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Boobular Revenge

Fx Scenes:
1) On the floor boob tease and crush.

Sounds Effects:
1) Boyfriend pleads for his life and begs for forgiveness as he is crushed.

Additional Notes:
1) This is a "Quick FX" video
2) This video shows the crushed aftermath of Daphne's boyfriend

You find Daphne sitting on the chair in her lingerie - she's been waiting for you to come home and she's really in the mood to play! She knows how much you love playing with her big boobs and she has a surprise for you... a great big surprise.

The great big surprise is her - you find yourself shrinking! You see, she caught you at the club messing around with another chick so she thought she'd give you one last glance at her tits. You're hers forever now, or as long as your forever's going to be.

She's been planning her revenge all day long. You see, Valentine's Day is coming up, she had a surprise vacation planned for the both of you. But you ruined it. Now she'll be going alone.

She did care for you once, before she got this angry at you. One of your favorite things to do was to play with her boobies so she thought she'd let you play with them one last time. She grabs her boobs and teases you with her big pillows of boobs, emphasizing their size right in your face. As she bounces them she tells you to enjoy it while you can because this is going to be the last time you see them. She tells you that's enough and stops teasing you.

When she tells you to say goodbye and you start pleading for your dear life on your knees with your hands up. You BEG for forgiveness but she gives you no mercy. She plops her huge boob on top of your shrunken size and crushes you into a pulp.

She can feel every bone in your body snap beneath her boob. It feels so right - she moans! Mmmmhhhh. She peels her boob up from the floor and reveals your remains. She laughs as you're all gone and she's going to enjoy the vacation herself... she'll just clean you up later!

This video features shrunken man special effects, boob tease povs, shrunken man beg and scream, boob crush, and gore.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
5:07 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
special effects, shrunken man, boob crush, boob tease, Point of View, shrinking, Daphne Rosen, nipples, gore, blood, sfx, puffy tits, pawg, remains, boob squeezing, big nipples, brunette, bra, floor view, gfe, pov


One Review and Counting...

  1. Derpy viewer's Avatar
    Derpy view...
    Well lit scene, excellent image quality. Daphne is *THE* woman for this scene and she *knows it*. She looks stunning, her confidence shines, and she knows what to say and how to say it. My only gripe is that the later POV shot doesn't quite hit the mark, and feels more like a regular, close-up titty-shot than the view of a guy about to be smeared into mush under a warehouse-sized tit.

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