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Katelyn's Growth Socks Part 2

When Katelyn invented her Neo-Molecular Socks they made her grow at such a rate that the destruction was almost unstoppable. At 5,000 feet tall she became so powerful that she was able to fashion a universe of her own to stop her growth, her Giantess Mansion. She has been dwelling there for nearly a month and most every mortal is afraid to enter her realm.

Finally, Katelyn finds a mortal by her socked feet. Impressed he's not afraid to enter her lair, she goes on to give him a message for his people. She shows him a pair of sexy red high heels she's crafted with her power. *If* they work, they will prevent her from growing in their world. Therefore, preventing any more unnecessary destruction. Finally she will be able to get some fresh air, play in their world, etc. She even promises to be nice! If her help is needed to put any bad criminals in their place she wouldn't mind doing so either, she'd be glad to help out how she can. She could even flatten buildings that need wiped out and completely remodeled and impound/crush cars.

So, while putting her shoes on she tells the tiny mortal to quick go ahead of her to let everyone know the Giantess is coming out to play. She would love for them all to be expecting her.

This all pov video features thigh high socks, gentle giantess, and shiny red platform high heels.

Quality note: Sadly this video is a bit out of focus - the clearest part being around Katelyn's feet. Therefore, it is being priced as cheaper than usual for its duration.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
4:11 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
POV, Thigh High Socks, Red High Heels, Gentle Giantess, legs, thigh high socks, white socks

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