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Smelling to Stuck

Before Katelyn arrives home you shrink yourself and sniff around at the dirty clothing and sandals laying on the floor. When she arrives home she's distracted on the phone with her mom, talking about her first day at the office. She then gets off the phone to clean, in fear that her mom will come over and help (like she insisted on the phone). While Katelyn is getting off the phone you sneak your way into her sexy black flats where you think she won't find you.

Katelyn's off the phone and is getting ready to clean. You then hear the bad news - she's going to put her flats back on to break them in. New shoes are always so tight, so it's a must. The first one goes on fine but then she struggles to get the other one on, the flat with you in it, so she wiggles and pushes multiple times. Luckily, you survived all that when her foot came pushing in.

Once she has both shoes on she starts to clean but quickly realizes there's something in her shoe. She thinks it's just a pebble or something so she takes her shoe off to check but she sees nothing. When she puts the shoe back on she feels it again but at her toes. This time when she takes off her shoe you are stuck to her toe and then you drop back into her shoe, and she discovers you.

She briefly lectures you for going into her secret chest and playing with her shrinking device. As punishment she informs you that you'll be living in her shoe for the rest of the day as her foot slave. She's always wanted a foot slave! She then slips her shoe back on and tells you she'll walk slowly so she doesn't crush you, and then she walks to the kitchen to clean there next.

This video involves POV (shrinking and sneaking around unaware), shrunken man prop, bare feet, black flats, and in-shoe play.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:13 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrinking, shrunken man, bare feet, in-shoe, flats, unaware, floor view, skirt, legs, dirty clothes, clothing, clothed, Katelyn Brooks

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