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The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. JJ

    Amazing compilation of being teased and crushed by Giantess Katelyn. It would be a dream come true to be at the mercy of those immaculate feet. I love the look of triumphant pleasure on Katelyn’s face after I am pulverized underneath her powerful soles.

  2. Xavier

    Holy F@$k!
    Every giantess and vore fetishist needs to purchase this asap! I`m sure so many fans have fantasized about this sexy and overwhelming scenario before but most clips come short of portraying it as well as Goddess Katelyn has in this video! ❤ She just makes you feel utterly helpless as she gorges upon handfuls of tinies, reminding you of your fate, and all the while relishing in your fear. Goddess Katelyn’s voracious appetite is only surpassed by her lust and her need to cum hard to all the screams and struggles of her vore victims!

    Instant Classic and a must!

  3. JayToms

    When I saw that Katelyn produced a video like this, I had to quickly purchase it. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint. As described in the description, Katelyn is very candid with how she feels and feels natural. The lighting and details presented in this video is 5 stars. It you’re a fan of wrinkled soles, seductive talking and Katelyn’s charm, then you’ll love this! Highly recommended!

  4. Jason

    This. 👆🏻👆🏻👍🏻👍🏻 🤩🤩🤤🤤 New favorite.

  5. JayToms

    To be honest, I’m not into close-up of armpits. Thankfully this video also has close-up of Katelyn’s soles which is something I highly enjoy. The shots in the video are really good and if you’re like me and were nervous about getting this because you think there weren’t shots of Katelyn’s soles, rest assured you won’t be disappointed because there’s enough of it that’ll leave you satisfied.

  6. JayToms

    Nothing can be said regarding this video! If you don’t feel jealous after watching this video, you’re crazy! This video is hot!!! The moans, close-up and passionate kisses….Katelyn really delivered good quality with this video! There’s a particular you can see from the preview where there’s a close-up of the insertion with her soles visible…absolute perfection!! Great video!!

  7. JayToms

    This is another hidden gem with great in-shoe shots and close-up! There’s certain points throughout the video were I would just rewatch because I just love the details. It’s cheap but satisfying video worth adding to your collection. Highly recommended!

  8. JayToms

    This is a good video if you’re looking a for cruel, yet playful Katelyn. The 1st part is mostly ass content but if you like vore, it provides an excellent buildup. Lots of details and close-up shots! By the end, you’re going to wish that you were the tiny in the video. Excellent video and highly recommended!!

  9. JayToms

    I forgot I had this one!!! I remember purchasing this one back with I was in college and fantasized how cool this would be if it happened for real! Again, he lighting and details are really shown in this video! The quality is unmatched and you won’t regret it if you purchase it

  10. JayToms

    High quality shots right here!! For this price, it’s hard to pass this one up! Nothing more to say but get it, get it, GET IT!!!

  11. JayToms

    Katelyn at her finest!! Man….Just amazing! This is a good video if you like to see a cruel, lustful giantess. As of 2023, this is still one of my favorites.

  12. JayToms

    Sometimes you need to revisit the classics to see how much has changed over the years. As of 2023, I still watch this video and I consider it one of my favorites. I think I brought this one because it was one of Katelyn’s personal favorite and I can see why. Also, I think parts of this clip was featured in the playboy documentary regarding giantess fetish….so yeah….this clip is really good!!

  13. JayToms

    Hmmm….if you’re a sole man/woman…get this video. Don’t ask any questions, just get it! You’ll thank me later!

  14. JayToms

    This is one of those rear and treasured gems you don’t normally see on this website. I remember seeing this for the 1st time and was completely blown away. I recommend this just because of rare this video is. Also, it’s Katelyn….so definitely get it lol

  15. JayToms

    Man!!! This video brings me back! I remember when this video was first announced and how excited I was to get it. Normally, I’d wait a while to get something but this was a no brainier. This video is so hot! The eye contact, the details Katelyn provides…man….I’m so jealous. There are part in the video where there’s penetration and by the time this video came out, that wasn’t the norm. Although this type of content is made anymore, I would be the 1st to buy if something like this was released again.

  16. JayToms

    As soon as this video starts, my heart skips a beat. This is one of those videos that you’ll forget that you purchase but once you watch it again, you’ll appreciate why you did. I haven’t seen this video in a long time and after rewatching it, I felt that I needed to give it a thumbs up! If you like POV teasing, this one is for you!!

  17. JayToms

    I can’t tell you how many times I had this video running in the background of my 2nd computer. The angles, details and visuals from this video can’t be appreciated enough. Although Katelyn doesn’t make videos like this much….but when she does….BUY IT!!! If you’re a sole man/woman, you should consider adding this to your collection!

  18. JayToms

    I remember seeing the screenshots of this video from the picture of the day section and I knew I had to have it right away. This is another video where you can appreciate the lighting because it helps highlight all the details in Katelyn’s soles. I’m a wrinkled/soles man and any video that show great details is a much buy in my book. Highly recommended!!

  19. JayToms

    Another keeper that’s straight to the point! I love the hunting style vore videos with a hint of lust! That’s exactly what you get with this video. Although there’s some windy moments, it’s not that distracting and I feel that it adds to the realism. Highly recommended!!

  20. JayToms

    I remember reading a fan fiction story long ago that’s similar to this video! What can I say….other then this video is awesome! The build up, the teasing and the lust…everything is in full display here. Highly recommended!!

  21. JayToms

    I love the short and straight to the point videos. You pretty much get everything you need in this video, vore, foot fetish, boobs and Katelyn!! I really love the sound effects, especially during the close-up vore part! Definitely worth the purchase

  22. JayToms

    I doubt anyone would survive this encounter. I remember seeing this video the first time and i lost it like the first victim. highly recommended!

  23. JayToms

    There’s something about the lighting and special effect Katelyn brings to her videos that really show much work she puts into it. This is another treasure I recommend anyone to add to their collection. This one is very detailed and normally something I don’t explore. However, I appreciate the work that went into this and after watching it a few times, it gets really hot!!

  24. JayToms

    I’ve purchased from GK for many years and just noticed this review section. I really loved this video and what you read from the description is exactly what you get. I also love the lighting and POV perspective. Katelyn also does a fabulous job expressing her desires while providing as much detail as possible. This is definitely a clip to add to your collection. I watch this one many times!!

  25. Savino

    It’s really long time you don’t create a massive chewing clip like in the past, like in you origin clips.
    It could be amazing to have a new one with endoscope reverse view!
    It could be a really innovation for your amazing work.

    Thank you Katelyn for all that you do!

    (a fan from 12 years)

  26. JJ

    An immaculate pov of Katelyn. I love her confidence as she taunts me with her powerful sexy feet. I would be thankful to be crushed under her sole.

  27. Bill

    I very much like the close up mouth shots. IF I am ever shrunken to two inches tall I will have to have myself delivered to Katelyn and volunteer myself to be swallowed. Her mouth is so perfect! I can imagine her pushing my little body to the roof of her mouth with her awesome tongue! I won’t mind much if she crushes me that way, or chews on me, but I would rather be swallowed whole and alive.


  28. Bentu Bogda...

    I love waching this video

  29. JJ

    Such an amazing pov. Really captures the feeling of being at the mercy of a cruel and mesmerizing mistress. Always a pleasure to be crushed by Katelyn.’s feet, even with shoes on.

  30. Stephen

    Amazing…simply had everything for size and vore fans!

  31. Joseph

    This video is really hot. Definitely worth the price.

  32. Claudio

    I’ve been watching giantess katelyn since i was a teenager and for me she will always be the best giantess. Excellent video as expected, easy to buy and safe. Thank you so much for all these years of entertainment and for keeping the giantess fetish alive and strong

  33. Stephen

    Amazing 1st & 3rd person POV video. It offers so much more than vore alone. The camera shots are perfect and so immersive in the Katelyn style we all love.

  34. Logan

    This is brilliant. I’d love to see a follow up :)

  35. BasAder13

    Your performance was so great and loved the additional fx. One piece of feedback is with each stage, your voice would get slower and louder as well, maybe more ambient sound in the background.

    Also was hoping to see the 2nd to last final stage (or maybe a sequel?) where you’re observing under a magnifying glass with your mouth and eye magnified, booming from above as your cackle roars. And maybe Finally you place him under a slide and continue, maybe either dropping a single drop of saliva onto it or cum onto it, drowning him as he shrinks. Just an idea. ? I have yet to see anything involving an actual slide or microscope kind of gag to cheat the size.

    Otherwise this is one of my favorites from you.

  36. Chad

    Your my new goddess, i love watching you crush and get rid of my ex fiance. Thank you giantess katelyn team.

  37. Stephen

    Simply WOW! Great scenario and as usual Katelyn made it incredibly immersive with perfect camera angles, great acting & amazing dialogue.

  38. CT

    Beautiful as usual!! Extremely sexy!! Please have the ants sexy clips back! You are an expert on how to interact with the tiny little curious ants.

  39. Antonio M.

    I’d love to be this toy for sweet Giantess Katelyn.

  40. Ron hartson

    I think you’re videos are awesome

  41. Joseph

    I absolutely LOVE this video! I watch it often in my Oculus, Katelyn is amazing as always. If you’re into foot crush POV and you have a VR headset, just get this, you’ll be glad you did!

  42. Mikael

    I love your new camera! I wish that other models of your website uses it as well and longer. Would love a raw video of it being used. ;)

  43. Nathan

    Absolutely love this! I’m always here for internal shots.

  44. Insider lover

    I totaly love it. I would Love to buy more containt like these!

  45. Scott

    you Really Need a Search BAR on your Website’ so WE can Find Things more Easy That way…

  46. Scott

    im Trying to Find That Digesting a Fish Alive Video of yours Where you were Saying’ i cant Feel you Moving Around Anymore’ i was Very Lucky to Find This Video of yours by Googleing up’ Goldfish Gulp…

  47. Joseph

    This is one of the hottest videos I’ve ever seen. Giantess Katelyn proves once again why she is the best in the business. I usually never make it even halfway through this video…must buy for all foot crush fans!

  48. Bill

    I tried to count all the crickets. I think there were 13 but I could be wrong….? This is an awesome video! I wish I was one of the crickets.

  49. Steven C

    I have sent you emails asking for a nice refund please katelyn

  50. Steven C

    Hello katelyn please I would like a refund on this item as I have no sound when I downloaded it and I cannot use VLC media player on my phone or tablet

  51. Giantess Ka...

    @Andrew: Hi, great question! The answer would be my own website since I earn a higher percentage of my sales here. However, if you’ve purchased on both sites and find that using Clips4Sale provides a more convenient download platform for your Oculus, then I would just continue to purchase there to make the process as smooth as possible for yourself. <3 Thank you for supporting my work regardless of whichever site you choose to purchase it from! :)

  52. Andrew

    Hey I have no idea of asking you this question. What is the best way of supporting you. Clips4sale or your website? I love your vids and I am a huge fan but I have been buying off of clips4sale cause it’s pretty convenient of downloading 360 vids for my oculus. I was just curious.

  53. rayman

    keep up the good work crush the ants more i hate them

  54. Steven C

    Katelyn how do I go about buying your sexy panties and I would really love to be eaten by you your a wonderful giantess goddess and I would love to be your tiny ?

  55. Joseph

    This is an amazing Dani video. I’m personally not super into the mommy thing but this video was still phenomenal. The first half of the video is with a friend, so it works well

  56. Joseph

    Love the few hiccups at the end! Please more hiccups

  57. nick

    i love you! you are such a fucking goddess and this video is perfect and i havent even watched it yet.

  58. Joey

    This is a throw back to Katelyn’s classic videos. It’s shorter and more to the point. If you want vore this video really delivers. The stomach effects are a nice touch, but I wish the audio wasn’t as dampened in the stomach shots. There are a lot of nice touches, there’s also a casual foot crush in the video. But I think Katelyn’s acting is just very on point for this one and it works really well.

