Site Update – Giantess Artwork, Stories and Store

Site Update – Giantess Artwork, Stories and Store

It’s been a busy week to say the least! I’ve been working like crazy editing, recording, story boarding, writing, and rendering new content. On top of that I have new fan giantess collages, giantess stories and videos (from bug eating to balloons) in my store for you all. Past the jump you’ll find quite the site update for all you little bugs out there to enjoy.

Here’s all that’s new:

– 15 New Fan Collages
– 2 New Mikeyboy Collages
– Shadester now has his own collage section (Congrats!), 2 New Collages there
– 3 New Stories: Wine and Desserts, The Awakening, and Morning of Revenge
– 2 New BUG VORE videos
– 13 New Balloon Videos (I only update with balloons 1-2 times a month)
– 5 Public Request Videos (Paper Bags, Teddy Bears, Burps and Hiccups)

As you may have noticed, my “Friday Updates” have turned into “Weekend Updates”. :razz: It’s hard getting all of my videos out on exactly Friday, especially when things come up or when I have to plan around something. So I’m expanding it to anytime during the weekend starting Friday night will be when I update my store weekly. Easier for me, less confusing for you. :mrgreen:

My favorite videos this week by far, are my two new Bug Vore videos. I think they really turned out amazing. The level of detail you get to see in them is absolutely incredible! Have a look for yourself if you’re into it. I’ve included a picture section in my store so that you can see for yourself the quality and detail of my feast. ^^

Horny and Hungry for Bugs
Horny and Hungry for Bugs

Delicious Little Cheaters

Delicious Little Cheaters

Filming both of them turned me on so badly- at one point one of the meal worms nearly fell right down my throat. So sexy :twisted: In all, 8 little meal worms lost their little lives to me. Somedays I wish I could turn all of you into little worms and crickets or just shrink you and devour you all…

Last week I updated my store with some sexy Halloween themed videos that I also think turned out great and are definitely worth mentioning on my blog- I did them in a totally different style (both in voice and looks) and really spooked them up! If you’re into Goth + Vore + Devil you’ll really love them. The first two shrunken scenarios are Vore themed while the other three involve boobs and hands. :grin: Check them out here:

Cherry Filled Employees - Giantess Store

Cherry Filled Employees

Wicked Tongue Wish - Giantess Store

Wicked Tongue Wish

Wicked Boob Wish - The Giantess Store

Wicked Boob Wish

Blood Red Gloves - The Giantess Store

Blood Red Gloves

Glove Fetish Suffocation - The Giantess Store

Glove Fetish Suffocation

And finally, for those wondering about “Mistaken for a Mint” you can expect it in my store and featured on my blog sometime this week for sure. I’m sure you’ll be happy about that! I’ll be working this week to get it out as soon as possible. :mrgreen:


The Shrunken Perspective

10 Responses and Counting...

  1. corey_ten

    aww, was hoping for a video with that lil car that you seem so fond of ( since its in a lot of your photo’s :P) oh well, beggers can’t be choosers :D keep up the great work!! lookin forward to the “mistaken for a mint” video. it looks amazing, especially with the preview of the lil guy in your cleavage *wishes he was that lil guy* sigh, one can dream ;)

  2. Moose

    Honest question, but I’ve noticed that your GTS meter to the right hasn’t gone up in many months. I know that I’ve at least contributed to it and am sure I’m not the only one. Go on a spending splurge in Vegas with your video money? :)

  3. Kisuke Urahara

    If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: BEST GIANTESS WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!! I REALLY can’t wait for your new mega FX flick. I due hope there will be a few butt crushes, love your ass!

  4. crazy_dave

    nice update, but shouldn’t you be crushing bugs for halloween rather than eatting them? :P

  5. Lurkworthy

    Hi Katelyn!

    This was a fantastic update, I’ve only just had a chance to look through it as I’m moving house/job this week :smile: Wicked Boob Wish has to be my favourite of your recent clips, and the new FX movie coming soon looks awesome :) I was just wondering if you’d gotten round to filming with the tiny cars yet?

    Yours, Lurkworthy

  6. Moose

    So I just noticed that all of the store’s prices got increased by 26%.. Hope it’s just a mistake from taking down the Halloween discount.

    /maybe you’ll extend the discount for your new video? :)

  7. Moose

    I’m sorry, I guess when I cancelled an order it switched my currency to Australian dollars somehow.

  8. wondering

    Do you have to take a dump after eating all those tiny people?

  9. d-mac

    I’ll check out your tummy problem for you! hope i can fix it before you digest me!

  10. Giantess Ka...

    @corey_ten: Soon, soon! :eek:

    @Moose: Thanks for reminding me! :lol: I’ll update it in a few days after I get some numbers on my latest FX movie. I have to pull up my accounts, do the math, and figure out where it’s at. It’s been slowly rising since I released my last FX movie, and this movie should help bump it up a good bit.

    @Kisuke: Hehehe! And I would love to smother you under it! :twisted:

    @ Soon, soon! I think you’ll really like the Devil Scenarios, they are some of my favorite videos now. Hope your house moving goes ok!

    @Moose: LOL No worries!

    @wondering: Of course! After they’ve all been digested, what my body can’t use has to go somewhere. It’s a very erotic experience too… it feels great pushing out the remains of thousands of tiny lives… Once I become a Giantess, I’ll definitely be using it as a scare tactic!

    @d-mac: *swallows him* Go for it little guy! But good luck getting out! :razz: *burps*

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