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Crushing Lap Dance

Fx Scenes:
1) Shrunken guy stands on the floor yells for Daphne to come in and then sits back to get ready for the hot dance show
2) Shrunken guy lays on the floor, enjoying the hot view
3) Close up of shrunken guy - he cums and gets accidentally gets crushed under Daphne's ass

Sound Effects:
1) Shrunken guy speaks at the beginning & then screams as he gets crushed
2) Sexy music plays throughout

Additional Notes:
1) This is a "Quick FX" video
2) This video shows the crushed aftermath of Daphne's client on the floor and on her ass cheek
3) The crush is accidental - Daphne discovers it and laughs hysterically

In this hot Quick FX video, you're a one inch shrunken guy who has called over an exotic dancer, Daphne, to give you one hell of a sexy show. When she arrives you yell for her to come in but who are you kidding? She can't hear your tiny voice! She lets herself in and walks around your house looking for you and soon discovers how tiny you are! She happily takes the cash and start the show.

You're so turned on by her big sexy curves but you're also a bit terrified of her sky-high heels! She takes notice to this and slips them off for you to make you more comfortable and then continues the dance. She teases you about how she'd never be able to find that tiny lap of yours... so she slowly gets closer and closer to you with her mountainous ass, careful with every swing.

Right as you're about to cum, you have a feeling she's getting a bit too close. It's so fucking hot though, you don't really care. You trust her. However, as you cum her ass comes the whole way down on top of your tiny body and crushes you to a pulp.

Seconds after she accidentally crushes you, she looks for you - where'd you run off too?! After looking around for a few moments she discovers the splat on the floor and laughs hysterically! She crushed you under her ass - your remains are both on the floor and on her ass cheek! She thinks if anyone knows about you they'll just think you got lost, so she quick picks up her clothes and leaves! However, she forgot to clean up your splat on the floor so if someone discovers it they'll surely see that you got crushed!

This video features shrunken man special effects, shrunken man talking and scream during crush, high heels, bare feet, boobs, dancing, stripping, ass pov, accidental ass crush, and gore.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
7:51 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
special effects, shrunken man, ass crush, unaware, feet, dancing, boobs, gore, boobs, accidental, Daphne Rosen


3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Derpy viewer's Avatar
    Derpy view...
    The good: Daphne looks absolutely fantastic and delivers her dialogue well. The lighting and image quality is excellent. Some of the camera angles really demonstrate the size difference well. The opening shot, and the shot where Daphne removes her dress are particularly striking. The bad: Daphne doesn't dance as well as she looks and talks. The POV shots (few and brief though they were) did not seem give the same scale or have the impact of the two shots listed above.
  2. tiny flea's Avatar
    tiny flea
    I bought the video and I loved it. I watch it over and over Daphne is such a gorgeous giantess. My only regret is I wished that was me instead getting the show and I would pay a whole lot more. Keep up the great work and look forward to many more.
  3. Aborigen's Avatar
    The classic! All I came here for was the final lapdance scene, and good lord, it kills me every time. The buildup was fine, the hapless tiny guy was comical as he failed to communicate with the sexy dancer at any point, but it's the end I keep coming back to. It's all about the closeup on Daphne's incredible ass, watching it sway and churn, then finally hover threateningly over the luckless guy is just the best.

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