  59. tiny dude

    it was an amazing very long video!! took me a little while to watch all of it cause.. well, I didn’t last long enough, it was too good xD! So many hot POV through the whole video, I really enjoyed it :D

  60. Cody

    This is one hot video and an instant classic from Katelyn! I love how she devours her shrunken co workers! The mouth shots are perfect along with the screams. I also want to point out that Katelyn’s beautiful feet have no mercy for those beneath them! I couldn’t take my eye’s off them and the beginning really sets the tone for the video. First the secretary has no chance when Katelyn innocently takes a step back and then… CRUSH! Her feet continue to take no prisoners throughout the entire video… except one! This video has my absolute favorite in shoe trap of all time! I’m almost jealous that I wasn’t the tiny little lady that get’s to see Katelyn’s beautiful but giant toes coming in after her. The POV shots make you feel like your the one about to go for the wildest ride of your life, deep down inside Katelyn’s high heel. You can almost feel the ground shake as her heel slams down and seals your fate! This video is why I love Katelyn’s work because of the attention to detail and high quality! Lot’s of love for you Katelyn!

  61. Mysterious-...

    Wow absolutely amazing! Love the way you manipulated those guys and have them explore your gorgeous body and mouth. Would be amazing if any of those guys that love to curl up get to be tested with your pussy and tight ass to see if they can survive!

  62. Joseph

    This is an amazing toilet video. It’s hard to shoot ass toy videos since the desired feeling is being smothered but Katelyn gets the vibe just right. I also like the way that the tiny is a house slave of some sort. I would leave to see a series of videos of Katelyn interacting with all of her different classes of slaves. Video is overall quite hot, lots of heavy, and great dialogue to make it immersive.

  63. Christopher


  64. Sean

    The microscopic beings of Earth looked up in awe at the gargantuan chin of Giga-Giantess Katelyn Brooks. Her beauty and dominion over their fate was undeniable. They began to chant and profess their love for Her which She heard as complete silence. They eagerly awaited their chance to please their Goddess.

  65. Joseph

    The opening part of this vid is pretty standard but the shower scene is a master piece. Lots of teasing, the best pee scene on this website, and a certain casualness that is what I love to see in giantess content.

  66. Joseph

    This is the best giantess farting video ever made. Katelyn captures the humiliation and the vore (full tour) aspect of the giantess-oriented fart fetish. She has clued into that it’s really about a sense of being trapped and toyed with. Highly recommend this video.

  67. Joseph

    Brooke is not amazing at dialogue. But she carries herself well and is really attractive as a giantess.

  68. Joseph

    Ava has some really good dialogue in this vid. It’s strongly on the cruel end. The focus is vore and it finishes on masturbation + vore. Nothing spectacular but I would recommend it.

  69. ben

    Dani, I’m in love with you! Excellent video, love your work.

  70. tiny dude

    Highly recommend this video for any vore lover, the different POV and 3rd person views Giantess Katelyn offer us is mind blowing!! Really immersive, you really feel tiny trying to dodge her big hand coming to bring you to her huge mouth.

  71. Antonio

    I loved your video Erotically Addicted to an Enchantress’ Beautiful Mouth.
    I would love to be your mouth slave, sweet Giantess Katelyn.

  72. Dani

    One of the best or maybe the best unaware vore I´ve ever seen, great video

  73. Stephen

    First purchase of a Chloe giantess vid but I wasn’t disappointed. Really stunning roleplay and so hot.

  74. Giantess Ka...

    Yes, there is a burp or two in both videos.

  75. sss

    is there burping in theese videos long lasting meal and cheating step mother meal video

  76. Stephen

    Eva was so hot, the first time I’ve seen her as a giantess. She played the role perfectly. Would love to see more of her :)

  77. Stephen

    One of the best giantess vids I’ve ever purchased. It had everything, 1st & 3rd person POV, great characters and storyline. As usual Dani was smoking hot and one of best giantess roleplayers anywhere.

  78. Jason

    That was a lot hotter than I figured it was gonna be. I’ve never seen Zentai anything before beyond the suits, so I figured why not. Kinda looked like you just came in from robbing banks, ?? only the mask covered your body. Very bouncy. ??

  79. Tux97

    Wow, I would touch and smell every inch of your tongue and saliva. You are perfect! Love! <3

  80. Giantess Ka...

    I do not, but thanks for your interest :)

  81. Tom

    Hi Katelyn,
    Do you come for services in houses?
    Your feet are so beautiful and I would like to touch your big soles

  82. sam

    I finally bought it, man oh man it’s so great, I highly recommend it to any giantess vore fan out here! There is a nice buildup intro with plenty of naughty peeks!

    And when Katelyn grows and starts to go mayhem, you’re in for one of the best naughty giantess acting I’ve ever seen! The dialogue is naughty as fuck and well thought, she really knows how to be intimidating!

    Gotta point out all those 1st and 3rd POV too, very immersive with scenes where she grabs/eat you even presses you against her throat or in front of her mouth while she swallows others (just so many naughty difference scenes).

    It’s a real bargain for the length/price and the high quality of the video! Thx so much Katelyn to make this fetish come to life :D

  83. Scott

    you Should of Replaced the Toys with Gummy Bears’ That way’ They can Melt Away inside your Lovely Butt HOLES Tummy Acids MUCH Faster…

  84. Giantess Ka...

    It is as it appears in the .gif preview image.

  85. Scott

    is This a Color Video or a Black & White Video ???

  86. Joseph

    Liz Rainbow is one of the best giantess actresses around. She nails everything that you would want from an evil giantess. This video is about the eroticism of pure power. This and Psychological Terror are possibly the best Rated Raw content out there.

  87. Joseph

    This is a really fun video. Claire is a great actress and the butt crush scene is amazing.

  88. Anon

    Oh I hope this is the start of a trend. I LOVE your old transformation videos and really did miss them! Object TF is a very rare thing that I find so I figure the market is pretty niche. Anything else TF related is usually genderfication which isn’t my cup of tea.

    Anyway you’re really rocking that pregnant belly Katelyn ;). Can’t wait to see more!

  89. Seth

    I’ve always loved your bug vore vids and the handful of goldfish vore vids you made like this one. You are an amazing giantess and I love to see you swallow “prey“ like goldfish and bugs whole, nothing is more stimulating to me than watching a hot giantess gulp her prey down then caress her stomach, feeling them struggle inside. I know that you’ve recently said you’ll stop supporting bug vore (and I’m also assuming goldfish vore) in the future, but the only thing I can ask of you is to reconsider because myself and other customers have always loved to see and support this type of content and would feel heart broken to see it go. Though no matter what, I still love you as my giantess and will still support all of your vore/giantess endeavors in the future! (especially during your pregnancy❤️)

  90. rrawpictures

    Hi Pablo,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    In this case, as is the case with tons of the content I produce, this is a custom. I don’t say that to avoid any responsibility on the product I sell (actually I might should point that out on the description), I’m obviously responsible for the content I create and also responsible to not mislead on any kind of promo I do. The description will always be based on what is the main point of the vid.

    I admit that I probably should revise the sentence “Energy, fat and waste” since even though it’s implied in the context of the whole vid (besides the 3min monologue Blondies does talking to the person in her stomach) the words “energy” and “waste” are not used in the vid. That’s true, sorry if that mislead you.

    As for the name of Bryce I assume my mistake of making a description using “you” as the main subject since it’s a specific person called Bryce.

    Regarding the intro, I don’t know what you’d call intro but in case you mean “everything that happens before the srhinking/growth” then we have here a 17:14min vid that has a shrunken person interacting with a normal sized woman from minute 2:30.

    Once again, thank you for your advice. I mean it, this helps. I’ll correct this vids description and take good note for future vids. I also want to encourage everyone who buys vids to send feedback (good or bad), since that’s a quick way to learn.

    Thank you!

  91. Pablo

    As is the case with tons of Rated Raw content, the description is sort of misleading. She doesn’t really go on much about digestion or what it means to be food but merely calls you food. The intro is very long and the name Bryce is used, which is sort of anticlimactic and I think should’t have been left out. There’s no mention of either becoming energy, fat or waste at all. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad video but it’s not well described and will disappoint you if you bought it cause of that.

  92. Jason

    This is still my favourite fish vore clip that has you in it. Have you ever tried bigger fish at any point? I hear gourami don’t make you ill, and you can feel them inside you. Not sure how you’d feel about that though.

  93. Giantess Ka...

    Thanks for the compliment! I’m not willing to swallow a pill camera, so I’ll stick to fx for any inside stomach scenes that I want to do.

  94. Marty

    Your work is fantastic as always. Also out of curiosity, given the few endoscopic vore vids, have you ever considered a full trip vid into your stomach? That one I’d imagine would be a best seller.

  95. Gold-Phish

    Wow! This was awesome! Love how there are so many different sized bugs! Some are so small that you don’t even notice them! Not to mention you are looking sexier (and more intimidatingly large!) than ever!

  96. Giantess Ka...

  97. Giantess Ka...

    All videos on this website are in English unless specified in the description.

  98. Greg Viera

    The great one is at her best again ?????????

  99. Lurch

    Beautiful giantess!

  100. agus

    este video Hang on for Dear Life de amarna miller esta en espanol?

  101. Vai Brayder

    Link to “Serving a High School Hottie” please? I’m not having any luck finding that one on your website.

  102. Rafael

    Congratulations! I’m really..really happy with this movie. Thanks for work hard. Thanks a lot.

  103. Chris

    This was amazing! camera angles and attitude. loved the dialogue and loved that you referred to them as tiny instead of bugs. Would love to see this same video done in VR!

  104. Chris

    This is what I use to remember Katlyn for. I know the GTS community is awesome and probable more lucrative and less taboo so to speak..

    But please I would love LOVE! to see more crush and vore bug videos! and with the crush community going into a dry spell this may be good! as there are a lot of us looking for more new things. and with your camera work and quality! i must admit its a rare gift to see!

    Thank you very much! for not forgetting about us

  105. Robin Kader...

    I would like a 1000 videos like this one. ❤️❤️❤️

  106. Frank

    Hi Kaitelyn. Can you please get a really big toy car and sit on the hood of the car wearing only a thong and bra. Crush the big toy car under your butt

  107. William Shulte

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,

    Hello. Yes, this is one of your very best videos ever! Indeed, I’ve become very fond of your VR 360 vids, & this one totally makes it seem like I’ve been shrunk down small, & you’re carrying me around in your hand! Love all of your close-ups, hand-held scenes, low angles of your body & gorgeous face, & the big voice sound FX :-) Fantastic work, & I’m very much looking forward to your next custom VR 360 vid ;-)

    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  108. kahiled

    I am happy with this site and I keep it a lot

  109. Chris

    Katelyn does an amazing job! really makes me feel tiny and lots of amazing views of her feet as the tower above!
    And there is just something so sexy about the way she says tiny… gets me all the time.

  110. Aborigen

    The classic! All I came here for was the final lapdance scene, and good lord, it kills me every time. The buildup was fine, the hapless tiny guy was comical as he failed to communicate with the sexy dancer at any point, but it’s the end I keep coming back to. It’s all about the closeup on Daphne’s incredible ass, watching it sway and churn, then finally hover threateningly over the luckless guy is just the best.

  111. Aborigen

    This is a fun one! A loyal boyfriend gets rewarded with his dearest wish—anal sex—but not the way he anticipated. Now he quivers in his girlfriend’s grip as she mashes her soft, full lips into him, taunts him with her feet, anything she wants to do for as long as she wants it. It’s intoxicating to stare up into Katelyn’s face from prolonged POV shots, and let me note she’s the best at improvised monologue, which is crucial in these longer scenes! This is a fantastic adventure all over the giantess’s body, going from exploration to getting down to business as her huge ass overtakes the camera… Absolutely incredible.

