen and so you are very excited!

Everything turns out even better than you expect! While showing you every part of her body she gives you a slow strip tease and talks about you becoming one with each individual part of her body. She teases you with her sexy bare feet, toes, and wrinkled soles explaining everything you like about them. Her sexy calves follow and then she shows off her sexy ass, still hot from working out, in her sexy tight yoga pants. She strips off her tight workout pants revealing her bare ass, plumped out pussy, and strong thighs. She shows you her belly and describes how you will be making love inside of her and when you cum her body will digest you for her nutritional needs. Her perky boobs then pop out of the top of her bra. She doesn't know how much longer she can tease you... she's ready to eat you whole... but she wont because she wants to make sure you get the full tease! She is enjoying it as much as you!

You both want to make sure that you last as long as possible inside of her so she starts swallowing air for you to breath while you're in there. Off comes her shirt, she moans, and teases you more. Oh no! Now look at her! Only in her bra. She knows how much you also love her back so she lets you admire it just for a minute so you can take in all of the sexy details. Now we're on the arms. She playfully giggles and shows you her little "girl muscles". When she looks at them it will remind her of how strong you are even at your tiny size!

You becoming a part of Katelyn's entire body is something she looks very much forward to. After a little more teasing with her throat she starts swallowing air for you, strips you naked, and makes you pass out by sucking on your legs. When you pass out she swallows you whole and uses her rabbit dildo to get herself worked up. When you wake up she wants to be ready to cum with you! While Katelyn fucks herself with her dildo from the outside you fuck her stomach from the inside. Together you both grow closer to climax until you both cum one last time together. Katelyn thinks it's so great how your little story together ended and with complete satisfaction, she happily drifts off to sleep.

This video features all pov, bare feet, calves, yoga pants ass tease, bare ass, pussy, stomach, boobs, arms, muscles, shoulders, neck, eyes, sucking on you until you pass out, vore, nearly all dildo fucking shots with bare feet (dildo fucking starts at 19 minutes), becoming a part of Katelyn's body through digestion theme, and sexy moaning!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
28:01 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, bare feet, dildo fucking, ass, yoga pants, digestion tease, pussy, stomach, calves, soles, pink toe nails, muscles, arms, shoulders, throat fetish, neck, eyes, sucking, masturbation, moaning, nipples, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. MarkM's Avatar
    Ok I suck at writing reviews but have to try because this video is totally awesome! It has a little something in it for just about everyone! I Loved it from start to finish! Let me begin by saying Katelyn's body looks better than ever! She's been working out since I think late last year and it's really showing! Katelyn did two or three muscle flexes in this video that turned me on like nothing else. Yes Katelyn has muscles! In this video Katelyn is very kind and gentle so rather than making her victim suffer the painful trip down her esophagus to her stomach she renders him unconscious first by sucking on his legs which pulls the blood from his head down into his legs. Once he passes out she simply swallows him down where after a minute or so he wakes up inside of her sexy flat belly! Katelyn makes sure to swallow a lot of air first to make her victim last as long as possible. He wants to Love her from the inside while listening to her get herself off to feeling him inside of her knowing her body will soon take his for her much needed proteins. (Katelyn just finished her work out and is all out of her protein shake formula) As if that wasn't enough already the best is yet to come when Katelyn proceeds to use her new dildo on herself revealing her awesome Pussy. For feet lovers in this video Katelyn keeps her feet in full close up view for almost the whole time while getting herself off! In fact at one point she's actually holding the dildo inside of herself with only her feet! As I said this video really has something for everyone! Katelyn's beautiful body as she teases her victim with it from toe to head. Katelyn's sexy muscle tone! Very nice close ups of Katelyn's sexy dark eyes with nice sucking mouth sounds and she renders her victim unconscious! Katelyn's sexy Pussy! Best of all her feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Katelyn's orgasm is real as usually! So sexy and hot! I've probably left something out. I don't think anyone would have any regrets purchasing this video! Totally awesome video Katelyn!
  2. TrinityIVI's Avatar
    I'm looking forward for when I get to see this one. Sounds really cool ^_\
  3. limpdik's Avatar
    damn gurl! i wish i had the money for this!

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