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Old Sex Toy

Now that you just completely satisfied Katelyn, she's going to eat you as a little after orgasm snack. She tells you to look at her beautiful soft belly where you're going next. She brings you closer so you can listen to her belly noises and get a close view of where you're going. She teases about how you'll be deep inside her belly. Should she swallow a bunch of air for you so there will be more inside of her to breath? She doesn't think so!

Katelyn wants to feel you squirm inside her and she's not going to help you survive any longer than you should. You're going to be nothing more than a little tiny snack. All your life was to her was a little toy for her pleasure but now it's gotten to the point that you are just an old sex toy! She has no interest in keeping you around any more and you should be grateful she even used you to begin with - your time is up!

You obediently climb up her belly in attempt to convince her to keep you around but it doesn't work. She tells you about how there's this new hot guy at the gym, Mark, who will be the one who replaces you after she swallows you alive. She briefly tells you her plans and then teases you with her mouth and swallows you! You were so small she didn't even feel you go down!

This video features all pov, brief mouthcam views, and vore.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:05 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
mouthcam, belly, shrunken pov, vore, pussy, shrunken man, pussy, handheld, open mouth

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