Sneak Peek -Part 2-: A Business Meeting Unaware

Sneak Peek -Part 2-: A Business Meeting Unaware

First off: Tons of new screen shots. Second, a little background story. Last week my latest movie “A Business Meeting Unaware” was pretty much finished. I absolutely loved how it turned out too- the angles and shrunken people were extremely sexy and it made me insanely hot to watch as I took both of their fragile lives unnoticed. However,  your Goddess was not completely satisfied.

You see, I wanted even more snacks and slaves. In my ideal “unaware office fantasy” the entire office is typically shrunk along with my boss without my knowing. Some end up in the dip, while others end up on the floor by my high heels…. When I finally make my giantess-sized entrance, there’s usually several lives at stake not only in my food but below on the floor as well. And so to make my movie more true to my fantasy I went and expanded on nearly the entire film until I was completely pleased. So now instead of just two shrunken lives going unnoticed, there’s a total of nine! Want to see some screen shots? I thought so! ~_^

Here’s the shrunken tally as it stands: There’s now three people stuck in my dip, including a female secretary, my boss, and a random co-worker. There’s all new scenes at my beautiful feet, featuring the struggles of five shrunken co-workers of mine- two girls and three guys. One guy obviously had a foot fetish and I think he got exactly what the little perv wanted! ~_^ Oh! And we can’t forget the poor secretary at the beginning either…

And all of my shrunken co-workers lives go completely unnoticed as my towering body kills them off one by one. One is crushed under my high heels, four are crushed by my powerful bare feet (all in very unique sexy ways- including under heel, big toe, between toes, and on top my foot!), three are chewed or swallowed alive including my boss (who we get to see in my stomach!) and one of my close friends finds herself running from my toes when she becomes trapped in my shoe. <3

So, wanna see? Here’s some new screen shots of all the action:

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 1

Playing with my food as usual….

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 2

This is what it looks like from my boss’s perspective. Too bad I don’t see him down there!

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 3

I think I see something moving on my chip…. nah! Probably just some spice or a vegetable.

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 4

And as I munch and crunch on delicious chips an interesting game of survival takes place at my feet…

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 5

I decided to get a little more comfortable and take off my shoes… here my foot is playing with the leg of the table while a scared, tiny co-worker looks on in terror… she ends up a sticky mess between my toes.

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 6

He’s not going to last much longer there! Stupid Co-workers.

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 7

It may be a little hard to see with them being so small, but the one in the suit is totally fapping it off in front of everyone. Well, we all know who has a foot fetish now.

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 8

My tiny friend getting trapped under my foot…. I don’t think that guy is going to save her!

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 9

With all of his co-workers dead or missing, he resorts to desperate measures. Well, he’ll definitely get my attention that way… but it’s probably not going to be the type of attention he wanted.

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 10

A good place to hide………

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 11

……..until this Giantess decides to put her shoes back on.

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 12

He’s so very small… no wonder I didn’t notice him!

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 13

My boss is going for a little ride to my mouth…

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 13

Another yummy shot from my boss’s eyes! (There’s quite a bit of POV from his perspective!)

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 14

So good. This is what happens when sexy interns don’t get the chance to have breakfast.

A Business Meeting Unaware Preview 15

And there’s my boss being slowly digested deep inside of my stomach…
(I swallowed a camera crew to get this shot- but I didn’t hurl them back up like I promised)

So there you have it delicious ones. The film will probably be around 20 minutes long and I’m thinking it will be in my store by Tuesday or Wednesday- along with the trailer. After it’s out my journal posting should return to normal too- not only do I need to talk about my customs page, but also about what happened to the 8th Valentine movie and my current plans to become a Giantess!

Hope you all liked the sneak peak!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. pantsonastick

    Is that really a shot in your stomach?

  2. anonymous

    Sadly that’s not possible. And I wouldn’t want our Godess to need to go through the discompfort of a gastroscopy just in order to get those shots. It is however very very well done and I’m amazed at her dedication and skill in making it look as real as possible. By far the best in stomach shots I’ve seen in the scene thus far. Especially considering the only way to go more real is do the real thing.

    If only it were… I’d be swallowed any day.

  3. anonymous

    Extremely impressed (Again! I know!) with the time and effort you put into all of this, the screenshots, presentation, captions and of course your divine figure and personality spice. Certainly looking forward to this being in your store. As always…a question though, what type of equiptment do you use and do you have any help as im trying to make my own movies of myself and pics etc but…they arent turning out as id hoped (Angles are difficult to achieve etc) Any tips would be appreciated, keep up the awesome work goddess! Cheers, DeReith

  4. katelynsworm

    Certainly your magnum opus, at least so far, Katelyn! Now you can get back to squashing a few bugs!

  5. anonymous

    I remember you talking about how embarrassing it was for you to get friends to help you make videos like these. How did it go this time around?

  6. anonymous

    i would love to be digested by you and then you shit me out in to your toilet and flush me away.

  7. anonymous

    GtsQuisit – thank you goddess, these screens look great. I can’t wait for the finished product. I see you included some bare foot action, very cool. let me ask you, when you squish em; do they conform to your foot?