  112. Aborigen

    This is an astonishing fantasy. I really wish I knew how it was dreamed up, because it is such a bold, abstract project with so many different things going on. This looks like a fever-dream sequence in a larger movie, where the main character descends into madness, losing himself in his fixation on a woman’s mouth. The imagery is lush and sybaritic, with full, seductive lips pleading through their actions for the viewer. And you go in, and this lovely mouth goes into ecstasy with moans and whimpers all around you, and it just gets more and more delirious. This is an exceptional creation, far beyond the pale.

  113. Aborigen

    One of my favorites. The way Daphne wields her big round butt on the tiny man is absolutely compelling. All the size interaction, sucking him off, showing him around, crushing him with her breasts, that is all fantastic. But what I’m here for is the thrill of watching her huge, throbbing ass engulf the little man relentlessly. Iconic.

  114. Chris Lussier

    This is still one of my favorite clips. It has practically everything I could ever want

  115. yixin

    more hiccups pls

  116. John

    Like the video

  117. Joseph

    The teasing in this video is delightful. It’s very playful and evil.

  118. Gifton camp...

    Baby tits so big a nd nice

  119. wiz

    Can you post more hiccups video !

  120. Zenardo

    I love the way your nails look in this video. They so much better without the tips/gel and the nail polish.

  121. Antonio

    I woule love to change place with this lucky guy, drink her spit and serve for all her whims.

  122. JDO

    One of the all time hottest giantess videos I’ve ever watched, and that’s a fucking lot of them. Faye is wonderful, I cannot recommend this one enough. 10 stars.

  123. JL

    This is how the cycle of life should go.
    Well done Goddess!!!

  124. JL

    Replay, replay, replay! I’d volunteer to be the victim in a heartbeat! More SFX like this! :)

  125. JL

    One of the best scenarios ever done!! The idea alone is sexy!

    That GULP though…. :)

  126. JL

    That outfit is cum worthy alone. The way you quietly walk into the room and shut the door, I was thinking, “They’re f**ked! :)” Telling myself they don’t stand a chance now, no escaping fate. Their risk of having sex in your bathroom is your reward. The crushing scene of the girl is amazing! More SFX like this please!!!

  127. robert

    Would be really nice to see you do move video’s with ants in them crushing them barefoot and eating them and the like i know more than a few fans who really want to see more video’s like this!

  128. Giantess Ka...

  129. Bill

    The part where she talks about keeping him as a toy is amazing! please do more!

  130. Bill

    This is the best series ever! I love following the couples dynamic and can’t wait to see more. I so hope the next part is just them enjoying Thai food together, hopefully with him in the food.

  131. Lee

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    Both Astro and Katelyn fill their dominant roles with ease and make you feel like nothing but a toy, a tool for their desire, and make you proud of being such. And it’s great seeing videos like this, combining the size fetish with the usual D/s mechanics smoothly. The kind of video that makes you wish you were their sub, no matter the size.

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    For non-vore fans, there’s a bit of everything in this video. Katelyn stomps, sits, spits, and even shoves you between her breasts and down her shorts (even with seams, these scenes are incredible for any POV lover). Amazing video!

    PS – I personally recommend the Kolor Eyes viewer (Google it, it’s free) for micro fans. While there is a little more pixelation, I believe this program does an incredible job at making the viewer feel small.

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    This might be an old clip, but I can tell you one thing that will help you understand how I feel about this video: a few months ago I got a hand-fetish-focused webcam session with Katelyn and I can tell you that this video is one of the closest things you’ll get to that. Sure, there are more clips here as beautiful or even more, but this one that I haven’t seen yet? The closest to that one session… I mean, I’m admiring such beautiful hands and I feel like I have to pay all my attention to them, there’s no time to think with your gonads, it’s to admire their beauty like you do with art with your mind – or soul, as you wish. Maybe if you aren’t a hand fetishist you won’t understand much, but really, hands this perfect are to bow to them and worship and admire.

    That’s how I felt watching this and having memories back from that webcam session. Trust me, this is worth your time if you are into hands, and I hope you all get to see much more of this in the present day and in the future. As a hand fetishist, I love it.

  226. Chuck

    When you read the intro to this video you can’t help but think “well, that’s kinda cheesy”, but isn’t that part of the charm of this fetish? Being cheesy yet fun at time, sure, even when it has some terrifying parts – in terms of scaring you – like this. What makes it better is Jade’s acting. Thanks to her you feel both scared and comfortable, just the way you should.

    I prefer the POV parts here – including the 2-minute mouth shot – rather than the ones with the prop. I know this helps in having several angles and carving different tastes… but I’m more on POV and those parts are pretty good because you feel yourself part of the action, in first person, so tiny and helpless – though the parts with the prop are good too.

    So all in all it was a fine short movie, kudos to Jade’s acting and liking a lot the POV scenes. Also, digging those gloves!

  227. Chuck

    A little nice clip… well, depends on what you consider ‘nice’.

    I liked this little clip mainly because of the shift of tone, from gentle to dark, but never leaving the playful acting. Makes it even creepier when you realize that you’re broken but your owner is still speaking to you with her cheerful voice even when disposing of you.

    Sometimes the water makes it a bit difficult to distinguish the monologue, but it also helps in getting into character – you’re being bathed after all! -, besides the POV is simple yet beautiful. Helps the poking and handheld feel natural.

    Short and enjoyable, a little nice change from other clips.

  228. WHB

    Nova’s private work on clips4sale was some of the best giantess vore content I had ever encountered, and I was excited to see her on Katelyn’s website after she stopped making her own content. I was initially disappointed to see that the vore work she was doing on this site lacked references to digestion or shots of her bare abdomen pre and/or post vore.

    But, this video hearkens back to her original work. With excellent dialogue, a playful, yet interested persona, references to digestion, discussion of how the fish feel in her stomach, and a nice shot of her rubbing her tummy, this piece is her best work for Katelyn, and I hope to see more of it. I, personally, was also very fond of the occasional scat references in her original work, and I hope to see those in her future works here.

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    I have only seen 2 of the VR giantess clips so far but already i can see this is the way ALL giantess clips will be in the near future.
    Extra thought as to props you could have in the clips too would be great (to add to phone/bag)

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    Amazing jump start into the new era of tech, love <3

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    @BigMobe – Yes, folks get hurt in this.

    It’s pretty safe to assume that there’s violence in all of my stories. If I ever do something totally gentle, I’ll probably make a big deal about it :-D

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    Play it out give the fantasy a sense of reality by the action that you make. Have a conversation with the one being digested they last for a few minutes live it! Laugh a the lie it would hurt as he cries inside to you in displeasure and than pain. Tease him by drinking some water to make him last long so you can get to another orgasm at his expense.

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    Works fine as a hand, glove and size fetish video. Nice bare and gloved hands, and the feeling of a tiny inside one of the glove’s fingers is a nice twist. It is kind of odd, when you think of it: in many videos, you can see tinies inside pantyhose, or panties or bras… either being crushed or not inside them… but being put – and crushed – inside a glove? That makes this short video stand.

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    Although the most interesting part, when the hands get even closer to the viewer, takes some time, I think the -short- wait is worth it.

    Also, little mishap there, but it was solved in the very moment with some improv. Kudos.

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    A nice way to know a bit about some behind scenes stuff – ie. how to make the viewer feel small with easy POV tricks – and also both cute and hot narration on how to exploit the viewer’s fetishes, with some nice demonstrations of hands, tongue and feet.

    There is a special focus on hands and feet, clearly, and if you don’t already have any of these fetishes, this video helps getting into either, or both! The tongue parts are good, too, of course, though they don’t get as much focus, and it might be a bit messy when you think of licking your own hand, haha! But everything is cool when exploiting fetishes.

    And really, the casual talk helps getting in the video. That is what makes it even better, how natural everything feels, how close this feels. Helps a lot not only with the fantasy itself, as the narration and visuals are good for stimulating the viewer’s imagination, but also with the whole acting. Nothing feels out of place and that’s important, because you want to get involved in some way, even if you are just a viewer, and this video achieves that.

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    And to think that I stumbled across this video’s page with just a Google search?

    This video is one of the single best purchases I’ve ever made. And to show my appreciation, I’ll even type up a poem about it!

    When her full, ripe hips
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    The hotter my thermometer climbs.

    Will she stay seated
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    To be continued??

    If any of you guys are reading this (I doubt it), let me know what you think!

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    I really appreciated that Emma had our giant destroyer kick her shoes off early and get to stomping. After that, the ride just keeps going, with a ton of great crush and destruction in the writing and the renders (which have a lot of pov angles that I appreciate). Toward the end especially are some images I like entirely on their own, and, when the story gets a little out of this world, I absolutely love every word.

    It’s good porn. 10/10 will fap again. Some truly great moments that nail it for my kinks. I’m a fan of these two on their own, and together they’ve already put out a ton of awesome stuff.

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    Overall I’m quite happy with my purchase.

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    She cums on that bus and she enjoys every moment with the tiny vehicle inside her.

    I only wish (this would be the only way this clip was better than the 12/10 points -yes, 12 of 10 points- I’d give it now…)

    – Kate was inside a tiny model town (so she was a giantess and the bus normal sized)
    – she would sit on a few cars after
    – she had stepped on some (cars, people, houses) already to get to that bus (meaning some cars could be seen under her fantastic butt while she masturbates)
    – the lubricant had been added between takes
    – one of her giant girlfriends helped her and we’d get a bit of giantess lez-out (I admit, the doll was a distraction in my eyes)
    – they’d keep commenting how small the bus is to them, but they know it’s like twenty tons of steel and yet so fragile and delicate.
    – after the orgasm drop the bus and while kissing your girlfriend passionately, trample the bus flat.
    – some screaming like in Rachel’s shrunken bus would be nice, too!

    But guys, keep in mind that this clip is super-awesome as it is. Plus some real nice POV shots of Kate’s luxurious body are always a very hot treat. In the shower!!!

    Again, 12 of 10 points. 20/10 with the changes I’ve stated.

    Thanks, my goddess, for this fantastic clip!

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    With fewer than 15 seconds of total FX time in a 15 minute movie, there just isn’t enough here to distinguish this at all. I suspect that it will do relatively well because it’s made by Mile High (that’s why I bought it as his past films are some of the best available), but if the trend of less than distinctive movies that luster will fade.

    I’m a fan of well developed stories, quality production, and superb special effects. The last is the most critical and defining quality, and has been sorely missing from Mile High’s last two films.

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    Tristan: You clearly know what you are doing when it comes to SFX, as has already been shown with the older Katelyn clips.

    What I think lets this clip down is the missed opportunities:

    1) In-stomach shot.

    2) Better places Stomach/Digestion sounds.

    1 – I think to end this clip it would have been better to have some of the tinies, those whom were not brutally crunched up to be trapped in cereal ‘mush’ floating inside her stomach waving (screaming?) for Arie to save them.

    2 – THEN cut back to a belly shot with digestion sounds. I don’t think the clip worked with the random gurgles as we look at her lips.

  446. Giantess Ka...

    I’d like everyone to be happy with their purchase, so here’s a link to more reviews.

  447. Tristan

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    @Izz: Haha, yep! I think because I have to listen to the music track 100x over during the editing process (at times over the course of twelve plus hours in a row) the music ends up getting filtered out and perceptually seems way lower than it actually is. Same thing with visual effects – I have to flip the movie horizontally every now and then in order reset my visual perception of an FX shot’s realism. Maybe I’ll start reversing the audio and check levels that way before exporting! :)

  448. Izz

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    Your tiny rebel,

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    • High production value. Great Sound.
    • Nice casual dialogue.
    • POV angles are nice and low. (Many lesser producers shoot from knee up)
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    • Great close-ups of her feet.

    • Would have been nice to see her crush with shoes on first, showing micros stuck in tread of sole.
    • Stomp down heel toe style. Seems more natural and makes the foot appear larger and more intimidating.
    • Give us even more camera angle variations including Super Close-Up’s.

    Overall BIG thumbs up!

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    Rachel is very good at playing the role of ‘girl who’s afraid of bugs,’ and she has one of the most perfect figures I’ve ever seen. Buy this – if you like POVs, you definitely won’t regret shelling out a few bucks for a clip of this quality!

