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Fucked and Swallowed

Lucky you! You have the Giantess fetish and your girlfriend, Katelyn, loves to indulge you in any time you want. At the moment you're fucking her with her sexy bare foot in your face and then you get an awesome view of her bouncing boobs. She tells you how good you feel inside of her and then your attention goes to her mouth and she gives you an open mouth and tongue tease.

She moans and talks about her big juicy wet mouth, she teases you oh so much. She knows your biggest fantasy is to get vored by her so so really goes at it and tells you to look at the back of her throat where your load goes when she swallows it. She wiggles her tongue around and brings you closer to lick your face. She then suggests that you two should try out the new shrinking device and you agree.

You really weren't expecting it to work, or maybe you were, but it WORKED! You shrank from your full size down to a shrunken man laying on the pussy you were just fucking. Unexpectedly, Katelyn LOVES the way you feel at that size on her pussy. She wants to feel you more! She finds your tiny size to be such a tease and she just has to feel you on and in her pussy!

As you lay on Katelyn's clit she tells you she needs more pressure! She wants to feel you squirm against her clit and inside her. So, before swallowing you, she uses your newly shrunken self as a living masturbation toy. She uses her hands and fingers for a while and then finishes herself off with the new dildo you just got her - the whole time with you stuck in between the action and giving her that much more pleasure!

Katelyn cums hard on her dildo and pulls it out of her pussy with you on it and brings it up to her mouth and sucks on it. Now it's your turn! She licks and teases the dildo with you on it and enjoys the taste of her delicious cum. She draws out the mouth teasing, enjoying every part of it. When she's ready she's ready she pinches your body between her fingers and slides you back her extended tongue. She then closes her mouth to swallow and down you go, never to be seen again.

You were so small that Katelyn didn't even feel you slide down! She thought she would! And hopefully you don't mind, but now that you're not going to be around any more, she's planning to go guy hunting tonight. She wants to replace you so that she has someone around to serve her sexually like you did. Completely satisfied with her orgasm, eating you, and her plans, she lays back for a few moments to let you digest before heading out.

This video features POV fucking (first 6 minutes), bare feet (at beginning), boob bouncing (in bra), open mouth views (at beginning and end), shrunken man prop, Katelyn fingers herself and uses a vibrating dildo with you between the action, cum strings, cumming, and vore (vore starts at 25 minutes).


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
37:42 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, insertion, bare feet, cum strings, boobs, masturbation, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, mouth, tongue, pussy, cum, panties, girlfriend, foot fetish, shrunken man, hands, nails, POV, Point of View, Katelyn Brooks

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