    It would be really realistic if some of the little guys became bloody ribbons when you lift your foot after squashing. or some could like fall off your foot after there squashed flat. It might be to difficult though. i wouldn’t want to slow down the production anymore ;)

  8. anonymous

    Shrunken One:

    I’m very anxious for this video, but since it hasn’t been mentioned, what do you estimate the cost to be once it’s released?

    i’m sorting through my funds I keep for personal spendings..movies, knick-knacks, and fetish videos like this, and I want to factor the cost in, so i know how much to leave available. I’d prefer to buy this as soon as it’s available, rather than find out I have to wait till my next payday because I didn’t leave enough in personal funds for this awesome looking video. :)

  9. anonymous

    You’ve been shrinking people for a while now, how long before we see you grow girl, whoops I mean goddess but hey go for the puns where you can ;)…

  10. Giantess Ka...

    It’s reply time!

    To give you an update on when the movie will be out, I’m thinking Friday evening. Most people are on then to check out the preview and it’ll give me a few extra days to get this video looking and sounding just right. <3

    @pantsonastick: Just want to let you know your comment totally made my day o^_^o If I have people truly questioning the reality of my videos, then I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do. And as I continue on creating this art, the line between reality and fiction should only blur even more…

    @swallowed any day: Perhaps someday it would be possible and interesting… but I don’t think I’d have much luck explaining that one to the doctor. :P I’m really glad you like my stomach shots. I’m hoping on doing many, many more of them for my videos with different angles and styles. I find it hot when I can see the little man digesting in my fluids, thrashing around in a state of panic as he fights for his tiny life amongst my food only to slowly be broken down into nutrients to serve my body. >=)

    @DeReith: Thanks! I hate to say it but as a Goddess I’m unable to reveal the source of my magic… to gods and mortals alike ~_^

    @katelynsworm: I think you’ll like to know this my little worm. The day after I release this video I plan on going bug hunting as it is finally starting to get warm outside and the bugs are starting to move around. I’m hoping to make some killer videos with what I find if you know what I mean…

    @Anonymous: Excellent question slave! Yes, it was extremely embarrassingly when I first started recruiting shrunken people and furthermore when my “hobby” became harder and harder to hide. (You try explaining to a friend why you have 50 pairs of shoes, full pro lighting equipment and a stack of ken dolls in your closest :P) However over the past year alone I’ve gotten so much better at telling people about my fetish and site that it comes somewhat naturally and now *most* of my friends have a pretty good idea of what I do and how I like it. I’ve come to look at it as “I’m proud of my sexuality and if they are truly worth being my friends they will love me for who I am… and… they will be my shrunken slaves whenever I desire them to be.” *evilgrin*

    “The Spellbook” was definitely the most awkward due to all the acting between the both of us- it was my first movie where I had to explain in detail why and how he needed to act and why I was acting the way I was. “So wait, why are you crushing me again under only your barefoot this time, and I should be… enjoying it?” (me, blushing) “Well, because, it’s hot…”

    This movie was a little easier for me. It is still weird though, considering they play the other part of the sexual equation in my fantasies. It’s like asking your friends to come film a porn with you. It kind of makes you feel a little weird. But to them, they don’t quite get it as someone with the fetish would. They personally find the fetish quite cool (although strange, the girls definitely love the dominating female power aspect) and they tend to have a lot of fun when they get in front of the camera. I still blush from time to time though, especially when they do something that turns me on deep inside. (Such as screaming my name during a crush scene o>_

  11. Giantess Ka...

    @mmm: And I would love to digest and shit you out my pathetic little morsel.

    @GtsQuisi: Here’s how the crushes go. I’ll explain them a little better in the release journal entry too. *Spoiler alert*!! The first one is crushed under my heel and is smeared along the carpet when I accidentally drag my foot. The second is crushed on the side of the table leg in between my toes. She’s not crushed hard by my bare foot, but she’s so small that it easily breaks her tiny body and she collapses, leaving a trail of blood on the table leg. The third one is the victim of my big toe- mashed into the carpet leaving a messy stain. (He briefly struggles against my toe as he conforms to it and is pushed into the carpet) The last crush is on the side of my foot as my tiny co-worker attempts to crawl up me to get my attention. This is the only crush we don’t see blood due to the camera’s perspective switching to the lone survivor. This “survivor” of sorts finds her way into my shoe where she is chased by my toes… whether she survives or not… will be a story (movie *wink wink*) for another time. Ah, almost forgot- there’s one last crush, at the beginning of the movie. I crush the poor secretary under my high heels. <3

    As for non-crush close encounters, there is a scene at the beginning where the "survivor" nearly becomes a stain herself when she finds herself trapped under my enormous toes when I take off my shoes. *End Spoiler alert!!*

    All the victims conform and crush realistically, as are the bloody messes they leave behind. I wouldn’t want it any other way <3

    Keep in mind there are so many ways to do crushes and I like to try and be as creative and sexy as I can, the type of crushes all depending on the mood I'm in. Eventually I will feature crushes where they are completely stuck to my foot, sliding or dropping off and leaving little imprints. But for this movie I was in the mood for smears and soft (although a few hard) unaware crushes. ~_^ Hopefully this answers your question! <3

    @Shrunken One: Another good question. I’m still in the process of editing the video so I’m not %100 sure. However I’m thinking it’ll be around $20-25, as it should be about 20 minutes long when it’s all done. It will also come with some kind of free bonus video like all my FX movies do.

