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Party Crushes

Fx Scenes:
1) On the floor, nude shrunken woman falls and gets crushed into a pulp under Katelyn's big black high heel shoe
2) On the floor, nude shrunken man witnesses the crush, falls, struggles for his life under the curve of Katelyn's nyloned foot as she masturbates, he gets crushed into a pulp

Sound Effects:
1) Party music / Party crowd
2) Moaning (couple in bathroom, subtle)
3) Voices of shrunken girl and guy with screaming during crushes
4) Crush sound effects (with guts)

Additional Notes:
1) This is a "Quick FX" video
2) This video shows the crushed aftermath of Katelyn's shrunken victims

Katelyn feels herself up by the door of her own private bathroom after having discovered two naughty party goers secretly using it. She rubs her pussy and it gets wet really fast - she wants some too! Out comes the shrinking device which she keeps hidden in her bra, and in she goes into the bathroom to shrink them!

The shrunken girl immediately throws a huge fuss, telling Katelyn to watch her step and return her to her normal size! Katelyn doesn't take kindly to this and ends up crushing her. The act of the crush only gets Katelyn even more worked up. She slips her nyloned foot out of her high heel and when the shrunken guy sees this, he goes to run and falls over... scare for his life.

With Katelyn's big foot looming high above him, she promises to go easy on him since he's her friend. She teases him by raising and lower her foot, gently places her foot on the floor and teasingly curves the arch with him pinned beneath, he fights for his life while also slightly enjoying it, he gets crushed and Katelyn climaxes.

After all of Katelyn's fun she then realizes that the party downstairs soon might realize that there's three missing people! So she cleans up the mess by throwing her victim's clothes away, cleans their guts off the floor, flushes the bloody tissues, tosses the bag into her closet, and walks off to go back to the party.

This video features shrunken woman and shrunken man special effects, crush, gore, sound effects, high heels, crotchless pantyhose, masturbation, POVs, barefoot, crush cleanup, and much more!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:05 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
special effects, crush, gore, masturbation, shrunken woman, shrunken man, black high heels, giantess fetish, pussy, cum, pantyhose, shrunken, bathroom, party, Katelyn Brooks


3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Zen's Avatar
    The outfit alone, that Katelyn has on, drove me wield on this new release from her! This one is definitely a shout out to all of Katelyn's feet and leg fans out there. Simply put this release is awesome and i higly recommend getting it.
  2. Snap's Avatar
    Wow. So sexy! Finally my dearest, beautiful goddess clad in sexy sheer stockings! The neat thing about stockings is that for a tiny, shrunken man, they provide a (narrow) chance to climb to the "safety" of the goddesses foot instead of the killing zone which is the floor. I would delight in seeing more FX movies featuring this theme.
  3. JL's Avatar
    That outfit is cum worthy alone. The way you quietly walk into the room and shut the door, I was thinking, "They're f**ked! ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png" Telling myself they don't stand a chance now, no escaping fate. Their risk of having sex in your bathroom is your reward. The crushing scene of the girl is amazing! More SFX like this please!!!

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