Sneak Peek: My Delicious Little Toppings

Sneak Peek: My Delicious Little Toppings

Coming by next weekend I’ll be releasing a new special effects movie called “My Delicious Little Toppings”! In this sexy fantasy of mine I devour nine shrunken people who are sprinkled atop a bowl of delicious ice cream. ^_^ Yum!! While at first the shrunken people I captured resisted being in this film, I heard no further complaints from them after they slid off my tongue and down my throat.

What’s also really great about this movie is that it is one of my shorter special effects movies, which should make it available to those who aren’t able to spend on my longer movies but still want a incredibly hot film with special effects like no other.

This making of this movie was actually quite spontaneous. About a month ago one night while I was filming other videos, I found myself in the mood for a little ice cream break. So I licked my lips, headed to the kitchen and quickly scooped out a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream when I thought, “How amazing would it be to have some shrunken people as a topping on my ice cream…” My head started to spin and I immediately started fantasizing about them trapped in my cold, delicious ice cream, hearing their tiny screams as they entered my mouth via the massive spoon underneath them. One by one, they’d find themselves devoured by a hungry Goddess, serving her body as tiny bursts of delicious pleasure on my huge tongue. Reaching down to my panties… I found that this little fantasy of mine was making me wet! And so I decided I’d turn it into an all out movie. I moved the camera and equipment into the kitchen, set everything up, and grabbed a fresh jar of shrunken people. With lights, camera, action nine tiny people were on their way to becoming digested inside of yours truly. ^^

The movie jumps right to the point. We start off by seeing nine delicious shrunken people trapped in a jar with my sexy hand wrapping around it. I carelessly pick up the jar and proceed to sprinkle them on top my ice cream, eager to eat up my cold, refreshing dessert. I pick up my spoon and while licking my massive lips I decide to eat the juicy red cherry first. To my delight a tiny shrunken girl stands with the cherry waving her arms, begging for her pathetic little life. I scoop her and the cherry up in my spoon and proceed to tell her how wonderfully delicious she is going to taste! She lets out a scream as I crave for her taste, the spoon carrying her and her world pushing deep into my wet and hungry mouth. I devour her and the cherry easily, her tiny taste only making me hungry for more. My spoon rises again and another victim reaches my lips…

My Delicious Little Toppings Preview 1

My Delicious Little Toppings Preview 2

My Delicious Little Toppings Preview 3

My Delicious Little Toppings Preview 4

Here’s some more detailed info:
? The movie is somewhere between 6-7 minutes long
? The movie comes bundled with a free bonus clip featuring slow motion shots of the best scenes in the movie
? Tons of talking on my part as I scoop up and swallow them one by one
? The little people let out tiny screams and yells as they enter my massive mouth
? Some are eaten slow, others fast, some I torture and one is even poured onto my tongue!
? From the moment the movie begins until it ends it’s all special effects and vore

The movie will be released sometime before next weekend, so keep an eye out for it. I’ll be posting another entry on it in which I’ll post the rest of the screen shots and the link to my store.

You’re going to like this one my delicious little slavesĀ  >=)


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. anonymous

    Hi Katelyn,

    Oh how I wish I could be one of those lucky little people! It would be such a privilege to sacrifice myself for the greater cause in support of a real Goddess such as you.

    Thanks too for giving us a present for your birthday. With the 30% off I watched four video’s for only 28 dollars. I owe you so much for turning me on more than anyone else ever has. Really since all my fantasies fit yours to the T!

    I wish I could watch all of your video’s but my wife pays the credit cards an she’ll wonder what I’m buying. I need to try to figure out another way.

    With Love, MarkM

  2. anonymous

    Katelyn your clips feature some of the best F/X’s around! I so appreciate that. What with all the crappy clips feauturing toys. If people like that, good for them, but I prefer effects all the time. I might buy this one. When will we get a trailer for this movie?

  3. anonymous

    There really is no point in using real people if your not going to have dialog. Have some close ups and some plot rather than meaningless flailing and eating. If your going through the trouble of doing FX, might as well take the extra effort to do it right.

    Or else make your life easier and just use plastic people or w/e like gary.

  4. anonymous

    Oh my gosh I can’t believe you have the nerve to complain when Katelyn has given us so much. Much of it even for free. It’s obvious she puts a lot of time and effort into her work.

    Did you watch “Business Meeting Unaware”? The little people were so real looking compared to toys. How the one lady actually got back up after being stepped on while the other guy was trying to figure out how to help her. Can’t do that with toys.

    Honestly I can’t believe you would complain.


  5. anonymous

    GtsQuisit: I don’t care what other people think, but i for one love the fx. I don’t care about story that much. i personally love the mindless violence..a simple scream and some sick wet crunching noises from the tinys will be just fine for me.

    the goddess put alot of work into these vids and it shows. so have some respect.. i find that using over sized lifeless toys is annoying and lazy but the micro dolls she uses are kinda cool. i love the micro scale compared to her body. (especially her ass, id love her to focus some vids on that) :)

    she has an extraordinary amount of potential to make one of the best un-cheesiest, realistic gts flicks ever. I hope she pursues using real people as much as she can.

  6. anonymous

    Where have the ants gone?

  7. anonymous

    Love the storyline… incredibly evil, exactly what I’ve been looking for for ages!

  8. anonymous

    i would love to be a sprinkle on your ice cream!! :) my life is so meaningless, it would be much better served as just a snack to you. i can think of no better way to go out than as your poo!

  9. anonymous

    You make the best FX stuff I have ever seen my dear, and I hope you keep right on doing it YOUR way. Any worthless poster who complains deserves to be sucked into a vacuum or run down the disposer with a nasty science experiment (not that you’d ever have one of those).

