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Guess who likes the taste of mealworms? Astro does! Just before her and Katelyn filmed "Katelyn and AstroDomina Snack on...

Astrodomina's in for a surprise- Katelyn's brought over some mealworms to snack on during the shoot and now that they're...

After Katelyn and Astro make sure their boyfriend actually wants to live his biggest fantasy of being their shrunken boyfriend,...

We can't really blame you for shrinking yourself down to sneak into the shower of your two hot next door neighbors - Katelyn...

Sydney Lee -aka AstroDomina- is a hot asian domme online who also has a -real life- slave at her daily command. It's been...

Katelyn's toilet slave has been very obedient lately, and she decides he's deserving of another feeding. After letting him...

You find yourself on a bed with Giantess Katelyn and Astrodomina. Today is a special day for you since they've decided to...

Katelyn and Sydney, just back from the sex shop, have found quite the surprise: Handfuls of shrunken little men (and a few...