  468. ANON

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  475. Mtsjin08

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    This was pretty dope, Katelyn. I’m surprised no one’s commented on this yet. Sfx were on point and acting was great. Keep up the great work!Looking forward to more high quality fx in the future!

  477. Pete

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  479. JS

    Demonic Exam: Maya’s Shrunken Mortal is one of those rare internet comics in that it actually has a story that I find myself interested in. While in most fetish comics the story is either very stand alone to one issue or is used as a pedestal to get the fetish content on display, DE:MSM has the story and the fetish content work together in that when the fetish comes up, it makes sense that it happened in conjunction with the story and could span multiple issues based off the premise.

    So, what is the story? Maya Crisstin is a demon-girl who attends a demonic high school. It’s the day of a big exam where students are sent into the mortal world, assigned a mortal to overseer, and instigate the mortal to sin. If the student completes their exam, they get…a good grade? Graduation? Demon scholarship? The writer neglects to really explain what the reward is. Anyway, Maya steps forth to find out what sin she must invoke in her mortal. Of course, being a fetish comic, it’s lust. Thus, Maya is transported to her mortal, Zhiqiang, a college student (I’m guessing) working on his own assignment. Zhiqiang figures out from Maya’s brief explanation of her exam that she’s a demon come to seduce. When he forces himself onto her, Maya panics and cast her size altering power on Zhiqiang and, from that point until the ending, fetish material and humor commence.

    The artwork put into DE:MSM is fantastic, even if one or two panels I found looked like the artist forgot to add the finishing touches. However, the best work is reserved for the star of the comic, Maya’s feet. The detail that goes into her feet is body heat rising, pants tightening arousing. Gentlemen, be prepared to start drooling waterfalls of saliva when you come to page 13.

    With all the praise for DE:MSM out of the way, I have to now move to my one complaint of this comic, Zhiqiang. This male isn’t bad in terms of looks or personalty (although you should never joke about rape). However, Zhiqiang could end this story to quickly. His total acceptance of Maya’s mission and willingness to help her makes no great conflict other than Maya’s own apprehension of lust and sexual conduct. I would have like to see Zhiqiang also share those feelings of apprehension or resist the idea of lusting for Maya. As it stands now, he makes a note that her exam completely rest on his cooperation. So, Zhiqiang might start blackmailing Maya to do chores or other things for him, but that idea is undermined by, once again, the fact that he is accepting of her need for him to lust and, possibly, have sex with her.

    All in all, I greatly recommend DE:MSM to everyone, but of course mostly to my fellow foot fetishist. To the author of this wonderful comic, CG17, I only have two pieces of advice. First, keep this comic going. I know that sound like a no brainer the way it ended, but what I mean is don’t stop yourself short. See how long you can make this story last. Second, please keep the foot fetish content prevalent in this series. Most comics that advertise themselves as having foot fetish content either end way to soon or only have maybe two panels of foot content before moving on to another fetish. With the exception of Perowan: Hayashinasai Goshujinsama, I can’t think of a series that dedicates itself to foot fetishist. Anyway, if you don’t have this comic yet, get it. Now. Seriously, stop reading this review and buy the damn comic already!

  480. Frado

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    Katelyn truly has the best feet of any woman and I really mean it. I’ve seen some that come maybe almost say 90 percent as good but no others can beat hers! I think it’s the wideness and puffyness that does it for me! Sexy and feminine yet powerful for crushing shrunken people so easily if they get out of line!

    I’ve had so many accidents to this one already that I can’t even tell you!

  482. MarkM

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    I also like the part at the end when someone comes home and you panic to hurry up and pretend like nothing was going on except for studying!

    You have the body of a Goddess Katelyn!!! Cool video!

  483. Lil Lover

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    I love everything about this clip except the parts with the dildo. I think if most wanted to see that they would search for regular porn.

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    What Size are Your Boobs / Bra Size ## ?

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    To be honest, when I first seen the preview for this Giantess video, I found myself wondering why the people who ultimately become Isabelle’s victims or as she refers to them as her Playthings would be 2 girls instead of 2 guys. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. A guy would be scared or terrified being chased by a giant size hottie like the one Isabelle becomes after her transformation. Yet at the same time, he probably would be very turned on by her too which would make him a little less scared of her than a girl would be. Plus with a guy, watching her use his car to pleasure herself with would likely also be a bit of a turn on for him as would getting dropped into her giant size panties.

    If I was a guy in the situation of this video, I can honestly say that I would probably be pretty terrified being chased by Isabelle yet turned on by her at the same time considering how hot she looks in the outfit she wears in this video and how beautiful and sexy she becomes. I’d try to escape Isabelle in the car and when she finally caught the car. I’d probably try to beg for my life and tell her that I’ll surrender to her and do everything she asks me to do including being used as her sex toy if she chooses for the rest of my life. In exchange for her not killing me, some would say it’d be crazy to make a deal like that with a giantess. But there would be some advantages to being the servant of a giant size hottie like Isabelle and she’s one Giantess I’d be more than happy to serve willingly considering how beautiful and sexy she is. Sure some things she could do to be would be painful but there would also be things that would be pleasurable as well.

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    Just wanted to finish by saying Miss Katelyn been a big fan of your site and a big fan of your videos for a long time now. Enjoy your work so much. You do a great job. I had some great ideas for videos that I would have loved for you to do, in fact I sent them to you in an email a while back so don’t know if you received it or not but just some ideas I had that I think would make great videos but in any case no matter what i appreciate the work you do as well as the work Miss Isabelle Shy does. Keep up the good work. Enjoy the video everyone. All the best

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  518. Bobbob

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    This POV video is really fantastic – and with the large depth of field and a nice blue sky, it actually almost looks like she might be a few hundred feet tall! Or if mega’s not your thing, it’s not hard to imagine being a bug in the grass looking up at a bikini clad goddess – ready to do away with a pest.

  520. Sixinchestall

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  521. Sixinchestall

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    Looking forward to more videos.

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    Ok, ok… Technically Spicy Speck is right… the ant is female… but since I fantasize myself in place of the ant, it’s a he. haha

    In short, if you like vore and aren’t offended by bug death – you’ll probably adore every moment of this clip.

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    Given how we are now 7 issues behind its a fact, something has to be done.
    Either releasing multiple issues in a small period of time and having them undergo a decent discount for a period of time or another scenario would be an issue released every 3-4 weeks at least until we get to at least the issue thats next to the latest one.

    Whatever is decided its clear that we are way WAY too behind!!

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  575. Isabelle

    I am in the process of editing a custom clip that will have lots of vore and suction, with more in the queue- glad you like that aspect of the clip! Cool growth clips in the queue as well- so much fun stuff going on right now! :) Thanks for your feedback!

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    Clearly Irafyou are very fast with their releases and I`m sure everyone want to at least catch up.

    Could you release 2 issues a month at different dates or at least have the MM series released at schedule.

    Speaking of which you said the next MM release would be in your september schedule?
    I know you had other stuff to do but still seeing these new issues released by Irafyou while we have to stand and watch them pass by is well frustrating.

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    The details of explaining athena’s tactics and planning shows just how much more dangerous she is.

    Also the artwork is very well done.

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  585. coolk17


    I understand that you have to have a good story in order to make the comic last longer, but with this chapter you really watered down the giantess content. I think the best thing you could do (if it’s not to much trouble) is make each chapter 50 pages or longer. An make sure that at least 25+ of the pages has GTS content. This way you could have more room for the story with out having to water anything down. An do this without a price increase. That would be a grate solution, if your comfortable with it.

    Also I have to point this out. In page 6 the man is looking up at Athena, an her toe is big. But you would thing that he should look MUCH smaller, right? At least that’s what I thought. Then on page 25 BEFORE SHE GROWS, you could see her massive foot next to a city. It looks like if we was in that city, her toes would look like mountains (witch is very good. The bigger, the better.) But back on page 6, it looks like her toe would only be like a 4 story building. So I didn’t fully understand why her toes looked bigger in one pic, an smaller in another. I understand that not everything is going to be exact, but that seemed like a huge difference/ mistake to me.

    Anyway Vivian, keep up the good work. I understand that you wanna test new things, an that’s great. Understand that when doing/ trying new things like this sometimes your going to have a hit, an other times your going to have a miss. An with this chapter you missed lol xD. But that’s okay because that can only mean that the next chapter can only be better (hopefully.)

    Now I’m just gonna say something I hope to see in the next comic. MUCH BIGGER GIANTESS, EXTREMELY BIG GIANTESS, FEET, MICRO, FEET, POWER TRIP, FEET, POV, DEATH, POV, KILLING, POV an MORE FEET. That’s what I’m hoping to see in the next chapter. I hope this comic NEVER ENDS :)

    Have A Great Day! ^_^

  586. Jonathon

    I rather enjoyed this comic and that includes the plot. I was hoping that things would work out for Caim ever sense the third chapter and I’m glad to see that he made it through the experience. I really enjoyed the site of him wondering through Athena’s mega sized vagina and the insertion moment. It’s a shame that so much of the 4th Legion was lost but considering what happened while Athena was being controlled it’s surprising that all of them weren’t lost. There was also enough plot that it left me wondering about certain things. What did Athena say to Caim whenever he first woke her up while inside of her vagina? Did Athena think anything of keeping Caim within her body while she was taking control of it and having her fun with the city? Personally I hope that Caim was within her wet pussy while she was toying with the city and its citizens added another element of pleasure for Athena and now that she was back in control he was able to enjoy himself as well. For me it was well worth the cost in part because they are aspects of the story my mind can wonder on. Plus the artwork was great.

  587. Kuja

    I agree with Sins, Micro Magazine 4 (( In my own Oppinion )) was far superior to the others as well, more focus on translating these would help alot. I already bought the japanese version of 4 on the DLsite but due to its quality I would happily pay another 30 somthing dollars to be able to read its dialogue.

  588. Vivian

    This story contains 28 pages. In addition to that, there are 12 pages of sketches.There are 19 pages that are GTS related content.

    This time, I would have to apologize for myself.I wanted to give more to the readers in reading, it’s not just pure sex appeal.About the “no more GTS”:My friend said, he thought that the story is very compacted. because of him more will remember the stories.

    And because the story started to get compelling,the main giantess content started to become a little irrelevant. and I have to put more effort in the story rather then just focusing on the giantess content.

    I try as much as possible to find a balance betweent the plot of the comic and pornographical content.And it seems to me that I’m not doing well right now.

    If there’s no plot, Then I think it would be very difficult for me to draw so many chapters. And with just Simple pornographical content or just a giant person grows into giantic size and cause mindless mayhem , I think my inspiration will be exhausted so easily and soon.

    I didn’t want to offend anyone. I always appreciate the suggestions of my readers is , but I also don’t want to be a pushover author. Therefore, please understand me.Thanks.

    I just want to make a good story. at least you would have some of the aftertaste after finishing it .

    Thank you everyone.

  589. paul

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  590. coolk17

    @Kamaria I came here to talk about that too, but you basically summed it up.

    I was waiting all sunday to buy this, then when it finally came out I got it. But then I saw that I paid for 98% plot an 2% giantess content. It’s almost like someone knew we was getting ripped off, that’s why we got the 12 bonus pages for free… I’m not trying to come off as rude, just saying. It should of came with Commensalism Ch. 2 for free or even Commensalism 1 for free. Something to make it feel a bit more worth the money. Art wise it was grate, plot wise it was okay, giantess wise it was lacking. The final verdict is 6.5 out of 10.

  591. Pan-Dulce

    Gah, I can never tell when I’m writing on your blog or on the actual review page =/

    This chapter is certainly really excellent in terms of plot twists and awesome use of mythology. The art quality is amazing as usual coming from Vivian. The story is going in a pretty interesting way too with twists and surprises. I really dig the fusion of story with the fetish aspect with neither being overwhelming or detracting as well.

