Sneak Peek: “Mistaken for a Mint”

Sneak Peek: “Mistaken for a Mint”

Today I bring you a sneak peak at my latest FX movie, “Mistaken for a Mint”  :mrgreen: It’s one of my many new and upcoming “mini-FX” movies, which are special effects movies that are around 10 minutes long and get right to the action featuring some delicious unaware vore! Become my mint little specs and enter the world of my next FX movie!

~Mistaken for a Mint~

You pound on the pink plastic but it does you no good. You’re trapped, shrunken down and lost within an enormous container of car sized tic-tacs. You know at this size you could be easily gobbled up with all of the mints, but you’re sure the extremely attractive girl who bought the mints will surly notice your pathetic life before devouring all of her delicious tongue-tingling purchases.

But what if she… doesn’t?

It’s been a typical day in the life of a young Goddess and I’m finishing it off by studying and writing in my journal. Just as I make some progress on my entry, I start to get a craving for the tiny mints I purchased earlier that day.  I grab my purse, pull them out and set them on my desk as I continue writing. I quickly get lost in my writing again, but the urge to suck on a few mints eventually wins and I pour some onto my hand while still trying to stay focused on my thoughts.

Did one of my mints just move? Nah.

I bring the handful of mints up to my hungry, waiting mouth and it’s there that it quickly becomes obvious that I’m a little too lost in my work. The mints miss their target and all go falling down my huge boobs! Looking down I notice one little mint hasn’t fallen all the way down but is slowly slipping down my soft cleavage. I reach in and grab it from its soft resting place and hold on to it between my fingers.

I write a few more things in my journal while just holding the mint before the urge to devour the tiny trapped mint reappears in my mind. I slowly, half consciously bring the mint to my salivating mouth and begin to tease it with my tongue. The mint doesn’t taste as minty as I thought it would, but the thought barely registers. My mouth just wants to suck it. I slip the mint in and do just that- tossing it from cheek to cheek, unconsciously playing with it while sucking every last bit of flavor off of it. But when I can no longer taste the mint and my mouth becomes bored with the flavor, my tongue dispatches it to my throat with one last suck and I swallow it.

Odd… as it slides down my wet, powerful throat it almost feels… as if the mint is struggling against me as if it doesn’t wish to be eaten! I give it another hard swallow and the mint disappears, falling to it’s fate. I go back to my writing, the mint already gone from my mind.

You on the other hand, were never heard from again… and never known to the beautiful girl who consumed you.

The rest of the screenshots will be released with the movie. They will include the FX shots with my mouth as I devour my little “mint”.

I don’t have a release date yet, but I will say very, very soon if all goes as planned. It’ll be around 5-10 minutes long and may just come with some pretty cool extras. If you little ones like it I may even include what I wrote down in my journal along with the movie!

Hope you enjoyed this preview. And I hope you buy the movie when it comes out too! I could really use it for my new equipment fund, my gear is in some serious need of an upgrade right now. :shock:

And yes, I found it funny that the tic-tacs say breast cancer awareness month and the little guy goes sliding down into my cleavage! He was checkin’ ’em for me. :D

For those who want to know what’s next on my FX list: “Midnight Goddess” is my upcoming Epic FX movie. The movie is just HUGE. There’s tons of dialog (both from me and the tiny ones), tons of angles and now some of my favorite lines I’ve ever done in a movie. It’s turning out absolutely incredible and I really loved the power trip from it. You will probably get to see the first of its many “Sneak Peaks” soon after “Mistaken for a Mint” comes out.

Love ya my little mints!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Haar

    A-mint-zing! I am wintergreen with envy of that guy! Your work leaves me fresh-breathless!

    That said, you must now excuse me while I go beat the ever-loving crap out of myself for making those awful puns.

  2. Bobbob

    I drink alot of tea, so maybe I’ll taste better :-P

    Looks great Katelyn! Cant wait to see it!

  3. aruab17

    if you ever put me into gigantic mouth and played with me there is no doubt i would cum like no other

  4. Kisuke

    I’m so glad you’ve gotten better! I had thought something bad had happened to your, or that you were stopping the whole production! I can’t wait to see “Midnight Goddess”! It sounds like it’ going to be a “smash” hit. That’s my one corny joke of the year.

  5. Katelyn's worm

    To be dissolved and digested by Your divine tummy juices — a mint or a man should be so lucky!

  6. James

    Katelyn, I wish I could be consumed by you :)

  7. Kisuke

    Oh, I almost forgot something. Back in the day you had started a roleplay on Many of your loyal fans were wondering where you had gone? The roleplay was great, but you seem to had disappear off the face of the earth.

  8. chief

    The tiny scale of the guy is just friggin’ great!

    The cleavage shot , and the shot between the fingernails makes me think I just may get this one when it comes out.

    In short, I *love* the scale you are using!!!

  9. Handsome Gamer

    Hi, beautiful whene are you going to update the artwork section?

  10. Giantess Ka...

    @Haar: lol, those were all terrible puns :razz: you should be crushed just for saying them!

    @Bobbob: Ooo, a tea flavored mint…

    @aruab17: Good! ^^ I like it when my mint’s add to their flavoring and get a little juicy…

    @Kisuke: Nope! Production is still going. It really sucked being sick though. You little things love making corny jokes don’t you!? :lol: As for the Giantess City role playing topic, it was a blast at first but it sllooowly started getting out of hand with so many replies I could barely keep up. It’s like all of you little ants started swarming up my legs! A large project of mine (such as an FX movie) probably came up and I had to focus on that- that’s usually how it goes. Being a Giantess means there are never enough hours in the day. I may eventually stop in and role play again sometime, but no promises… :smile:

    @Katelyn’s worm: Yes he should. :wink:

    @James: And I wish I could consume you, my little toy…

    @chief: Glad you like! I hope you get it, it’s a really fun movie. It’s almost done now…

    @Handsome Gamer: By the end of this week (Around Friday, I’m thinking) there should be a huge update to my site. Not only should this FX movie be ready for release, but I’ll also be updating my artwork page and a few other things.

    Love you little ones… <3

  11. Thanatos

    Your work (not just videos, but your whole project) stands amongst my favorites in the GTS Community because it has lots of personality. Technique is learnable, but to be able to express your personality through it, in a creative and coherent way… That’s what defines each person’s Artistry (or lack of it sometimes, unfortunately).

    On a side note, everyone wants to be a digital artist these days. If you are not an artist, you’ll never be a digital artist… You may be a CGI technician, but youl never be a digital artist. Not many people realize that, unfortunately. Anyone can press “REC” on a camcorder and anyone can learn to use NLE or CGI softwares, provided their willing to spend the time needed… But that doesn’t mean that the outcome will be even worth looking at.

    Your work has a personalized flavour and a genuine feeling. It talks to us about your soul and intimacy… That’s why it rises to the level of an art form.

    Congratulations on yet another Giantess Katelyn work of art. Yet another successfull effort to create beauty, on your behalf!..


  12. Cali

    You need to upload some ice cream and ants!
    maybe even use your cleavage to crush some too..

  13. zoom

    when is mints gonna be posted! i can’t wait any longer!!!

  14. HotWomen

    Even the gurus will agree with what is being said here. I am glad I found it.

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