Sneak Peek: A Business Meeting Unaware

Sneak Peek: A Business Meeting Unaware

Attention all delicious morsels!
Prepare to take a trip down my throat as I’m currently wrapping up work on my latest Effects Movie, entitled “A Business Meeting Unaware”. It’s my first entirely vore-focused effects project- which happens to also be a completely unaware scenario. Realistic effects, full digestion, POVs, a little crush, totally unaware, this movie has it all.

From start to finish it’s incredibly sexy and I just know that my tasty shrunken slaves will absolutely love it. If all goes well it should be out sometime this week- but until then, here’s a little sneak peak on my upcoming snack….

This movie was sooo much fun to make! <3 When I worked at my last job, there would often be chips and dip in the office break room for anyone to much on. It didn’t take me long to start fantasizing about everyone in the office shrinking- and my boss somehow ending up in the dip! Then either I or one of the other girls in the office would start to chow down… completely unaware of the life and death struggling of their higher-up below them! Needless to say, several chips later the boss would find himself deep inside the hot saliva-filled cavern of one of his interns, soon to face her deadly crashing teeth and stomach acid….

And so I decided to make this fantasy of mine into a reality! ^.^

I play the sexy young intern who comes to the office for a important meeting only to unknowingly crush the secretary and eat her boss alive while waiting for them! Of course to the intern’s dismay, they never show up…

Here are a few screen shots to get you wishing you were them- don’t worry, you will be soon.

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 1
A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 2
A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 3

This video features some pretty incredible shots. In particular there’s a scene at the end where you actually see my boss being digested inside my throbbing stomach. Do you know how hard it was to get a film crew that would actually let me eat them? And let’s just say I didn’t hurl them back up like I promised I would….

*burp* ~_^

Expect more previews and the actual movie which you’ll be able to buy sometime soon!


The Shrunken Perspective

53 Responses and Counting...

  1. pantsonastick

    Get chocolate syrup and I’ll suggest an eat me.

  2. katelynsworm

    What a delightful journey that would be.

  3. anonymous

    Dear Goddess Katelyn ,
    your the most awsome Goddes of all and if it be possible to shrink myself just i could get steped on by you or even eaten alive i would do it .

    Stay as you are goddess :-)

  4. anonymous

    Dear Goddess Katelyn ,
    your the most awesome Goddes of all and if it be possible to shrink myself just i could get steped on by you or even eaten alive i would do it .

    Stay as you are goddess :-)

  5. anonymous

    ups sorry i wrote it 2 times

  6. anonymous

    I will leave you a comment after you respond to my last one ! But oh well, here goes..

    EAT ME !

    Bri ( worthy adversary!

  7. anonymous

    i always wanted you to have me for a snack but you seem to kind.

  8. twcool

    I’m not a fan of vore or anything, but I just had to reply and say you certainly look like a sexy business woman. Plus, its great to see those tall shoes on your feet in the 2nd screen shot! I bet they make hot sounds walking across your tile floor ;)

  9. anonymous

    … eat me!

  10. anonymous

    I would love to roll around in your mouth and into your tummy!!!

  11. anonymous

    woohoo!yeah! I am so looking forward to this. I have only one request that would keep me from buying it… please goddess!! you must include Sound FX. some crunching, maybe a little scream from the tiny or a little squish, anything! thank you, your humble servant… gtsquisit

  12. anonymous

    i want to go there

  13. Giantess Ka...

    @gtsquisit: I think you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a ton of sound fx in this one- more than in any of my other movies. Tiny screams here and there, squishing noises, digestion noises, everything.

    This movie may just be real. ^^

  14. anonymous

    gtsquisit – yeah!! you got me sold.

    I have to admit that most of your previous green screen films(which I bought),while they are amazing, simple fell kinda flat without the sound.

    I even went so far to edit some of them in windows movie maker and add my own effects! :(

    This sounds like its gonna be good. I hope you release a teaser soon because the suspense is killing me.

    thankyou goddess! :)

  15. anonymous

    You’re indeed a goddess in more ways than one. I love your fantasies! You always come up with the best scenarios. your pet is impatient to see how this new video turns out.

