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Daphne's Shrunken City

Daphne's roommate has been experimenting with shrinking people, buildings, and cars down and he's always telling her she has to get away from them. Now that he's not home she wants to take advantage of the opportunity to show you! She walks to the table the city is on and you follow her.

She tells you this is her chance to take over the entire city, she's always thought of how cool it would be a superhero. She could always make sure everyone is protected and taken care of and shows you a few ways she could be a gentle giantess and the super heroin of the entire city.

She also shows you how she could also use her giant size as a massive weapon of destruction. For example, she could take care of all the criminals by simply crushing them. (She crushes one shrunken person under finger and one car between her fingers) Or if there's violations in any building plans and the place is going to crumble she could just take her boobs and use them as a great big battering ramp! (She knocks over the tallest building with her boobs and uses her hand to crush it)

Uh-oh! Daphne thinks she may know why her friend doesn't want her playing with it - she's broken it! Better go to the model store to get some more before he gets home!

This video features a shrunken city, gentle giantess, and crush (under hands - shrunken person, car, building)!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
3:37 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken city, gentle giantess, hand crush, boobs

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