    @growth video: Ah the tiny ones are becoming anxious it seems for a giantess/growth movie- I’ve been getting this question more and more. To answer this question in detail I’ve planned out an entire journal entry on the subject (including about whatever happened to my 8th valentine video..) which will be the first journal entry after the release of this video. All of the questions on my plans for growth and giantess will be answered then. <3

    Lovin' the comments my tasty pets,
    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  12. anonymous

    That is serious good stuff. i think i speak for evryone here if i say youre work in this movies is “excellent”. thanks
    Charles M. Burns

  13. anonymous

    Shrunken One:

    Thanks for the info. :)

    I was also curious, since we see inside of your stomach, do we get any good inside the mouth/throat shots?
    And anything beyond the stomach?

  14. anonymous

    GtsQuisit: Thank you goddess for the detailed description! Its great to hear that you’ll try out some of our ideas in the future. Ive never really seen stuff like people dropping off or conforming, i guess were trying to push the envelope ;)

  15. anonymous

    you r so hot i love you i think it si good that if 1 day i do get whot i whont and ghet shrunk then ther whill be gels like you to crush me whith your sexy feet

  16. anonymous


    Have you ever considered doing a video where you swallow an entire army, similar to The Gnomes video you did? I love that one, especially the two you drop in your panties at the end (smiling with envy).

    Perhaps two armies can be fighting it out on your scrumptious body, especially your cleavage, ass and well pussy (my apologies if I am being vulgar, sorry). Perhaps one army could make their prisoners crawl between your butt cheeks and up your rear, or perhaps swallowed alive by you, while the victors could squirm up your bra and panties. The entire time you could laugh at them all as an evil GODDESS GIANTESS.

    Just a thought for a video.

    By the way, your videos have really come along. The effects are incredible, they really make one feel they are watching an honest to goodness GIANTESS (it’s already known we are watching an honest to goodness GODDESS; smiling).

    Have you considered doing a video where you shrink a pool party into a goldfish bowl, the people turned into goldfish, and drinking them all?

  17. anonymous


    How may i, Karl, be added to the list of your unworthy worshipers?


  18. anonymous


    You are truly Gorgeous, reading your profile was like reading my bible (that’s not sacrilegious, just honesty).

    I have been meaning to do some drawings of you; but I have to get a scanner to enter them; which I will be doing.

    GODDESS GIANTESS KATELYN, do you have an actual list of worshipful followers, an actual GODDESS KATELYN sect? If so, how may I join? If not, may I please start a religion based on YOU as GODDESS? This may sound extreme; but it’s based upon Female Superiority and Perfection, which you are both.

  19. anonymous

    When will this movie be out? I keep checking but its still not there. Last you said it would be out Friday evening. I can’t wait to see it?

  20. anonymous

    I can’t wait for this either. This will be exquisite erotica. I’ll buy it as soon as I see it for sale. I only wish the Goddess was wearing pantyhose.


  21. Giantess Ka...

    Just a quick reply to answer some questions about the movie- I will make a longer reply later tonight to all those who have posted. =)

    “When and how long!?”
    The movie will be out later tonight (around –><---) along with more pictures and a preview. The movie is nearly 30 minutes long and comes with a 10+ minute bonus video with all the crushes and swallowing slowed down and enlarged along with some of the sexiest chip crunching parts! "anything beyond the stomach?" There is one little surprise at the end- it's a very short clip of the tiny digested skeletons of the shrunken people I ate floating around in my intestines... just as I go to the bathroom. o^_^o Ok, back to work! See you all later tonight in my wildest fantasy yet. ~_^ ~Goddess Katelyn <3

    EDIT: Eheh, that's the last time I give out a release date @[email protected] It's way past midnight and I just finished up the last of the audio work. Still going at it.

  22. pantsonastick

    Go. To. Sleep.

  23. anonymous

    GtsQuisit: I hope your getting some rest. release dates are fine, you might consider estimates better. that way you don’t feel the pressure.

  24. anonymous

    We, as the insignificant bugs that we are, await when the Goddess shall bless us with her fantasies. We are subject to her whims as we would be to a force of nature. Our lives and our time are hers to do with as she pleases.


  25. anonymous

    Where can I find the preview?

  26. Giantess Ka...

    It’s now out :) <3
    Go get it ;p

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  27. anonymous

    Hi Goddess Katelyn, my name is ilayhu, and just want to tell you I love micro, and you do excellents movies, very realistic special effects… I am very impressed and tx you very much for being with us…

    your micro (ant) admirer


  28. anonymous

    put more giantess vore or unbrithing video
    in your youtude

  29. coolk17

    what makes you mad and what makes you happy?

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