    <3 Adrien (toujours à tes pieds)

  16. anonymous


    hello my Goddess Katelyn, thank u sooo much for using my chips and dip vore idea. :)

    This looks amazing and brilliant, 100/100 =]

    that snack looks yummy and xtra crunchy 4 u too

    this is definately real, you are taking vore vids/clips/movies to the next level.

    peace out, thanx 4 the awesome news ^_^

  17. anonymous

    Well I’ll suggest to put me in your ass and leave me there ^_^

  18. anonymous

    Hi Goddess, I was just wondering, since you are such a wonderous giantess, where do you go to the bathroom? do you have a giantess toilet or do you just surprise certain cities with a gift? while i’m asking on this subject, when you are taking a dump do you think of the tiny slaves that you are excreting or are they just food to you that you are done with and now you are done with them (to great relief!) do the skeletons come out undigested?

    i’m sorry if i ask so many questions, but i just wonder what my fate will be, as i hope to oneday serve you as a meal and eventually end up Katelyn’s poop. :)


  19. anonymous

    I love your preview for your new fx movie. Have you thought of doing a mega giantess fx clip. Oh yeah do you still do those web cam shows on your yahoo instant messenger

  20. anonymous

    Giantess since you are in the PA state now and so am I do you ever meet up with people you talk to online?

  21. anonymous

    Your Pet,
    Hi Goddess. You have such beautiful white teeth and soft lips. Love to be swallowed by you. But I would prefer for you to drop me to the floor after being in your mouth and you step on me with your sexy soft feet. Rod lol

  22. anonymous

    sounds delicous!
    they look so tiny!
    i wonder if i was that tiny….and you swallowed me…. and i was tiny enough that you burped me up. then i could be swallowed again! mmmm that sounds fun. eat me up!

  23. anonymous

    i hope this video will be out soon cause i cant wait

  24. anonymous

    Dude, that sounds really creepy and dangerous.

  25. Giantess Ka...

    Hey all!

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I had some company over this week and was unable to reply to my journal. (Or work on anything else for that matter!) As for when the preview and movie will be out, you can expect it either sometime this weekend (possibly Sunday) or sometime in the new week. My next journal entry will be the release of the preview and the movie.

    @gtsquisit: I agree! Thankfully I now have plenty of time to get all my shots looking and sounding exactly how I imagine them from the start- so you can expect all of my future projects (including this one) to have full sound effects. It was really hard working on these movies only part-time!

    Adrien *licks lips*! Just reading your name makes me hungry…

    James I like to surprise cities with gifts… nothing terrifies a tiny crowd more than seeing hundreds of digested skeletons. As for your other question, they are just food to me and when I’m done with them, I’m done with them…

    mega giantess fx Yep, ever since the beginning! In fact I can’t wait to start working on actual giantess projects. I have a ton in planning- but right now I am holding off on a mega giantess production as I am unhappy with the results produced by the current technology I have. I’m saving up for some new equipment (which is extremely expensive) that will help me make 100% real looking giantess work. I want nothing less than completely convincing giantess movies when I do them. So to all of you out there know that if you buy my movie you’ll be donating to the “Make Katelyn a Mega Giantess” fund! A worthy cause I say! <3

    PA state As the guy below you suggested, I rarely meet people I meet online. There are a few exceptions, such as Gary or other models, but other than that I don’t just go meeting people out of the blue. Sorry little one. I may eventually show up at fetish conventions though!

    Eat you soon,
    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  26. anonymous

    I’ve never been a vore person, but I’ll recognize high-quality work when I see it.

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re recreating that scene from Honey We Shrunk Ourselves with your own twist.

  27. anonymous

    GtsQuisit – I hope there are some crush scenes with your bare feet, maybey some with youre big toe here and there. I personally feel that shoes take away form the effect. you have sexy feet girl, you shouldn’t be afraid to show that off.

    just don’t have those atrociously loooong segments were they dangle in front of the screen while tinies look on and nothing happens loll. like some people do, not you goddess.

    I bought a clip off someones website with fx and crush at one time. I swear the girl in the clip was dangling her feet for a good 7 minutes…. nothing happening.

    I hope i don’t seem to demanding goddess. please forgive me if i am. your videos show incredible potential and the quality is superb. thank you. your servant GtsQuisit.

  28. Giantess Ka...

    New entry soon my tiny slaves!

    In my next journal entry I’ll be doing another quick preview as the movie has actually grown within the last week.

    The movie now contains a “b plot” where a desperate group of tiny co-workers attempt to get my attention at my giantess sized feet. In the process they are smothered, trapped, crushed, and played with- all while I snack on the office’s chips and dip completely unaware of the mayhem at my feet- not to mention my poor boss stuck in the dip I’m eating!

    So the movie will probably turn out 3/4 eating-vore and 1/4 barefoot-shoe crush (or more). <3

    There's also a few quick digestion scenes now- my boss trapped in my stomach, swimming in my stomach, and his tiny digested skeleton passing through my intestines...

