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Crushed under Toe Socks

Your girlfriend, Katelyn, just got home from Yoga Class. As usual she lets you know it's just her and gets you out of her panty drawer. She needs to talk to you about something so she sits down with a serious tone.

You know how shortly after your shrinking accident at work she started her Yoga Class? Well, she confesses that she met a guy and that it's becoming serious. She's terrified to tell you all of this as you've always been the extreme jealous type, but it must be talked about She never thought this would happen but it did. She realizes that she can't live the rest of her life with you shrunken, she's been lonely. She apologizes, explains the situation in detail, and tells you she's going to crush you so that she doesn't have anything to worry about any more. No one will know either as your work stopped calling to check up on you, you have no family, and her family doesn't live in the area.

She places you on the floor and draws it out. She's sorry it had to end up like this but her life must go on. It's also a lot more difficult to take care of you at your tiny size, you're like a pet but even more maintenance than one. She feels guilty for crushing you like a bug but as she's crushing you her guilt begins to fade. Katelyn feels a huge wave of relief and is extremely happy that now she'll be able to have her new boyfriend over without any worries!

This video features an extremely jealous shrunken man prop, handheld (between fingers), and a long tease and ball of foot crush under toe socks.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:00 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken man, toe socks, handheld, sock crush, shrinking accident, jealous boyfriend

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