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The Cruel Friend

Katelyn and you go inside her house to get out of the blazing hot sun and she catches you looking at her feet. She figures you're one of those guys with a foot fetish, and you are, so she puts her feet in your face to tease you. Before you know it you shrink from 6 feet tall to 5 inches tall.

Now that you're shrunken you're scared out of your mind. (You only have a foot fetish, not a shrinking or giantess fetish) Katelyn tells you that whenever a guy is seduced by her, he shrinks. While you're under her foot she starts to get too rough with you and so you try to run away. Bad call! Katelyn tells you she'll give you another chance (she won't crush you) if you play her game. You agree. In order to win you have to hide somewhere by the time she counts down from ten... but she cheats by stopping you with her feet every time you change direction!

Since you lost she makes you climb her body from her feet up to her face. When you get to her face you think you've won your freedom... Katelyn places you back on the floor and makes you chase after her feet to get them since you want them so bad. Then she kicks you and laughs!

Katelyn likes to dominate shrunken men beneath her feet. She couldn't care less that you have a foot fetish. The only thing she's interested in is making you suffer at your new size, she gets off on the cruelty. She applies a little weight on top of your body with one foot and then switches to the other foot and applies even more weight. She can't resist her urge to crush you so she does. But after she crushes you she looks at the crush mess (pov) and thinks out loud how it's a shame she can't last but a few minutes before crushing, it's just too thrilling!

This video features shrinking, shrunken pov, and cruel giantess.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:25 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
bare feet, foot fetish, foot slave, crush, shrunken man, shrinking, POV, Point of View


One Review and Counting...

  1. MarkM's Avatar
    Another great Video! I Love how in this video Katelyn pretends to be a genuine caring friend but we find out later that was clearly not the case. Katelyn had planned from the very beginning to seduce him with her bare feet which cause's anyone it happens to to shrink. As usually Katelyn's feet never looked better and although she doesn't say so in the movie I'm imagining that NO ONE she's attempted to seduce with them has EVER been able to resist them and thus live to tell about it. I Love how Katelyn toyed with him by giving him a chance to get away but every which way he tried to run her beautiful sexy foot came slamming down in front of him blocking his path. This really made it obvious just how helpless he was on the floor beneath her huge size. She tricks him again into thinking she's going to be nice to him and lets him climb up her sexy body! Half way up she gives him a quick view of what a REAL GODDESS'S sex looks like even allowing him to kiss her there. This would be like heaven to any shrunken person! But yet she tricks him one last time again with her feet by actually getting him to follow them on the floor. By then I'm sure he was getting pretty scared but he still couldn't resist Katelyn's sexy feet! Towards the end she confesses to him how she only shrank him so she could dominate him and how lots and lots of other peoples have already been crushed under her feet and that she plans to do the same to him. Which she does with no remorse except for wishing she could make them last longer for her enjoyment. This was great I'll be your friend Katelyn! See if I can be the first one to resist your feet! No way huh! No chance! Great Video!

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