    All very sexy and pleasing for this Goddess <3

    The movie will probably be released by the end of this week- but no promises!

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  29. anonymous

    Hello marvellous Goddess. How is Your schedule for custom clips these days? Are You very far behind?

  30. katelynsworm

    Ah, you are a busy Goddess, Katelyn! Full of plans to consume and crush us, to shatter us beneath your feet or to nourish your body with our paltry nutrients.

  31. anonymous

    That’s great! You, take youre time on the film. As much as i’m filled with anticipation to see it, I whoudn’t want to rush you to relase it.

    id personally rather have quality over quantity, and i know what a bitch editing can be…

    Im glad you decided to add some bare feet in there.. :) thankyou godess, thankyou! your humble servant. :)

  32. anonymous

    There is nothing more sexy than sacrificing my insignificant little live and get eaten by such a perfect goddess!
    Please, PLEASE … eat me alive!

  33. anonymous

    Looks really really good!! Can we get a handheld centric movie soon??? Your effects are amazing and I think they would work really well in handheld scenarios.

  34. anonymous

    Dear Goddess,
    Your videos are the best I have ever seen!! I love your sneaker clips, if I may be so bold I hope you do an unaware sneaker pov soon. I can’t wait for your new video. I wish I could be eaten or crushed by you.

    One of the few unnoticed at your feet.

  35. anonymous

    If only you could shrink this slave , I would tie a thresd around my tiny waist and have you swallow me , pull me out by the thread and swallow me over and over again . Your tasty slave , Frankie .

  36. anonymous

    holy shit cant wait for this…

  37. anonymous

    I would love to be 3 inchs tall in your coffee

  38. anonymous

    when is the release of the video?

  39. anonymous

    keep your hair has it is. looks better longer makes you even prettier than you already are.

  40. anonymous

    Hello there, first time writing a comment on the internet but i felt seing as you provide an awesome insight into the fantasy which we all love couldnt help myself! Keep it up goddess! I do have a question though, just how big would you consider getting? Theres the Mega side of the fetish and i cant remember the other…where the individual is beyond the heights of cities and planets are roughly able to hold the weight of the person underfoot. I admire your work but i am also into the idea of being a god myself, looking down on it all ;) So watch your back hehe! – Cheers – DeReith

  41. anonymous

    Dear Goddess,

    I hope my fantasies aren’t too pornographic or embarassing for You, and I wouldn’t expect You to film such things, but I did see some clips involving You and another Giantess.

    I keep fantasizing about You and another Giantess smearing honey on Your bare crotches and then pressing and grinding them onto a tiny stadium full of men. The stadium is just the right size to cup over Your mound and lips. Then You rise up with a sweet, sticky, squirming mass of tiny people all over Your privates. You and the other Giantess take turns licking eachother clean. <3

    I wouldn't want You to sink into filming something so trashy, but it is nice to think about. I hope You agree. ;)


  42. anonymous

    You are conspicuous by Your absence Giantess; i am constantly looking over my shoulder worrying that You are nearby ready to crush and devour me. It’s so much better when You are posting to the journal and i feel confident that i know where You are and what You are up to.

    Regarding the previous post about ‘honey-pot’ – i have no doubt that You, in Your unique and ‘tasteful’ way could carry out such a scene without debasing Your classy, yet oh so very erotic presence.

  43. anonymous

    I got a quick comment here that is a bit off topic. Katelyn, that thumbnail picture of your mouth is fucking hot! (The one you used for this journal entry and many others). The way your lips glisten, the perfect teeth and the large ring around your lower lip is just too much to bear. There is also something about your mouth that looks far too inviting. I see you use it every now and then and finally decided that I must comment on it.

    Anyways, your new movie looks great and I wait patiently for its arrival :)

  44. Giantess Ka...

    Hey my shrunken slaves! Just a quick reply from your Goddess for now.

    Just wanted to say that tomorrow you’ll be seeing a brand new journal entry from me for sure- as well as replies to my comments. Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I’ve just been completely caught up in making this movie. I think you guys will really love it. =D

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  45. anonymous

    And it may surpass the chocolate mousse clip as my favorite of all time

  46. anonymous

    *Chants* we want bugs, we want bugs ;)

  47. anonymous

    Something that really amazes me is how this vore thing seems to be a major fantasy around. Even if I said some time ago I’m not so much in this fantasy, I find mouth play better. Maybe because you’d have more chances to survive than in vore, hehe. So I won’t say “eat me!”, but rather “play around with me!”. ;P

    Anyway, even if I don’t comment that much, I’m still reading your journal, Katelyn.

