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Mazes and Micros

What better way to spend the day than adventuring on the dazzling landscapes of your giant girlfriend? When Jess discovers a pen and paper role-playing game in the attic, she knows of the perfect way to convince her girlfriend Nikki to play! Nikki quickly finds herself shrinking and immersed in the world of Jess, a dangerous yet orgasmic world where one wrong move might get you squished or swallowed. With the goal of reaching Jess's supple mountain peaks and pleasuring Jess, Nikki is shrunken smaller and smaller making her journey all the more difficult! Enjoying her new found power over Nikki far too much, it doesn't take long before Jess gets carried away...

♥ 27 high res pages of stunning artwork and dangerously sexy story by DoD.
♥ Jess shrinks Nikki several times, starting with a few inches and ending with a tiny spec...
♥ Fight off Foot Dragons! Climb to sacred temples on mountain peaks! Brave the lava caverns!
♥ Features slow shrinking, vore, tons of nipple play, feet, gentle, and inside shots of being eaten!
♥ This is DoD's first comic and he'd love to make more for you. Buy and support him today!
♥ Contains sexy close ups and orgasmic angles full of detail on Nikki's big adventure!
♥ Topped with a story and dialog that is warm, witty, nerdy, lovey, cute and downright hot!

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Product Details:
Producer: DeityofDooky
27 HQ Photos
2000x3000 PDF
DoD Comic, Shrinking, Boobs, Vore, Feet, Game


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  1. Shrunken One's Avatar
    Shrunken O...
    Definitely worth the buy. While i'm normally not one into body exploration, DoD made it a very appealing prospect, and I always feel the need to give props to someone who can turn me onto to macro/macro aspects I normally am neutral about! Great dialogue; funny lines that don't detract from the story being played out before our eyes. Sometimes too much comedy can ruin a comic like this, taking away from the sexiness and turning it all into one big joke. DoD avoids this by knowing when to apply humor without over doing it, or making his work into a parody. He has found a very nice balance between funny and sexy that often times is hard to accomplish. Anyone who knows his work should also know vore is something he doesn't normally touch upon. Anyone who knows me and my interests knows that's a very big, and very much the main, interest of mine. Forsomeone who doesn't really do vore, or enjoy it as far as i know, he has succeeded in making a very good, arousing vore scene that I rank up there with the best of him. I consider it an impressive feat to be able to make such a good vore scene, even more so when the artist isn't into that subject matter. Very well done, DoD. In short, I highly reccomend this purchase, and at such a low price, it's totally worth it. i think you'll quickly fall in love with his art style, and story writing skills, and, like me, will be anxious to see further size changing adventures with his characters.
  2. ch33ze311's Avatar
    i reconized this guys art style this isnt his first its his like third he made two foot and another comic called djinnis wish very good comics i would totally recommend them i cant wait till thursday when i get payed so i can purchase this comic

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