    Personally though it was a big let down since it seemed more like a cop out that just caters to the generic gts fantasies. Judging by the bonus content, it’s clear Vivian wanted to go in a very different direction but it seems like she had to change it in order to please the general giantess community. I’m really hoping that she changes the pace to be less like the generic “giantess always has her way, destroys everything, etc.”

  592. Kamaria

    Too much plot, not enough content in my view. It’s a little disconcerting when most of the pages and art are devoted to explaining the plot. Even after Athena takes back her body, there’s only really 2 pages near the end with content that eventually ends up being all ‘And then she kills everyone, to be continued’.

    The art is good but the macro content is severely lacking compared to previous offerings.

  593. Dionisios

    I really loved it! The work is great here! Cant wait for no5!!!

  594. Giantess Ka...

    @Checker: Thank you for the feedback! Despite working on the comic for the last five days, I somehow goofed and thought the comic was 30 pages long and contained 10 pages of bonus content, when it really contains 27 pages and 12 pages of bonus content. Therefore the correct price should have been $11.99.

    I’ve now lowered the price of this comic by a dollar to $11.99 and I will work on getting that extra dollar back to all those who have already bought the comic tonight.
    I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress.

    I sincerely apologize for the mistake. Fair or better than fair is what I aim for on my site.

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    The belly inflation parts were nice and touch and deflation it was however shame they was no sound effects for final digestion it would made it much better, i would been nice if also grew from eating the trash but understand this was somebody elses custom.

    Any chance see do anymore type of vids, trash eating been done some by miss brooks but you did hundred times better.

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    As for insatiable it was great video, the whole found footage thing was different, but i like it, and growth sequecees and vore parts were well done along with sound effects, i must say one most entertaining things found in your vids, is clever way you use sound effects in them.

    My only complaint was, some scales of characters and the bags garbage radically change sized especially when they were consumed in some places and made seem bit awkard other than that it was excellent video i figure its just first try at these themes so future attempts be better.

    I will ask mention a sequel i take you eat more, and will have more suction type vore in it? Also hope get bigger to.

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    Disclaimer: I may be a bit biased since I am the lucky fan who, after sending Katelyn brooks the Ped Egg for this shoot, received a container filled with Katelyn Brooks’ Ped Egg Dust via snail mail!

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    Or at the very least release 2 issues at the same time in the near future so that we can make a leap closer to the latest release.

    That is of course if everyone else here is ok with that.

    If we get 1 issue at a time then we`ll feel frustrated that we`re behind by so much.

    Hope this message reaches you.

    Once again thank you so very much for you and Irafyou for making this possible.

    I am in high anticipation for the future MMs and Irafyou’s games.

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    The artwork was extremely nice but that’s painfully obvious from the panels that are being shared. One thing that I can’t help but find a little funny though is actually from the chapter description in which the guy’s size is said to be penis size. That’s an awfully small penis given that he doesn’t even cover the maid’s palm.

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  640. Giantess Ka...

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    This may be one person’s opinion, but I suggest you keep them flipped and read Japanese right to left format to keep the style and art in it’s original format.

    Other than that, I enjoyed reading it. Just that one problem.

  643. Giantess Ka...

    @Izzy: You bring up some great points. The Giantess Fetish is and will always be the main focus of this website, as it’s where my heart is. However, Isabelle and I both love exploring all tastes of fetishes, so once in a while you may see a video pop up with a different flavor of fetish. For example- my site has always also catered to Balloons, Transformation, WAM, Food Crush, and other fetishes but you only see those pop up once in a while. (I haven’t even shot a new balloon fetish video myself in over a year, even though it’s so enjoyable!) As for the price, all of the clips available in my store are considered to be pornographic / fetish related and they are priced about the same per minute regardless of fetish. You could also say someone with the WAM fetish (who’d enjoy this video) might ask why someone would pay to watch a video of a girl playing with a small plastic figurine of a man. To each his own. Last but not least, as noted in my “June – One Crazy Month” blog, “Since I went model crazy the first half of the year, I’ll be primarily focusing on filming hot new content with myself for the rest of the year with the occasional model here and there.”. Hopefully that sheds some light on everything you pointed out. It’s of utmost importance to me to keep everything running smoothly and to keep everyone happy. I’m always more than happy to address any questions / concerns so thanks posting here for me to see! :)

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    Lets see more Katelyn and less everyone else (except Daphne Rosen because she is a total babe and good at every video she’s in)

    Your honest friend,

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    She’s cute, but so little happens in what was a very neat premise.

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    PS: Really wondering why this new gal got this one -.-…I still would prefer Kat to do this city crush. Kinda pointless to have a…’new’ person with this role, wont sell as much.

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    youve raised the bar again.. i cant thank you enough.. keep up the ever increasingly amazing work..

    you have my heart for life, Goddess

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    This is a very cool video! My favorite scenes are when you loom your gorgeous face over the tiny man on the table :-) And your improved FX for the shrunken man scenes are really great! Also, I’m excited about your next big FX film – the Honey I Shrunk The Kids parody, the growth Giantess, etc.!
    Although I’m not really a bare foot fetish fan, & I’m not too crazy about the brother / sister theme (I have 2 older sisters), I understand how that might appeal to your other fans.
    That being said, I’m very much looking forward to your next FX shrunken man / Giantess film, & I do hope it’ll have some great hand-held scenes with a tiny man standing in your pretty palm, like from those awesome scenes from “Billy’s Fantasy Goddess”. And it’ll be awesome to see more close-ups of your lovely face, low angles, shots of the guy shrinking in front of you, etc. :-D
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

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  682. Giantess Ka...

    Yes she is! She producers her own videos now and will be selling them through my store. Here is her welcoming blog!

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    Let me begin by saying Katelyn’s body looks better than ever! She’s been working out since I think late last year and it’s really showing! Katelyn did two or three muscle flexes in this video that turned me on like nothing else. Yes Katelyn has muscles!

    In this video Katelyn is very kind and gentle so rather than making her victim suffer the painful trip down her esophagus to her stomach she renders him unconscious first by sucking on his legs which pulls the blood from his head down into his legs. Once he passes out she simply swallows him down where after a minute or so he wakes up inside of her sexy flat belly! Katelyn makes sure to swallow a lot of air first to make her victim last as long as possible. He wants to Love her from the inside while listening to her get herself off to feeling him inside of her knowing her body will soon take his for her much needed proteins. (Katelyn just finished her work out and is all out of her protein shake formula)

    As if that wasn’t enough already the best is yet to come when Katelyn proceeds to use her new dildo on herself revealing her awesome Pussy. For feet lovers in this video Katelyn keeps her feet in full close up view for almost the whole time while getting herself off! In fact at one point she’s actually holding the dildo inside of herself with only her feet!

    As I said this video really has something for everyone!
    Katelyn’s beautiful body as she teases her victim with it from toe to head.
    Katelyn’s sexy muscle tone!
    Very nice close ups of Katelyn’s sexy dark eyes with nice sucking mouth sounds and she renders her victim unconscious!
    Katelyn’s sexy Pussy!
    Best of all her feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh and Katelyn’s orgasm is real as usually! So sexy and hot!

    I’ve probably left something out. I don’t think anyone would have any regrets purchasing this video! Totally awesome video Katelyn!

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    What’s your fantasy?
    I see us on a beach down in Mexico
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    We ain’t gotta rush
    Just take it slow

    You’ll be in the high life
    Soaking up the sunlight
    Anything you want is yours
    I had you living life like you should
    You say you never had it so good
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    feet, boobs and little people awesome.

  694. Shrunken One

    Definitely worth the buy.
    While i’m normally not one into body exploration, DoD made it a very appealing prospect, and I always feel the need to give props to someone who can turn me onto to macro/macro aspects I normally am neutral about!
    Great dialogue; funny lines that don’t detract from the story being played out before our eyes. Sometimes too much comedy can ruin a comic like this, taking away from the sexiness and turning it all into one big joke. DoD avoids this by knowing when to apply humor without over doing it, or making his work into a parody. He has found a very nice balance between funny and sexy that often times is hard to accomplish.
    Anyone who knows his work should also know vore is something he doesn’t normally touch upon.
    Anyone who knows me and my interests knows that’s a very big, and very much the main, interest of mine.
    Forsomeone who doesn’t really do vore, or enjoy it as far as i know, he has succeeded in making a very good, arousing vore scene that I rank up there with the best of him.
    I consider it an impressive feat to be able to make such a good vore scene, even more so when the artist isn’t into that subject matter. Very well done, DoD.
    In short, I highly reccomend this purchase, and at such a low price, it’s totally worth it. i think you’ll quickly fall in love with his art style, and story writing skills, and, like me, will be anxious to see further size changing adventures with his characters.

  695. LiquidZ2k

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    Just got to get our hands on a growth ray now so we can have some fun >=)

  696. Derpy viewer

    Well lit scene, excellent image quality.

    Daphne is *THE* woman for this scene and she *knows it*. She looks stunning, her confidence shines, and she knows what to say and how to say it.

    My only gripe is that the later POV shot doesn’t quite hit the mark, and feels more like a regular, close-up titty-shot than the view of a guy about to be smeared into mush under a warehouse-sized tit.

  697. Derpy viewer

    The good:
    Daphne looks absolutely fantastic and delivers her dialogue well.
    The lighting and image quality is excellent.
    Some of the camera angles really demonstrate the size difference well. The opening shot, and the shot where Daphne removes her dress are particularly striking.

    The bad:
    Daphne doesn’t dance as well as she looks and talks.
    The POV shots (few and brief though they were) did not seem give the same scale or have the impact of the two shots listed above.

  698. MarkM

    I’m surprised there are no reviews on this one yet because this video is super hot! I donno how Katelyn keeps coming up with such great scenarios and she portrays them so well they truly look real too! She’s so good at it that it enables me to place myself right into the situation. It was hot to hear the mention of a Giant friend Katelyn has that was nice enough to turn Jo over to Katelyn for Katelyn’s consumption rather than his own! To be eaten by a male giant would be about the worse nightmare I could imagine. Katelyn’s beautiful body on the other hand makes most of her victims willing ones. At least until the eating part begins at which time it would be to late to change ones mind. (this wouldn’t matter to Katelyn anyway) I like how Katelyn made her cheese sandwich and carefully placed Jo’s shrunken body in between her slice’s of cheese as if simply adding a slice of meat inside. Jo was helplessly pinned and held in place inside the sandwich by Katelyn’s beautiful hands as she held and prepared to eat her sandwich. As Katelyn ate his body parts one by one you could see her chew them up swallowing them down inside her beautifully body. I could really relate to Jo’s predicament as this happened because he had to know he was so screwed. Once his body parts were chewed up and swallowed there was no way to get them back. It was simply a matter of time just waiting for the end. Jo had to be in complete awe too that someone so incredibly sexy and beautiful was the one doing the eating of him. The camera had super great shots of Katelyn’s sexy mouth as she chew up and swallowed down each of his body parts. Also showing her beautiful face and eyes a lot as she looked at the sandwich deciding which body part of his to eat next. Katelyn’s eyes, face (and body at the beginning) look extra super hot in this video. Absolutely I would have been a willing victim too just like Jo was. Super great scenario and video Katelyn! I Love this one!

  699. MarkM

    Another great Video!

    I Love how in this video Katelyn pretends to be a genuine caring friend but we find out later that was clearly not the case. Katelyn had planned from the very beginning to seduce him with her bare feet which cause’s anyone it happens to to shrink. As usually Katelyn’s feet never looked better and although she doesn’t say so in the movie I’m imagining that NO ONE she’s attempted to seduce with them has EVER been able to resist them and thus live to tell about it. I Love how Katelyn toyed with him by giving him a chance to get away but every which way he tried to run her beautiful sexy foot came slamming down in front of him blocking his path. This really made it obvious just how helpless he was on the floor beneath her huge size. She tricks him again into thinking she’s going to be nice to him and lets him climb up her sexy body! Half way up she gives him a quick view of what a REAL GODDESS’S sex looks like even allowing him to kiss her there. This would be like heaven to any shrunken person! But yet she tricks him one last time again with her feet by actually getting him to follow them on the floor. By then I’m sure he was getting pretty scared but he still couldn’t resist Katelyn’s sexy feet! Towards the end she confesses to him how she only shrank him so she could dominate him and how lots and lots of other peoples have already been crushed under her feet and that she plans to do the same to him. Which she does with no remorse except for wishing she could make them last longer for her enjoyment. This was great I’ll be your friend Katelyn! See if I can be the first one to resist your feet! No way huh! No chance!
    Great Video!

