The internet should never be censored, under no circumstance. As both a copyright holder and a small business owner that sells digital products, SOPA or any kind of internet censorship will destroy the free and open internet that makes everything you see here possible. Piracy is a natural by-product of the digital age we live in – so deal with it by making an awesome product people want to support and be flattered that people want to see and share your work. Censoring the very freedoms of the world in order to profit is despicable. I oppose SOPA and any similar legislation with every fiber of my being.

The thought of our parents and grandparents in charge of legislation that affects the very foundations of the internet is terrifying. Please contact your representative today- this is not something we can stand idly by and hope for the best. Thank you.


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. bluecutter

    I totally agree. SOPA is totally stupid. It just doesn’t censor the internet, but it’ll take away so many rights from so many sites like Youtube, Twitter, and even facebook. Not only that, but it’s going to cost a ton to make this happen and the U.S. is already drowning in dept. Politics is so stupid to try and pass bills such as this. It’s ridiculus.

  2. Chuck

    For some people – and by ‘some people’ I mean ‘some big entertaiment enterprises’ and ‘some politicians’ -, blaming the Internet or anyone who uses it is easier than offering something that can compete with piracy. They already forced Spain to go with some similar act not long ago, and they won’t stop until SOPA and PIPA are up and running. I wish you guys in the States the best of luck so you won’t follow the same fate Spaniards will in a couple of months.

    Piracy is a bad thing, even though many of us admit that some time in our lives we’ve made use of what pirates on the Web might offer, but when people like you have something to show, something that is worth paying for because it’s way more than whatever piracy can give you, then stupid acts are of no use. We can show the industry how to evolve and to reach more people, yet they prefer their outdate model because they only think in profit for not creating/doing anything. All because of money…

  3. Joey

    Right on Katelyn! I’m glad that you too are declaring your support. We need to come up with inventive ways of dealing with piracy. They do exist. Piracy hasn’t destroyed the music or movie industry, and never will do so. All that SOPA and PIPA do is aim to turn the internet into old forms of media like the television where every bit of media you consume is preselected and screened. The internet isn’t like that. It is an explosion of ideas and creativity. Nothing kills creativity faster than any form of censorship, and the resulting fears.
    Right on goddess, right on!

  4. Greg Viera

    I Knew it!!!!!!!!!!!
    i knew you would have this on your site. im happy to see your support in this cause.

  5. Bob

    You never stop amazing me! I had a feeling you would have something to say about this little political clusterfuck, being a merchant of digital media and all. Hey, the approval rating of congress is at an all time record low, if all else fails, I’m sure nobody would shed a tear if you just covertly shrink them all down and make them the subject of your next vore vid… LOL!!! <3

  6. MarkM

    I agree with you completely Katelyn and feel so proud of you for taking a stand and trying to fight this!

    I can’t compile my thoughts on this very well but I think it’s much deeper than piracy and really about more and more government control. Didn’t they install the “Kill” switch a few months ago? They want to ban our supplements and make us all have to use pharmaceuticals. Slowly taking our freedoms away I think. Stuff you would expect to see in Communist China rather than here in the U.S.

    I donno, not good at compiling my thoughts but I think it’s really bad. Congress and government have turned against the people and only cater to lobbyists and large corporations.

    But yeah I agree with you this is really bad.


  7. seth

    i agree, i deem it impossible to censor a global social network. i am against SOPA and anybodii or law that wants to censor the internet

  8. wow

    Its nice for you to take a stand in such a postive way I know you deal people pirating your work but instead of making dumb and irresponsible statements you understand some people will do it while others will support you,I am very impressed with your understanding

  9. boo

    Goddess, You are nor only beautiful and talented, but it seems that You are only GTS producer with rational thoughts about piracy and all this sopa madness.

  10. boo

    For example I could mention the threats from some gts producers towards the owner of GTS hub which led to closing it :(

  11. anon


    Americans (i.e. congress)

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