August’s Sitewide Updates

August’s Sitewide Updates

Hooray! It’s site wide update time! There’s a pictures of the day set, fan art of various types (including a dubstep song, omg!), as well as something new… a picture preview package to this month’s upcoming videos! In other news, Giantess Rachel may be and Giantess Kerri is traveling to Seattle this month so I’m accepting requests, which you can post here, as well as custom orders to cover both shoots.

Cali’s Shrunken People Infestation

Ohh… such a sexy shot! *Blush* I love how the shrunken people are so tiny that, looking behind my back, over my ass, and under my dirty bare feet, I can barely see them on the step. So miniscule. Just the size I’m in the mood for!

I have a little back story about shooting this set at Larry’s. Just as we were about to begin, his neighbor came home on her bike and began putting it away in the stairway area below. While waiting he started small chatting her, and said to watch out for the tiny people on the step above. Walking up to her apartment, looking at every step, she (unknowingly) sexily replied “Thanks for letting me know or I would have probably crushed them all under my big foot!” And then we all laughed! :D

CalisShrunkenPeopleInfestation-35-evn3Pictures of the Day

This month’s POTD set has a matching video: Cali’s Shrunken People Infeststion

The Pervy Teacher

This anatomically correct doll, who I’m currently thinking of a shrunken slave name for, is always a pleasure to shoot with. I’ve taken advantage of his little dick to get myself off numerous times, while filming and in private, and I love making his little cock climax. The fact he’s a doll actually makes it even better because I can be as rough as I want with him… hahaah! :D But of course naturally, I like to fantasize that he’s real.

ThePervyTeacher35 Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

Like last month’s POTD set? Then check out The Pervy Teacher and The Pervy Teacher 2!

Giantess Fan Art

Mega Goddess Katelyn x445Click here to view 3 new Giantess collages by Shadester

KatelynsHotPOV115by1inchhighClick here to view 9 new shrunken collages by 1inchhigh

Waking up tiny in Katelyn’s Home

By Paddy Joe — Featuring:  Shrunken Slave Training, Toe Nail Painting

“The warm air of her breath blew around him like a small cyclone. Humiliating as it was for him to admit if he had not been stuck down with the strip of tape she had put over his legs he would have been picked up by the warm air and blown away. Blown away by the giggle of a girl. The air as well as being warm was full of the smells of her jaws. The kind of smell and taste a real size man would only get if her lips where close to his face kissing or whispering. But at my size (just under an inch) the strong minty tang of her gum was so strong I could taste it myself. Below it was the faint sour smell of the milk she had had on her cornflakes.”

Click here to continue reading!

Servitude by Emma Skye

Dubstep, anyone? I was absolutely blown away when I received Servitude, a tribute song, from Ema Skye. Omfg so cool! :D Some of the voice effects remind me of Portal… off topic I really hope to see a Portal 3 release!

Upcoming Videos

This month’s store videos are completely racked up (save for two that I’m working on editing)! That means there will be a new release to look forward to every other day this month- and here are the previews to them. (I won’t be giving exact release dates, maybe next time) I hope to make a habit of staying ahead with videos like this. =)

On a personal note, it’s amazing what some good time off and continuous PTSD therapy has done for me thus far. If things keep going well with everything then I may be able to work on a larger project soon, even if it’s just dipping my feet back into Fx with a quicky or collage. Thanks for your patience, tiny ones. Things are looking for the better!

Giantess Girlfriends

Giantess Rachel may be around later this month and Giantess Kerri is booked for the 24th. Requests are open for consideration and if you’d like to order a custom with either Giantess, email your scenario (and the duration you’d like) to [email protected] – customs are $10 per minute. If I get a travel confirmation from Rachel then her customs will be accepted in order received.

Customs for Kerri can be booked now, and finished customs will be returned at the end of the month after I’ve had time to edit. Kindly keep in mind, while requesting or ordering, that neither of the girls do nude spreads, insertion, cum doll work, or “explicit/sexual” dialogue. These girls just want to DOMINATE! Sexy scenarios with boobs, thongs, etc is fine!

I look forward to reading what you might have in mind for them! I do fulfill model requests when possible, a custom just guarantees the production and delivery to your email. On that note, The Unaware Daughter and an upcoming PG Giant Couple video from June’s shoot with Jason were requests and I love how they turned out!

’til later my little squishes,
<3, Giantess Katelyn



The Shrunken Perspective

13 Responses and Counting...

  1. Chuck

    Requests? Hmm… Interesting… I haven’t any made actual requests, since most of the time, they won’t get in mainly because of schedule issues and the fact you might be getting a lot of them, not only here, but also via e-mail or even on social networks.

    But hey, something hand related wouldn’t be bad at all. Can’t point a special scenario, but just something like POV caressing, posing or even handheld. I know it isn’t a big thing, but you can play both the gentle and dominant aspects, specially the latter. It’s just a silly request that might end buried beneath many others, but it’s worth trying. :P

    Customs are still out of my reach, though. Sorry. ^^U

    Good to see you’re having a lot to do and that you’re having a good time with it. And it’s always better when you’re in good company, indeed.

    Also, if the rest of your life is going smoother, then it’s way better! Remember to take it with some calm and have always time for yourself to relax or what you need. Stress is an awful thing and if you have specialists and good friends helping you, good for you. You’ll see how everything keeps improving.

    By the way, Valve has a big problem with the number 3. We all want Half-Life 3, Portal 3 or even a Left 4 Dead 3 (Team Fortress 2 is cool as it is, I don’t know how to improve it for a Team Fortress 3 xD)… But as I said, Valve has a problem with that number. :P

  2. MarkM

    Thanks for the updates Katelyn!

    I have to say the first picture here at the top with your back and legs look fricking incredible! This going to make a great P.O.T.D. set! The one under it with your butt/panties pretty damn nice too.


  3. Spray

    The new videos look extremely hot, can’t wait! If you do end up shooting with Rachael, please please please do a POV vid with both of you, she’s a natural at this stuff.

  4. Greg Viera

    awsome blog as always <3
    will think of a custom and deff email you <3
    your soles look sooo!!!!!!!!!!! sexy and yummy hehe I bet they smell fantastic as well hehe

  5. gtsk

    Wow, so you now have an anatomically correct doll… Always wanted to see Kerri doing a toejob to small man!

  6. Giantess Ka...

    Sadly neither model is interested in shooting with the anatomically correct doll. In good news, Giantess Rachel is confirmed for shooting next week!

  7. Justin

    Still no Bonnie Chapter 2 I see.

  8. tinydude

    Love the giant Cavewoman clips especially barefoot can we see more :D

  9. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    I very much hope to see more FX / special effects shrunken man videos & finally see those great real vanilla sex vids too :-D Also, weren’t you going to do a sexy Cheerleader video as well? ;-)
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  10. Peter

    Rachel is one of the most beautiful models I have seen in this genre.
    Hope you can make her swallow something more than bugs & worms this time like goldfish for example! =)
    Maybe in the same style like the Ava vid´s or your slowmo one!


  11. vivian

    How about you Kate?
    I can not meet you on email~~
    Hope you alright.

  12. matt

    Is there a chance you could repost Open Up and Say Ahh! Remixed version.
    Or at least name the song in that video. I can’t find it anymore and liked playing it in conjunction with your other videos. Also it would be hot to play that fast type techno music in more of your videos.

  13. Adam

    just wanted to say thank u for making my fantasy come true and you are one beautiful girl:)

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