  700. MarkM

    Hide and Crush is simply an awesome video!

    Katelyn offers three of her little pets a chance to play a game of “Hide and Crush” and they are all eager to play because of their Love for Katelyn they cannot resist the offer. Little do they know though that this game has DEADLY serious consequences for any of them that Katelyn finds as she plans to crush them under her pairs of Sandals. Katelyn hopes to find and crush all three. What I like is that it’s clear Katelyn actually cares for her shrunken pets and even treats them Lovingly yet doesn’t hesitate or give even a second thought for crushing them. Only her pleasure comes first. I need to point out that Katelyn’s feet look fantastic in this movie too. I especially like when she gives one of the three shrunken pets a reward by crushing him gently on her glass table beneath her bare feet. The angle’s here made her feet look larger than life and gives the impression of actually being beneath of them. She then puts her sandals on to finish him off and once crushed the sucks and licks his crushed remains from the table so she can use his body to nourish her own. This was EXTREMELY SEXY! At the end you see Katelyn’s beautiful body of perfection leaning back on her table with her sexy feet off to the left fully satisfied with the games outcome. Three People had to pay with their lives to satisfy her but they all died for their intended purpose by serving the Goddess they Loved.

    Katelyn is truly a Master at what she does! I Love this Video.

  701. Wes

    Very hot I would love to see this with FX.

  702. Dogbert

    This is the first vore video I have seen from Miss Lizz, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it, she is a stunning MILF.

  703. MarkM

    Bobbob did a very good review of this video already so I don’t have much to add except that it’s really a good one for anyone who Loves Katelyn’s sexy feet! I totally Loved this video! It’s cool how Katelyn was actually taking care of them by feeding them and stuff but as soon as the possibility of a sexual encounter with another woman came up suddenly she had to get rid of them. They became meaningless pests. Katelyn crushes a few under her shoes but then decides it’ll be more fun crushing them with her bare feet. I almost had an accident just by watching Katelyn sit down and take her shoes off because I knew what excitement was about to come. I think there must have been close to a hundred little people she needed to exterminate. Because of this it took Katelyn a while to get the job done so there are lots of different views of her feet crushing them all different ways and all kinds and different angles and parts of her feet. Some get crushed under the ball of her foot, some her heals, two get crushed in between her big and second toe! (I especially like when she does that!) The camera kept panning up to Katelyn’s beautiful face every now and then showing her looking down taking care of the task at hand making sure she gets them all. Oh she also mentions she can feel their little bones crunching under her! For anyone who Loves Katelyn’s feet as I do you won’t be disappointed with this video!

  704. Bobbob

    Katelyn once thought the little things invading her home were just insects, but as time went on she realized they were intelligent – and actually looked like tiny people. She eventually developed a friendship, or at least a loose understanding, with the tiny creatures that lived in her home. Unfortunately for them, this all changed in the blink of an eye – when she heard her new friend, and hopefully more, would be coming over for a visit.

    In this clip, Katelyn is wearing a sexy red floral dress, which some of you may remember from her POTD set ‘Backyard POV’. She steps on, sits on, and even eats her house’s tiny helpless inhabitants. Also included in this clip is a wonderful barefoot POV scene.

    Katelyn wonderfully acts out her part – and again succeeds at making fantasy reality.

  705. Eta

    It felt like everything in this movie was picked out with special care. The visuals are top notch, indeed everything gets enough screen time so you can see all of the important bits. The contrast between the score used when the camera is close to and far away from Katelyn adds an additional touch. The sound effects themselves were perfectly placed, the big surprise draw to this for me was the stomach gurgles and offhand mention of digestion. There’s no filler here; this short clip is worth every huge (at our scale) penny.

  706. Bob

    Wow, simply increadible. The story alone blew my mind, I just had to see it! There are many giantess vids out there, but it is clear that your work truely stands alone in terms of outstanding quality and authenticity. The dialogue and camera angles are absolutely flawless, and it is extreamely evident that you are a person who genuinely shares, and embraces this wonderful little kink with all of us who love and enjoy it. All that you have done for this community is inspirational proof that when you pour your heart into what you do, and confide in who you are, the result is perfection. You do an extraordinary job at portraying “our wildest fantasies,” keep up the good work!

  707. troyCARSAN

    I’ve come to really love this series. And the artwork by Vivian just gets better and better with each installment. Seeing as chapter three came out in July last year, I certainly hope that chapter four isn’t far off in the future at this point in time. :-) I can’t wait to see what happens next. Is Athena in control or not? Will her army die like ants under her bare feet? I’m so excited to see what happens!

  708. Codie

    This is a very hot manga! Vivian has really outdone herself on this one. Much more entertaining than the first! It could just be me, but the artwork looks a little bit better in this manga,

    I think it’s a bout time Vivian made a giantess manga with her avatar as the main character.

  709. El Portero

    As a fan of internal views and intestinal processes, this comic is a total winner. If you want to see digested food moving through the bowels, this is one to pick up.

  710. Dan

    I think this is easily one of the best goldfish vore clips I have ever seen. Katelyn absolutely looks stunning in that dress, a true goddess.

    What makes this clip so fantastic is Katelyn’s over all approach and the fact she is enjoying herself during the clip really makes a difference I think.

    I love the scene shot from a head level, where she has the fish on her tongue and slowly pulls retracts it into her mouth, raising the tip of her tongue as she does, all the while staring enticing at the camera.
    – The first time I saw this it left me speechless, and still remains one of my all time favourite ‘bug’ vore clips.

    Finally the price, $5.99
    – I can tell you this is a steal for what has to be one of best vore clips you will see online.

    You know this it’s a good clip when you are left wanting more, this clip does exactly that.


  711. WB

    I consider CG17’s work to be some of the best vore material both on this site and in the greater fetish community. The dialogue, which, for me, is easily just as important as the images themselves, is exceptional and the whole piece comes together well.

    Sometimes comics can be more stimulating than seeing real actresses because the very nature of the girl in the artwork being imaginary allows the viewer to take liberties with perceiving her intentions and overall persona. Despite the actress’ best efforts, it is obvious to any viewer that 99.99% of the actresses don’t actually find vore sexually stimulating; they’re just making a living. However, an animated production creates an imagined character that can be more believably viewed to be enjoying the whole experience as much as the viewer, and, at least for me, the thought that the girl is enjoying herself as much as I am makes whatever I’m watching or reading massively more stimulating.

  712. GYGYGY

    Sweet jesus this is the real deal! I thought nobody would EVER attempt making one of these! Thank god for Katelyn, seriously.

  713. john

    you should make a video when your painting your nails and the tiny man gets painted on it.

  714. C

    I wish it was me n her pussy even know I may drown

  715. tanner

    miss liss i love those stores you make of little men you shrank

  716. Snap

    Wow. So sexy! Finally my dearest, beautiful goddess clad in sexy sheer stockings! The neat thing about stockings is that for a tiny, shrunken man, they provide a (narrow) chance to climb to the “safety” of the goddesses foot instead of the killing zone which is the floor. I would delight in seeing more FX movies featuring this theme.

  717. Zen

    The outfit alone, that Katelyn has on, drove me wield on this new release from her! This one is definitely a shout out to all of Katelyn’s feet and leg fans out there. Simply put this release is awesome and i higly recommend getting it.

  718. kiba

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    I love my girlfriend and my philia only a hobby but it’s sad that I may see
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    Will I forget my likes and if you do not like to forget it ago?
    Or my philia is so strong that’s why I can not leave?
    Or my girlfriend is right but I care about my subsidiaries q it?
    Or am I my subsidiaries success than she?
    Would you not say that I will change even she who asks me?
    do not help …

  719. Bob

    I wish thawere me being put in her pussy or in her shoe!!

  720. riddle

    is very cute because the girl is very real and original i love this work

  721. Chris

    Simply but awesome, any chance there is gonna be a part 2 to this? exploring your soles as you said. lol

  722. Greg Viera

    It was amazing :)
    i loved it so much i give this a perfect score <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  723. memo zavala


  724. TinyGinger

    This is really good for any crush enthusiast or for someone who enjoys putting themselves in a helpless/pathetic situation where their survival is meaningless to the authorities at large. I am really into buttcrush and I loved the style and way everything is drawn. Great thighs, great breasts and ass, I have never bought anything pornographic but this is well worth the $13.50. I (excitedly) await part 2!

  725. Dan

    After reading this 3 times:

    My thoughts, another solid comic by cg17, however! I can’t help but feel this is a tad too short, there are aspects about it that feel rather rushed or improvised. The vore scenes are a bit vague, in so much we are lead to believe that she hasn’t eaten in two days so therefore the vore victim is instantly digested – far enough, but it sort of feels this was done to void drawing more detail for the vore scene – in that put in that fact ‘cg17’ could move on to the next scene. This disappointed me as I was hoping for more detail in the vore scene.

    The insertion scene goes the same way. As such I didn’t enjoy this comic as much as I hoped or indeed wanted to.

    Sadly this leaves me feeling a sense that it could and should have been better and that in away CG17 was in a rush to meet a deadline – I’m not sure if that is the case, but it’s something that does come to mind when you pick up on the seemingly rushed vibe that sadly frequents this otherwise nicely drawn comic.

    While it does cover a few sub-fetishes, thus offering something for most people, it does it in a way where it feels like it wants to please everyone, thus most death scenes are often too short for my liking.

    Sorry for me, this doesn’t quite live up to the first.

  726. Chandler

    Ms. Katelyn, I wonder if you can combine shrinking, transformation, pov and balloons in a video, where you shrink me down, transform me into a balloon, fill me up with your breathe, and dominate me by batting me around and humiliating my pathetic state of being before popping me into oblivion!



  727. Zen

    I have to say, this is one epic conclusion to one of my favorite comics Katelyn has brought us. CG17 does an amazing job of concluding this comic with a smearing of other sub fetishes found within the GTS community. I particularly enjoyed the vore and insertion portion of the comic. Specifically, CG17 gives a fantastically detailed vore scene on par with karbo’s work. The only disappointment for me was lack of detail during the insertion scene to which it kind of felt rushed. However, I am kid of partial to insertion so I might be nit picking.

    Overall, this is a wonderful comic and I can only hope that CG17 produces quality like this in future releases. I highly recommend picking this comic up.

  728. Maliardo

    As always an auto buy for CG17. I am also gonna say “OMG” I just love your art style so much. This comic was very well done and sadly wrapped up the story. I will miss Chen as a giantess, anyways for the review. As I stated the quality of art and story were VERY well done and has come to be a “hall of fame” comic for me. To be honest most of CG17’s stuff has been “hall of fame” to me haha. Keep up the AMAZING work and I look forward to your next release. I will be holding my breath til then so don’t take too long… I might die.

  729. jessy

    Omg I have the hardest cameltoe ive ever felt

  730. EJ

    Make something like this with FX and I’d buy with no hesitation!

  731. truth

    plez plez me next you could make a man do anything

  732. truth

    i love it you have such a wild imagination and in combination to your thorniness makes a women any guy is daring to mess with but they will never no what they are getting well see ya keep it up your the best at what you do.