    Again, my only regret is that your current fantasy is unobtainable, and I mean that for both of us. I can’t think of anybody who I’d rather have use me in such a manner.

  10. anonymous

    I complain because I bought “Business Meeting Unaware” and yes I saw it and I know they were real people – my point being if you don’t do anything with the real people it’s useless.

    Yes I saw that that one lady being stepped on while the other guy tried to help – again he was just wailing his arms from a mile away not moving from that spot like his feet were cemented to the ground.

    I am all for special effects, but I think most of her efforts are in vain if she doesn’t use them to their full advantage.

  11. Giantess Ka...

    I understand your complaint, it’s a valid one. It’s one I’ve shared with my past films too. But I think your “in vain” comment is a little harsh. If it weren’t for these movies, I wouldn’t be able to afford new equipment to expand my special effects capabilities or hire more actors for my films. My work is constantly improving, thanks to these very films. You can’t just say “Special Effects!” and have a full blown Hollywood-style action movie the next day with everything imaginable in it. It does actually take time and lots of money to make these.

    Your complaint about A Business Meeting Unaware I understand- I would have loved for the shrunken people to maybe climb me and run around my feet. ^^ But it would have taken a ridiculous amount of time with my previous technology to the point of it not even being worth to attempt the film in the first place. In all cases I have to weigh the time it takes to make these movies with the amount of stuff I want to do in them, with the technology I have at hand.

    But thankfully, after I released A Business Meeting Unaware I was able to buy a few things with the money I made that would lift some of the limitations in my work, including the one you’re talking about. My future movies will have far more movement and action, if planned. However it just so happened that I didn’t intend to have a ton of climbing/running/movement in this movie to begin with! O_o

    Before I can have full dialog and giantess movies, I need to make a huge purchase which is what this meter is all about.

    In this particular film I simply didn’t want them running around or having complex dialog. I wanted them in my ice cream so that I could eat them! :) I planned this to be a quick and fun film – it is only 6 and a half minutes – (and as I mentioned was filmed rather spontaneously, for fun), rather than a detailed exploration of my ice cream by the tiny people. That would be another movie for another time. Ice cream also melts pretty quick under hot lights :P

    Will I have movies with lots of dialog between the shrunken victims? Yes, absolutely! Will I have movies where they run around rooms and explore and climb my body! Yes, of course! These are things I want in my movies just as much as you little ones do. But not in every movie, obviously. Some are better fast where you don’t hear the little ones at all. >=)

    And finally, keep in mind not everyone shares your fantasy or your likes or dislikes as well. Some want me to do more dialog, others no dialog. Some want plots others don’t want plots. Some want close ups, others don’t want close ups. Some want slow mo, others say it’s a waste of space or they’d rather do it themselves. Ultimately I do what I want and what I’m in the mood for and what I think you’ll like and will look really sexy.

    In any case, if you don’t like the look of this movie, check back for the next one. You’ll find it may be completely different than the last. That’s the thing with my movies- they are constantly changing and improving. The movie you’re looking for will -eventually- be up on my site. ;)

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  12. Giantess Ka...

    Thanks everyone for the awesome comments! ^_^

    @MarkM: Aww, thank you! It makes me smile to think I turn you on so. In fact, I’d seriously love to have you in my mouth right now. I’m just getting ready for bed and wouldn’t mind a quick yummy fix before falling asleep… I think of you on my tongue as I drift off to sleep tonight. <3

    As for your problem, if you are able to use paypal, just let me know via email as you can pay that way too. I also have a PO Box you may send cash to. =D

    @Hey: Nope, no trailer this time. It’s just too short of a movie, a trailer would end up ruining it :P

    @GtsQuisit: Thank you very much little one. I hope you enjoy this movie of mine! <3 There's an Ass centered video coming up eventually- in fact two. They are a little ways off, but one is absolutely insane in terms of scope and size. I've got quite a lot of filming coming up. ^^

    @Ants???: The ants will be back sometime soon, I’ve just been so busy trying to get everything done at once as the usual. The next time you see them they will be coated in chocolate and sliding down my throat… >=)

    @bytsize: *actual lab coat arrived in the mail today* Science experiment you say? That sounds like fun…

    Yes, it is my regret too. *dreamy sigh*

    Night all! Enjoy the movie =D

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  13. anonymous

    I would have been quite upset if you went with his “might as well use toys” route. :D

  14. anonymous

    can i buy your movie clips

  15. mr 64

    Hi Katelyn, what made you move from Florida to where you are now? Is it that much more expensive in florida? I’ve considered moving there if I knew I could make it. The keys are nice, but the rent is 900-2000 dollars a month, and all there is to do is service work like bartending and waiting tables. I like the stuff that you are comimg out with, except for the bug eating. in your last reply to me you said you were saving for growth formula? Is that a new video you are coming up with? If only growth formula were real!

  16. master of v...

    I wish I were the guy under you’re big toe as you were eating chips in “the business meeting unaware”, in the video does he get crushed for your pleasure, or did you even know that you did it?

  17. darren

    hi kate, i,ve just come across you,re site and find it fantastic,but i would like to say since i was a teenager in school,my fantasy was to shrink good looking women and strip then naked and eat them , i kept it to myself has i got sacred has people would think i need to be locked up,but has i,ve grown older,i,ve found quite a lot of people share this fantasy,but my i say i allso find it a big turn on that you do has well ,i mean i would not mind being tiny and naked inside you,re mouth and being you,re tiny snack.keep up the good work.ho i would like to buy so of you,re stuff but i was wondering is there any chance i could download say 30 seconds of My Delicious Little Toppings has i may want to buy this. all my love darren. from england

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