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Valentine's with Daphne

It's Valentine's Day and your girlfriend, Daphne, has gotten you a few gifts!! The first one is her in a beautiful red mini dress. She knows how much you love her body - especially her tits, her ass!

Now she tells you to stick with her idea for your second present... it might sound really strange but she thought you could enjoy her body even more at a shrunken size! Her boobs and ass would be that much bigger! She shows you the shrinking device she sent away from in the mail and asks if you want to try it. Next thing you know you begin to shrink!

It worked and you've been shrunken down to doll size! She picks you up and brings you real close to her boobs for a titty fuck. She loves having you this way and moans in pleasure. Next up, her ass. She knows how much you love that! She places your doll sized frame in the back side of her panties and lets you go at it. You feel so good back there!

She sees how hard your cock is - how could she not want to do something to satisfy it? She slowly and seductively starts to kiss you, ever so gently, starting from your head and working her way down your body. You feel yourself on the verge of orgasm as her mouth grows closer to your cock. You're so close to cumming, you don't even know if you'll last through the first minute! And you don't! It was pure ecstasy from the second her big soft lips and juicy pink tongue mounded your cock. Heaven!

Daphney extends her tongue and you get to see your little white load right before she swallows it down. She moans, so yummy, and thanks you. Now what she wants you to do is just sit back and relax while she makes a nice valentine's day snack in the kitchen. After that, round two!!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
6:55 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
boobs, ass, blowjob, doll, cum, titty fuck, ass fuck, Daphne Rosen

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