  733. Sixinchestall

    Again brilliant. I love the cruel giantess side of this fetish especially when it involves the giantess getting off on it. You understand the power play perfectly, I love how you use the guy in the clip to get you off. I am normally not interested in vore, much more insertion or crushing but because in this clip the vore part makes you horny and you masturbate as he is struggling inside you I had to buy it. I love how you use him and to you he is a nice orgasm and little brown stain on a tissue the next day. The deception side of it is very good too, so hot how you switch from kind to evil and horny when he is powerless. I stopped buying any other giantess clips about a year ago because I don’t want to see an actress pretending I want to see a real woman with this fetish for real, it makes it infinitely better for me that you love it too and have fantasised over this probably most of your life. Thank you Katelyn

  734. Sixinchestall

    Just perfect Katelyn. I much prefer just fingers, no toys. It is clear that you do really cum (I don’t like fakes) and I bet it is really delicious. On a side note I have quite a few of your clips now and I can see your confidence growing as time progresses. Hearing and seeing what happens when you really cum with no script just as it would be if you were alone is amazing, thank you. Also in response to your blog your dedication is unrivalled and you truly have the good of the giantess community at heart. Remember this when idiots start rumors, we all know the truth. I know it can be upsetting but your website and other projects speak for themselves, what have these people ever done to further the community? Nothing, that’s what. Keep up the good work Katelyn, but take some time for yourself too you truly deserve it.

  735. Zub

    Best GTS comic Period! The best vore scene I have ever witnessed. Fun, sexy,and well drawn thickness. A++++

  736. Zac hightower

    i love giantess mouth girls

  737. Loki

    Dang, you really need to get your mom some footage time. Like with micros and stuff. Just sayin’.

  738. Digi Ferox

    I have not read Pogojos comic but it looks very good. I WANT THIS!!! i like Pogojos Drawings too, it´s amazing.

  739. MrNamelessD...

    Really well drawn, as expected as Deviantart’s famed Pogojo. So well drawn in some segments, it didn’t even need a story/comic aspect, but alas it had it and well done at that. It has a variety of well-illustrated giantess genus fetishes, except vore (which I’m not focused on thankfully) for those who want more than foot crush. Definitely gonna buy more work from him.

  740. Guillermo

    Have not read it yet but already am a huge fan of pogoyo. Buy in progress…

  741. Midgetman

    Like usual pogojo’s work is very well drawn and definitely worth the purchase, for those of you who like to get straight into the story without much build-up (meaning more detail for your money) I’d suggest buying this.

  742. hog

    hi katelyn – amazing camera angles and perfect lighting “wow!!!” , you look just stunning , fx at some point i hope as your digital skills reach new heights .

  743. Brian

    I actually enjoyed the comics

  744. Giantess Ka...

    @Joseph Rogers: Thanks! But I don’t actually come up with any of the stories. :D I leave that completely up to the artists and what they want to personally see and create. This was completely 100% Sheela’s own work! As for the Vaginal action, Sheela just prefers vore over it so you probably won’t see much of it in her comics. Hope that clears it up a bit! ^^ Glad you enjoyed it!!

  745. Giantess Ka...

    Nope. But if you’d like to know what she looks like and read about an awkward summer night with her and my fetish, here’s the blog on her :3

  746. Question

    Is you mom actually in this video? Do we actually see her?

  747. Erion

    I love fuck a sexy pusy

  748. Joseph Rogers

    I love this story, Sheela’s artwork is absolutely, amazing! Would’ve liked a lot more Vaginal Action, butt hey, you’re obviously resting from that! I mean, you had extensional Nudity, in almost all your other stories. I can see why you are taking a rest.

    How about, when the next chapter, when Bonnie eats and chews someone up, you actually can see thin lines of blood trickling down her mouth to her chin. I leave this to you, Goddess Katelyn. Best Love and Wishes!

  749. sam

    i wish i was one of them i taste better though

  750. rami

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    but im more in to vore

  751. ALTER

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  752. Stephen

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  753. Dionisios

    When will commensalism chapter 4 be released? I cant help waiting anymore! Please tell me when it will be released!
    Awesome work by the way! Keep going!!!

  754. lion

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  755. Maliardo

    I have to repost because I feel that I did it discredit.

    Oookay, this comic is AMAZING, there first thing. AMAZING.
    As I posted I am not a huge foot guy normally but in the hands of CG17, this becomes unbelievable. The art-style is breathe taking as always with CG17. The script is the huge factor in this “wow factor”, now it may sound cheesy by the story is told so-well that the personality of the characters come out very easy. Not to mention that fact that she wants to play a game just blows your mind when you read it. An awesome comic and well worth saying a classic amongst my collect. If you have not bought this… DO IT.

    Once again, complements to the chef.

  756. Ronny

    I love you my Godess :)

  757. Maliardo

    I am more of a vore fan but still bought this. CG17 is able to make anything amazing. Thumbs up for this comic. Like I said I am not a big fan of this yet I still LOVED it.

    Pass my complements to the chef.

  758. gtsquisit

    Holy $hit!!! This was frackin amazing!! Damn, you have a hot @ss. Id love to see you do some anal vore sometime, maybe with some tiny plastic houses this time or something.

  759. lion

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  760. William porche

    I really enjoyed the story and artwork. When will the next chapter come and will she chew people up

  761. Alto

    This was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. It brings together some of my favorite things, namely GTS and face-stuffing. I have been wating for something in the GTS community to feature a woman who grows everytime she eats, and this comic definately delivers. The mouth shots are great with alot of detail in them. There was a little dissapointment in the fact that there is no burping in this comic. I would assume that a giant woman who eats everything in site would have some “earth shattering” belches in it. I like burping girls, and if this comic included that aspect then it would have been put over the top for me, but that is just a personal greviance. I would definately say to anyone who likes vore to purchase this comic. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

  762. El Portero

    Sheela’s artwork is beyond gorgeous, and her grasp of sensual storytelling is incredible. This comic is more than worth the purchase. Consider me a fan for life!

  763. Shrunkenone

    Definitely one of the best vore comics I’ve read in awhile.
    Sheela’s art and detail of the mouth, throat, and stomach are simply amazing!
    The comic is easy to follow, and paced well enough to give a good story leading up to the ‘action’ without taking away from said action itself. If you’re a fan of vore, and good internal shots of folks being eaten, you will not be disappointed by this comic.
    As someone who’s main interest in the whole GTS community is vore and internal views, this comes highly recommended by me with my personal Vore Seal of Approval!

    Buy it, read it, enjoy it!

    -The Shrunken One

  764. Dre

    As much as you Fucken enjoy ,aking these movies is as much as I Fucken enjoy watching them. when I remake Attack of The 50Ft woman I want your input.

    Loved this clip.

  765. Hordeham

    I have to say im loveing this series vivian was born to do this. She has such talent it amazes me still to this day. The art work is great the story and dialog is the best i have ever seen. And to the comment by ralph we still dont know that athena is completely controlled. A powerful goddess like athena could be letting artemis be fell like she has all the power. In chapter 3 Hades says himself that (It would appear that artemis still underestimates athena). And if you recall in a nother section he also states that athena is in complete controll now. Fact of the matter is we just dont know yes but i will say i cant wait until Chapter 4 comes out. Vivian you rock!!!! keep it up girl!

  766. dark_shadow

    O M G! ! ! the first time that someone dares to approach this kind of movie, and although no one has tried it right the first scheme is you try to make this, it went perfect the sound, the slow motion and the details, simply put fantastic. you deffenetly need to make more movies of this kind.

    i really would like to see a movie of this kind 30min long!!
    i have to have more of this !! ;D

  767. rami

    this comic is better the the second one because it shows more humilation

    and i think if katelyne can convince karbo and CG17 to work together on one comic . woooooow it will be an amazing cooperation
    well thats just my opineon :)

  768. rami

    i think that clip is amazing i will get it :)

  769. moshe

    Please tell me you are going to do a entire city crush fest like that at the end of the clip? Great work giantess

  770. mazarino

    Really Awesome.

  771. John

    0.o This. Is. The. Best. Giantess/Vore. Video. Ever. Incredible, just… I’m at a loss for words. Great job. Oh and the plane flying by like five times was hilarious.

  772. Richie

    Hey Katelyn, excellent movie yet again. You never disappoint, as usual. One suggestion tho, in future special effects movies, can you make your victims a lil bigger? Like probably roach size instead of ant size, that way we’ll get a larger view of your victims succumbing to your conquering power. Just a thought tho. Stay sweet ;)

  773. Sixinchestall

    Again amazing. When you said it is your pussy that drives you to do these things and then you sit down in the aftermath of it all and cum it was like my penis ate a can of spinach. It is very hot to hear your thoughts as you are bringing destruction to all around. I don’t know about other people but the fact that doing the things you do genuinely turns you on makes you light years ahead of any other GTS producer out there as you totally understand it cos it gets you off too. I can’t thank you enough for doing all you do.

  774. Liam

    super love. super love…..super….love

  775. Zen

    You should do a FX movie with this type of content! Maybe a remake of “Serving a High School
    Hottie” or better yet, how about making the story linked below come to life with your FX magic?

    I would love to see that story with you as the star! ^_^

    Just a suggestion.


    PS. I’m with Sixinchestall on the review!

  776. Sixinchestall

    Also wanted to say you look so pretty in this video as well. Even more so than usual :-)

  777. stephen tho...

    It looks quite good. I can tell by the images. Are you doing a full giantess movie? I am asking this because in your blog you said you would be making a full giantess movie. If you can try and base it on the attack of the 50 foot woman now that would be cool

  778. stephen tho...

    sorry type error i ment if i hurt your feelings then i am sorry.

  779. stephen tho...

    if a hurt your feelings then i am sorry.

  780. stephen tho...

    dont take this the wrong way but i dont like it that much.

  781. Sixinchestall

    Well what an excellent video. You masturbating is hot. You masturbating like you did on this vid is beyond hot. I love how you let yourself go more in this one. Hearing you close to orgasm and saying how you don’t care about the tiny people inside and it is all about your orgasm actually made me go all shaky. You are just amazing, that hasn’t happened since I was a lot younger and never from a video. I much prefer fingers to toys and I LOVE how wet you get. The giantess aspect of this video is very very good. If you are a pussy or vore fan you will love it. Little people are pushed inside and rubbed all over Katelyns wet and perfect pussy while one little guy stays in her mouth as she plays. I love the way you talk in it, all horny and nearly cumming. You even get a little mans eye view as she takes one guy from her pussy up to her beautiful mouth. I do like the cruel giantess pleasuring herself side of things so this is just amazing and you do it so well. I am seriously thinking of taking the day off work tomorrow cos of you Ms Brooks, do you think they will believe I have severe fapitis? Thank you.

  782. JB

    Will there be a Ch. 3? Please tell me there will be a Ch. 3.

  783. Danshrunkenman

    Love the name choice here! but I’m better with feet;)

  784. Joe

    Can u eat me? Maybe can u send me a pic of u topless with a guy in ur mouth?

  785. kevin

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  933. Greg Viera

    wow this is one of my fantasies i would love to be in ur navel and i would love to be trapped in between ur divine toes

  934. MarkM

    Katelyn already provided a very detailed description of this video so I don’t think I will be spoiling any secrets. I like the video’s with real people better than I do toys or bugs so I totally love Business Meeting Unaware. Another one of my favorites for sure. As in all of her video’s Katelyn looks hot in this one too. All dressed up for work Katelyn arrives at the office conf. room for her meeting. Noticing no one else is around she decides to sit down on the sofa and get comfortable to wait. She slips off her shoes revealing the most beautiful sexy feminine bare feet of any woman on the planet. Seriously Katelyns bare feet look so good in this one! Under the table the little shrunken coworkers are kind of freaked out by the sight of them too. After a while Katelyn not having had anything to eat since breakfast decides to go for some of the chips and dip on the table. As she eats chips she begins fidgeting around with her bare feet under the table completely unaware of the extreme danger she was putting her coworkers in. They all begin to get crushed one at a time as Katelyn simply enjoys her snack. My favorite is where one lady gets crushed right in between Katelyns toes against the table leg. She was kind of stupid trying to wave her arms as if to ward off Katelyns bare foot when all she really needed to do was take cover around the back side of the table leg. Stupid lady she deserved to get squished! Another really good part is a different lady gets pressed down under Katelyns foot while a male co-worker tries to help her out of the situation. Lucky for her Katelyn didn’t put any of her weight down so when Katelyn lifted her foot the Lady stood right back up. I thought that was cool. She gets it later though as do all of them. The eating part was very good too as you can see three of Katelyns other coworkers (one of which I understand is her boss) in the dip. One by one they get scooped up on a chip and taken up into a very sexy but unaware awaiting mouth of which the tongue extends to readily accept her food. You can see little arms waving frantically to get her attention but it goes totally unnoticed by Katelyn. I liked the camera angles looking up from below as she ate the chips as this was the view each of the little guys would have seen. The three in the dip must have been horrified watching knowing soon they would be swallowed down as nothing but food for their young interns perfect and physically fit body. I don’t know how Katelyn comes up with such great ideas. I can’t think of a much hotter fantasy than Business Meeting Unaware! Can you imagine being shrunken to ant size right next to one of your unaware coworkers bare feet hoping to get her attention before she accidentally crushes you by mistake? Katelyn unknowingly crushes or eats everyone who works in her entire office. Her own coworkers some of whom were possibly her friends as well! A whole office of people never to be seen or heard from again. Even Katelyn wondering what ever happened to them while some of them actually being digested within her perfect body! Very very hot! Thank you for this one too Katelyn!