    Regards from old Europe for the Goddess! ;)

    ~Carlos “Chuck”

  48. Giantess Ka...

    Wow, 47 comments!
    Obviously I won’t be able to reply to all of you, but I’ll try my best to get as many questions as I can- so many of you I would love to devour whole! <3

    The common questions:

    When will the movie be released?
    This Monday-Wednesday I’m thinking along with the trailer. Check my latest entry for new screen shots!

    Will you swallow or eat me alive and digest my pathetic little body for nourishment?
    Of course, my tiny snack. My mouth waters endlessly for your very taste and my stomach growls for all those brave and devoted enough to enter. My tongue is soft and wet, waiting to savor your very being… <3

    I can’t wait for this movie!!
    I’m glad you all are so excited. ^_^ You have no idea how turned on and happy I feel just by knowing that I have so many shrunken slaves who love to share and see my personal fantasies! It is absolutely amazing to be a Goddess.

    I’d like to see sneakers, dangling on a string vore, and handheld effects movies!
    I’m happy to say you mortals will see all of these fantasies in the near future. All of them are on my filming block in various scenarios for the month of April! If my new organization works out, I should get more FX done per month and you may see your favorite fantasies soon. =D You’ll hear more about this soon in a future entry.

    When are you going to do Giantess movies!?!
    Soon- hopefully. There will be an entry on this very subject within the next week or so….

    Ok- now for more specific replies!

    @GtsQuisit: No problem my loyal servant. <3 And thank you for helping to persuade and inspire me to add the barefoot sections to the film. ;)

    @DeReith: Welcome to my journal! I’m glad you like it. My maximum height would probably be… galaxy sized? Or if the universe loops around… or is infinite… or… this could get tricky. Basically, I would enjoy swallowing the earth whole and inserting a galaxy deep into my pussy. However, this is more rare than my other fantasies, only because when you become that big sometimes you loose your connection to the mortals below/beneath/inside you. I like being able to see and feel their emotions and destruction and “connecting” with them most of the time. Becoming larger than a galaxy takes quite strain to visualize too!

    @Viktor: Trust me, no fantasy is too pornographic- I prefer them that way. And I absolutely love your fantasy as it is one of my very own. ^^ I think about lesbian giantess fantasies a lot which is one of the reasons I was so eager to film with Heather Eve a while back. o^_^o I don’t think it’s a trashy fantasy at all- (although I can easily see how it could be filmed as one O.o) in fact I hope to eventually film ones exactly like your fantasy that look not only completely real but are done with a very sexy, classy look and feel. Eventually I want to bring to you all of my fantasies- even the pornographic ones. I’m working my way there. Hey, next time I think of this fantasy, I will imagine you right there stuck in the honey. ;) Let me tell you, you’re either going to taste great or feel great…

    @Missing You: (Although this sounds like Cliff, my little worm- but I could be mistaken!) I’m sorry for worrying you my little pet. Sometimes I get so caught up in my work I tend to forget about everything else. I should be back to posting on a regular basis by Wednesday. It’s sweet to see you missed your Goddess. <3 *hovers foot over top him*

    @Thumbnail Pic Thanks for the comment on the pic- I really love it too. The picture is apart of my Hawaiian picture set I took a while back, which should eventually make it’s way onto my site via the collage material section. I’ll post on my journal when it comes up! It’s really sexy as a high res photo >:)

    @Carlos “Chuck”: I’d love to play around with you, mmm! Glad to hear from you again my tasty toy!

    Ok, I think that’s it. Thanks for the comments and worship my loving mortals. Make sure you read my latest entry!

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  49. anonymous

    You are so incredibly attractive! Now I wish I
    were a tiny little man (maybe about the size of
    a gummy bear) and that you picked me up, curled
    me up with your tongue, and swallowed me intact
    and alive, so that I could experience what it
    would be like to be slowly digested by you; I
    could churn in your stomach for days and maybe
    pass into your intestines, still alive for more
    digestion until I ended up in your lower bowels.
    Then I could experience what it would be like to
    be slowly pushed from your rectum and out your

  50. katelynsworm

    While Missing You’s comments echoed sentiments that I privately share, it wasn’t me, Goddess. While I’d love to see you post every day, I know even a Goddess, perhaps a Goddess especially, is very busy. Her pets and slaves must be patient!!

  51. anonymous

    there’s a girl who says she wants to eat me already
    eat me b4 she does

    i hear i taste good

  52. anonymous

    put more giantess video about giantess vor humans ot ants

  53. anonymous


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