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Jade Vixen
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Last time Katelyn's younger brother, Jo, was over he told her about this funny dream he's had since they were younger. Telling...

Nova gives the camera a seductive look as she extends her tongue across her big lips to scoop a line full of teeny tiny sugary...

Nova's laying on the bed with her phone in hand. Katelyn comes up and asks how she's doing. Nova: (Sighs) "I'm ok, but...

Giantess Nova comes up to Katelyn in a cute pair of shorts and a tank and asks what the next scenario will be. She's over...

Katelyn and Nova decide to do a little bit of cheese and wine taste testing before their New Year's Eve party tonight, but...

Nova and Kate are just finishing working out. While stretching and talking about new years resolutions they find out they...

Nova's home from school. There's this boy in her class that just wont stop bugging her and it's gotten to the point it's...

Nova tries out her shrinking device from school on you (her boyfriend) but you're only supposed to shrink to doll size......

Get close up to Giantess Nova's sexy mouth in this hot mouthcam video! It starts off with her holding you high above her...

Giantess Nova was over today! We were talking about shrunken people, Giantesses, and we figured why not turn on the cam so...