  935. Bobbob

    Dont even ask for a hint… This video is absolutely incredible! Never before has the giantess vore fetish been captured in such astonishing detail… other than in dreams, but lets not try to prove the reviewer wrong… Well, yes, I suppose all of Katelyn’s special effects vore movies maintain a captive audience through the slightest of details, but… hey! Your doing it again! As I was saying, with my improper grammer (sic), Katelyn has managed to, once again, produce a video that far outperforms the expectations of… Well, lets just say I hope to god no one in Hollywood sees the special effects ability of our goddess and decides to helicopter her away to some movie, in production, requiring a better special effects artist… I’m just saying… she makes the shrinking effects on modern television look like an awful sham. If I was to go into a higher detail, I would mention that when one of the shrinkees is on Katelyn’s spoon, she turns it slightly before shoving the frightened victim in her mouth… Every angle was perfect. Don’t let a conspiracy theorist see this… they’d think our Katelyn a murderer. :-P Other than the final scream, which sounded slightly like a construction vehicle backing up (Sorry, had to maintain a nonbiased opinion somehow :-P ), this is quite literally the greatest video (that I‘ve ever seen) describing the giantess vore fetish. Hmm… I just got a sudden desire to be waste deep in Mint Chocolate Chip… :-P

  936. Enrique

    Realmente uno de los mejores videos en su tipo realizado cuidando todos hasta el màs minimo detalle con grandes efectos especiales que no dejan nada a la imaginacion. Super Recomendado !

  937. Matt

    There are so few truly excellent vore videos. That’s not to say there are lots of GOOD ones, but a video like this is totally at the top of my list as one of THE best I’ve seen! That had to be one of the luckiest (or UNluckiest! Depends on your POV) guys yet!

  938. Anonymous

    Very professionally captured! Just as a sidenote, there is a background prop novel in the left bottom corner called “Shadow magic”. This gives this artistic movie a very ominous if not an omen feel while maintaing a bouncy joyful paradigm. I recommend it! -Miami, FL Jethasis

  939. Anonymous

    I always had a giantess fetish but before this I haven’t seen a giantess video as well done as this one. Katelyn, the Midnight Goddess, is cruel and sexy in her desire to destroy all of the little beings in her house. This movie is for all types of giantess fans- the vore fans, the ass fans, the foot fans, the insertion fans.. the story is done very well. I felt like I was part of the story.

  940. Anonymous

    I havnt seen anything as close to this EVER on ANYWHERE! The first giantess movie i saw was TAG and watching this…it doesnt even compare. Midnight Giantess IS THE BEST GIANTESS MOVIE OUT and probably will be the top movie for a very long time. Goddess Katelyn i cannot congradulate you enough on how well you did this movie and the feeling it left on me after watching this movie. The effects are just awesome making them real to me as i watch. Your emotions are genuine and as always sexy and seductive. For the others still on the fence about getting this movie…dont think anymore GET IT NOW! I was in the same boat too but we all know Katelyn puts out the best stuff out and after much anticipation of this movie it more than lives up to its hype. I would only pay this much for Katelyn’s films becuase i know she isnt going to let me down. Katelyn you are the face of The Giantess and should be proud of it. GREAT JOB. Please continue to keep making great/awesome/excellent movies and i look forward to seeing more movies from you in the near future. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK lol!

  941. Rob

    Absolutely fabulous Katelyn! I loved the screaming and the dialog. Words escape me! One word AWESOME!

  942. Rafael

    Great movie end i love ants crush !!!! I waiting for The Girl Next Door ……. kisses

  943. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks, Hello there. Your Midnight Goddess film is great!! I really enjoyed it & the special effects were awesome – seeing the men so tiny was very cool! Loved all your close-ups, the ones of your beautiful face, & the sexy ones too. The low angles were great too, & I did so enjoy the scenes of the tiny men running on you. The only suggestions I have would be to have a scene of the tiny men standing in your palm. Then we could also see a lovely low angle p-o-v of your pretty face looking down at them in your hand. And I’ll look out for all your upcoming Giantess / shrunken man videos! Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  944. Robert

    Its wonderful,nice and incredible.Kate,my ranking of 1-10 is…100!

  945. Anonymous

    This is the most clever, hott, witty, sensual preview clip =). I have seen many and being an avid macrophilla (recieving end) eversince i was 8 and saw a girl steppping on an ant (grins), this is great !!! Far too many clips show little emotion,little effort in creating character and dialogue.She does it better than Hollywood with her special effects.Katelyn’s expression, her slow sensual confident character is very alluring, she oooozes power =). IM so jealous of the little people under such a sensual Goddesses soles=D.Mega praise for a Mega Babe! =)

  946. bauerpower24

    ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING As someone who has purchased well over 60 clips from Katelyn, I can attest that this is her best work to date. The passion with which she filmed this definitely shines through. The images are stunning. The sound is horrifying. Katelyn makes you feel like you’re there. Don’t go looking on the net for a better Giantess FX movie. YOU SIMPLY WON’T FIND IT!! FIVE STARS IS DEFINITELY NOT ENOUGH! IT DESERVES 50!!!

  947. MarkM

    This is only a comment because Midnight Goddess is so darn good that I cannot review it. I just cant find the words to do it justice. My brain is still working overtime trying to process this fantastic fantasy of Katelyns. I could never have imagined Giantess any better than this in all my wildest dreams. If I did not know better I would sware those people were really shrunk too! Are there any missing person reports in the area? I think Midnight Goddess is Katelyns Masterpiece and I feel forever indebted to her for such a treasure. Truly made Giantess come to life for me! Thank You Katelyn!!! (You need 10 hearts for this one! Five isn’t enough)

  948. VergilVox

    Having watched many of Katelyn’s other videos i was expecting something pretty special. Midnight Goddess far surpassed my expectation, the whole film is incredible. The graphics are seamlessly wozen into the film and at no point does it actaully look fake (they could in fact be shrunken people). The acting is passionate immersing you in to the story line of the film. The fantasy side of the film doesn’t disappoint at all, there are many different aspect of the fantasy included in the film and all fit within the story of the film. This film is incredible and you can really see the effort and love put into it, making it a cut above any other giantess movie i have ever seen. Amazing work Katelyn, eagerly awaiting your next project.

  949. SilverFlame

    I still remember seeing clips from Katelyn’s first days on the Giantess City forums: minute or so long clips that usually featured her playing with a toy vehicle or person of some kind. To watch one of those clips and then to watch Midnight Goddess is quite the experience. Let me put it bluntly: Midnight Goddess is the best giantess video I have ever seen. The sheer amount of dedication that Katelyn put into this is absolutely apparent. The cinematography and special effects are really unmatched in giantess videos, especially considering most people still release videos of them playing with action figures. Katelyn has gone so far above that, often making you feel as if you are right there in the action, which is obviously what I’m sure many of us want. I can actually say this is the first giantess video to give me a tiny dose of the fear a person would feel at such a tiny size. The use of the camera is extremely effective in making her appear to be a giant, and she naturally plays it up so well that she becomes, well, terrifying. I genuinely felt concerned for some of the little people! It actually felt like some kind of horror movie at parts. You don’t even see Katelyn’s entire face until several minutes into the movie, and it just makes things so much more mysterious and frightening. The special effects are brilliant, too. The little people genuinely feel like they are part of the world. You won’t think “Well, that’s just a person standing in front of a green screen” while looking at them. It’s extremely well done. The video is mostly crush-oriented, but it samples from enough fields that I’m sure everyone will be satisfied, especially with the excellent level of teasing and talking that Katelyn does while on her little rampage. Katelyn, you have a gift for making these kinds of videos. I can’t wait to see your next one.

  950. pedro

    Please,i want to see toilets in your movies.I love you katelyn!!

  951. Digested Bayou

    Katelyn, once again you have outdone yourself with this video clip; you hit all my buttons on this one, no doubt about it! You are not only a lovely young lady, but you have a playfully naughty streak running through your very core; and I like that! You have a great talent for knowing just what to do, and, more importantly, when to do it. This sets your GTS work ahead of all the others in this genre by miles. It is the bane of my existence, that this manner of mutual interaction is only fantasy; I can not envision a more deserving giantess to nourish than yourself.

  952. iLOVEyou

    hi katelyn just searching the web for some good giantess sites then i foun this one. then i looked at the video!!! possibly the best one yet! your sexy even when not a giantess so, that makes you like super mega sexy when you’re a giantess . P.S HOPE YOU FIND ME SHRUNKEN ONE DAY :D

  953. Gregviera

    wow you were right. i did Love this flim. in fact i love all ur sexy giantess flims

  954. Sexplorer

    Hi Katelyn, Another great movie. Really fantastic breast pov shots and a mouth you just want to jump into. And I love the size ratios you do. Don’t know of another person making good movies with ant sized men. Thank You

  955. Anonymous

    I LOVE ALL YOUR UNAWARE VIDEOS!!! I’ve gotta say, the unaware vids are the best giantess videos! Keep it up!

  956. bauerpower24

    This is another MASTERPIECE from our Goddess. I have literally just finished watching it, so I’m flooded with emotions about it. The angles in this clip are again phenomenal. The sound effects are incredible, and through a surround sound system, they made my floor shake. The vore scenes are even better than in Midnight Goddess. There is also a bonus scene, and only one thing comes to mind. HOLY SHIT! IT IS SOOOOOOOOO HOT. Makes me wish I hadn’t given up celery. THANK YOU KATELYN FOR ANOTHER DELICIOUS CLIP. WHAT A WIFE YOU ARE!

  957. Snap

    OK. I’ve been watching and waiting ever since Goddess Katelyn hinted at this some months ago. I bought it and wasn’t disappointed in the slightest! The audio alone could melt lead. The visuals are stunning and detailed: A real boost to anyone’s imagination. This work could easily be called the ultimate vore-collage story.The story itself is a delicious little tale which easily stands on its own, even without the audio/visuals. Add to it the fact that this Goddess genuinely enjoys being in this position of power (among many varieties of absolute power she has on her palette) To cap it all off, the closeups of her stunning physique still have me reeling! Literally a body to die for!If you like giantess/vore and like knowing that the woman you can see, hear and imagine would genuinely delight in doing this to you, then this is for you!

  958. CeW

    Looks great, all of the images are stunning in the detail. You went out of your way to make these images near perfect. Word of warning though, there is NO video in this. Be aware, it says there are pictures and audio, but fails to specifically note that this is not a movie. I know that you said there are pictures and what not, but I’m so used to purchasing a video when I click on the MOVIES link… Sorry I failed to fully comprehend, but I did. :( I should probably wait till more information is posted instead of just blindly purchasing the new…audio book. Great images though, thanks for the hard work. :)

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