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Fucked Vored and Digested

Since Katelyn's shrunken slave has been on such good behavior lately, she gives her a much deserved reward. She asks her little slave if she can guess what the reward is. She's going to let her be her little sexy toy, hehe! Katelyn really needs this so she gets started right away by lowering her shrunken slave down to her pussy, panties pulled to the side.

Feeling her slave's shrunken size working Katelyn's massive swollen pussy gets her moaning instantly, ohh fuck yeah it feels so good. If she knew she was this good she would have been using this as a form of punishment too! Ohhhh, yeah, Katelyn moans and licks her lips, oh yeah fuck make me cum! I'm not going to last long with you!

Katelyn continues to get her pussy worked while she moans high above with her mouth wide open. The more turned on she gets, the wider her mouth opens to let our her moans. After not only a minute she feels as if she's going to tip over the edge. So close but not yet! She gives her little female slave a warning - if she doesn't cum within the next few minutes then she'll be eating her alive. She'll be cumming hard as her slave struggles down her throat!

Oh fuck yeah, just thinking about eating her slave could almost make her cum alone! While masturbating herself for the next two minutes, with her shrunken slave inserted into her pussy, she fantasizes out loud about eating her slave. She rubs left right, slower faster, breathes and moans!! Oh yes, her slave will slide down her throat so easily. How long will she survive before her stomach acids rip her apart for her own DNA and nutrition? Oh FUCk yes, Katelyn wants her in her SO bad... but not in her pussy! She wants her in her belly! Not being able to stand the edge of sexual bliss without exploding in cum any longer... she quick brings her slave up to her wanting mouth.

She'll only suffer for a couple minutes, Katelyn says as she carefully places her slave on her wide tongue. She licks her and in she goes, Katelyn moans. Her teeth surrounding her tiny slave, her throat not a far fate away from her shrunken body, she rubs her red and swelling pussy faster moaning louder and louder. She makes her slave back her tongue dangerously closer to the point of no return and pushes even more pressure into her clit, rubbing round with her sexy pink painted fingers.

Katelyns pussy visibly soaks itself as she describes what her slave is going through in her mouth. She tells her slave to cum with her, make love to her mouth and her mouth will make love to you, oh yeah! Almost!! OH!!! Katelyn sucks on her little slave and gets her other hand working her pussy to. "Oh yeah fuck yeah" At this point Katelyn's massive pussy is swollen in clingy cum and GLOWING RED! Not being able to last any longer she loudly gulps, ending the life of her female shrunken slave. Her mouth opens empty - the heat of her moan with a sticky trap of saliva strings revealed. "Ooowwwowwwwowww!" Katelyn's pussy swells, "Ohhhh yeah" a big smile stretches from cheek to cheek as she experiences the high of one of the best orgasms of her life!

For a few moments Katelyn catches her breath. Her cum so much that it begins to escape the wonderful tunnel of pleasure which is her sex hole, cum begins to slowly drip out from between her pussy folds. She inserts her fingers and plays with her stringy cum, her soon to be sweet tasting and oh so satisfying desert.

Katelyn licks a big string of cum off her fingers and swallows it, here it comes she tells her shrunken pet, who is still digesting alive! She sucks her fingers a few times to clean them completely, gulping down every trace of cum. Ohhh yeah! Katelyn then fixes her panties and rubs her belly with pleasure, talking to the pet alive inside.

Katelyn talks to the pet digesting inside her belly, "Thanks for the wonderful orgasm sweetheart". Looks like her reward really turned into Katelyn's reward! Katelyn's body seems to REALLY be enjoying digesting her too - as the sounds of digestion are loud enough that Katelyn can hear them from above! "Raawwr" Katelyn's belly lets out a loud roar of pleasure from what it has been fed!

Katelyn then spends the next few minutes teasing and tormenting the slave inside her belly while enjoying the natural relaxant released from a good cum. She can feel her trying to swim against her fate and tells her to give it up, only a few more seconds and she'll be nothing more than a tiny splat inside her body. She pokes her belly teasingly, asking if the pet can feel it. Katelyn's going to take a little nap now while her slave digests.

Her belly crickles and crackles some more... and oh no, Katelyn can't feel her little slave moving around any more! Now all of the little parts of her slaves body are being assimilated by Katelyn's. Her body will take what it wants of hers and the rest will simply be waste. Katelyn licks her fingers one last time "that was so worth it!" and then starts to drifts off to sleep. She then lets out a loud and wet burp "excuuuse me!", and her belly continues to digest the rest of the shrunken slaves remains, completely satisfied.

This video features shrunken woman, kissing, licking, open mouth, masturbation,insertion, vore, saliva strings, swollen and glowing red pussy, lots of moaning, orgasm, cum strings, belly shots, digestion tease, and real digestion sounds!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:28 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken woman, insertion, vore, digestion, cum strings, moaning, masturbation, pink panties, fingering, pink manicure, abs, black hair, tight belly, glowing pussy, open mouth, kissing, saliva strings


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  1. Bob's Avatar
    Wow, simply increadible. The story alone blew my mind, I just had to see it! There are many giantess vids out there, but it is clear that your work truely stands alone in terms of outstanding quality and authenticity. The dialogue and camera angles are absolutely flawless, and it is extreamely evident that you are a person who genuinely shares, and embraces this wonderful little kink with all of us who love and enjoy it. All that you have done for this community is inspirational proof that when you pour your heart into what you do, and confide in who you are, the result is perfection. You do an extraordinary job at portraying "our wildest fantasies," keep up the good work!

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