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Hide and Crush

Katelyn asks her tiny pets to play a game with her and they agree! The game? Hide and crush! The rules? If they win they will become free pets, able to do whatever they want and Katelyn will simply be their caretaker. However, if Katelyn finds them, she gets to immobilize and crush each one under a different pair of her sandals. Oh, and as an added bonus... any winners also get to "go to bed" with Katelyn tonight (she even flashes her pussy to give them some extra motivation)! ;) Katelyn wants to make sure the game is fair so she places them in the center of the room and lies with her head in a pillow as she counts to ten. She then slowly gets up and starts her hunt.

She finds the first one behind one of her table legs and crushes him under her pink sandals. She finds the second one after unawarely crushing her under her ass multiple times and then crushes her into the soft blanket she hid on with her sexy studded shiny black thong sandals. After tossing all of her pillows onto the floor in search of the third one, she finds him after laying down on them. Looks like he tried to crawl into the zipper on the pillow but even though he's so tiny the zipper wasn't open enough for him to crawl in before Katelyn caught him! Katelyn tries to bribe the third one, telling him if he tells her where her run away pets are hiding then she'll promise not to step on him. Sadly for him, he honestly has no clue... so it looks like he's going to end up crushed. Katelyn places him on the table and gets on it with her last pair of sandals beside her.

Since the third pet sound such a fabulous hiding spot Katelyn thinks he deserves a little reward. His reward? Katelyn goes slow on him. Instead of just straight out crushing him like she did with his friends, she takes her time and crushes him slowly and partially under her soft bare foot. She vocally taunts him, knowing that she's only slowing his torture and delaying the inevitable, finally she crushes him into tiny pieces under her last pair of sexy sandals.

But Katelyn's fun doesn't end there! She thinks it's just a shame that he had to end like that as he could have gone into her body to serve her nutrition. She then realizes it's never too late and licks and sucks his remains off her clear table and gulps them down in satisfaction. Katelyn finally sits back, rubs her belly, and then goes off to think of what fun games she wants to play next with her other pets!

This video features prop play, three sandaled crushes, bare foot clear-table POV play, unaware ass crush, and a vore ending. Would you play one of Katelyn's wicked games to become a free pet as these three have? Perhaps after seeing this video you'll think twice about it before risking your life!

Quality note: Sadly the four and a half minute introduction (the first paragraph of description above) to this video is out of focus, so the first 4:35 of the video is blurry. Therefore this video is priced cheaply (it's priced like a 19 minute video instead of a 23 minute video) in order to give the introduction for FREE with the purchase of the rest of the video. Now hopefully no more of my rebellious slaves will try set my camera to manual focus to interrupt me from making videos crushing their friends... we'll see how well that works next time!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
23:06 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
2 Shrunken Men, 1 Shrunken Woman, 3 Sandal crushes, Bare Foot Clear-Table POV Play, Unaware Ass Crush, Vore, Legs


One Review and Counting...

  1. MarkM's Avatar
    Hide and Crush is simply an awesome video! Katelyn offers three of her little pets a chance to play a game of "Hide and Crush" and they are all eager to play because of their Love for Katelyn they cannot resist the offer. Little do they know though that this game has DEADLY serious consequences for any of them that Katelyn finds as she plans to crush them under her pairs of Sandals. Katelyn hopes to find and crush all three. What I like is that it's clear Katelyn actually cares for her shrunken pets and even treats them Lovingly yet doesn't hesitate or give even a second thought for crushing them. Only her pleasure comes first. I need to point out that Katelyn's feet look fantastic in this movie too. I especially like when she gives one of the three shrunken pets a reward by crushing him gently on her glass table beneath her bare feet. The angle's here made her feet look larger than life and gives the impression of actually being beneath of them. She then puts her sandals on to finish him off and once crushed the sucks and licks his crushed remains from the table so she can use his body to nourish her own. This was EXTREMELY SEXY! At the end you see Katelyn's beautiful body of perfection leaning back on her table with her sexy feet off to the left fully satisfied with the games outcome. Three People had to pay with their lives to satisfy her but they all died for their intended purpose by serving the Goddess they Loved. Katelyn is truly a Master at what she does! I Love this Video.

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